I would like to thank all the truck drivers, factory, construction and food workers, meat packers, mamas and papas, Mr. Naturals, Snoop Dogs, Willie Nelsons, Cheech and Chong-ers, farmers, gamblers and all of you who voted to legalize marijuana in our fair state of South Dakota.

Honestly, I smoked marijuana in college. I was never addicted or had any desire to use harder drugs. What we have in our country is a hysteria based on prejudices and times are changing. There is no need to lock up pot smokers when the real source of addiction has to do with improper prescriptions for pain medication. Deal with that and get people treatment who need it.

And for you alcohol drinkers, you might want to give yourself a serious talking to. I have seen your shopping carts full of booze and your blood-shot eyes. You are hitting the sauce too-oo-oo hard. Switch to pot, it’s a lot easier on your body.

No doubt some of our legislators will try to block this like they did with the ethics initiative. But they work for us and we will prevail.

It’s a time for healing and a time for finding new solutions for old problems. Keep an open mind because the war on drugs and mass incarceration never had a chance of working. We need new approaches and we need your patience.

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I see your paranoia still runs deep.


Amen Brother!


If you want to use Marijuana, remember that you cannot own a firearm or have a CDL due to federal law.

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