(Recently), I woke up to 27 below. I looked outside at the 14 wind turbines I see from my window, not one was turning. All day yesterday the Oahe Electric Staff was putting out alerts on social media asking people to limit showers, grain drying, drying clothes, baking, etc., because electricity was in dangerously short supply. They said, “There were limited wind resources from North Dakota to Arkansas.”

Did you know that wind turbines actually consume electricity (from hydro and fossil fuels) to keep the oil and computers warm? Now, that really makes a lot of sense. We are supposed to limit our use of electricity so it can go to a wind turbine to keep it warm but is not turning or producing anything. In Texas, the state with the most wind turbines reported a similar problem, their natural gas supply is critically low, and half of the wind turbines were frozen.

If you think this is a problem now, just wait until Noem and Biden cover South Dakota with more worthless wind turbines.

Wind energy is one of the biggest scams in our lifetime. Just follow the money. It goes from taxpayers and rate payers to multinational corporations and politicians.

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Friedrich Farmer

Mr. Hubner is tilting at South Dakota’s wind turbines once again.

This time he’s giving us a reprise of the already debunked misinformation that Texas politicians tried to foist on us.

The Texans falsely impugned wind energy. The truth is that the frozen failure of Texas’ gas energy sector and more importantly, the out-dated Texas energy grid were FAR more responsible for the Texas disaster.

Fortunately South Dakota doesn’t have a large fossil fuel industry to marshal their lobbyists in support of Mr. Hubner’s anti-science resistance to the expansion of the wind energy economy across our state.

Finally South Dakotans have a growing source of revenue as we face a struggling farm economy.

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