We owe Mark Winegar thanks and debt of gratitude for his efforts to dissuade our state legislators from enacting a bill to include creationism and intelligent design theories in public high school biology classes. (Press & Dakotan, Jan. 22)

The study of biology is based on science, verification by research and experimentation, and by peer review, while the creationism is a theory which has never been validated by legitimate scientific research and is based on Christian theology. Christian theologians have never approved of the idea of evolution which they believe contradicts their Scripture. Clearly, biology is science and creationism is religion.

Evolution is more accurately known as natural selection or, simply, adaptation. Life has slowly adapted to its surroundings by making physical changes. With our earth being 4.5 billion years old, our changes have been amazing. A key part of biological changes are found in the study of our genes. We have made great gains in mapping the genes of our DNA, in understanding the expression of genes in an area known as epigenetics, in understanding the impact of the mother’s womb on gene expression and in understanding symbiotic relationships between gene clusters and with other cooperating organisms. These advancements are and will greatly affect our health and welfare in the future.

Creationism is a beautiful part of every world religion and creation stories are many and often very different from each other. We all enjoy attending church, singing and listening to inspiring messages from our Bible or other holy books. But as beautiful as religious experiences may be, it is not and was never intended to be a branch of science. Religion does not belong in a biology text book any more than Charles Darwin should be added to the Bible. It is unbecoming for clergy to say creationism is a science. To mix the two would be like adding sugar to your gas tank. It would be as useless as two dead flies on a January window sill.

So thanks to Mr. Winegar and hopefully we can keep science science and church as church.

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You and Mr. Winegar will burn for eternity for your iniquity.


By which Native American Spirit?

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