Here we go again with another tragic mass shooting. The cries of the left or Democrats are for more gun control.

So let’s look at the science, as the left likes to say.

The first mass shooting happened in Austin, Texas, under LBJ, a Democrat. Now, yes, mass shootings have happened under Republican presidents. But far more have happened under DEMOCRAT presidents. Virtually all shootings happened in Democrat-controlled states cities.

• Bill Clinton — 8 mass shootings, 62 dead, 78 injured.

• Barack Obama — 24 mass shootings, 236 dead, 257 injured.

• Now Biden — 1 mass shooting, 10 dead.

So, out of 53 total since 1966, there have been 33 under DEMOCRAT presidents. Virtually all 53 have occurred in Democrat-controlled states/cities. One has happened in Florida. But Miami has a Democrat mayor.

None of these stats account for daily/weekly shootings in Lightfoot’s Chicago or L.A/Oakland/ Detroit/Atlanta/Philly/New York/Baltimore.

So if we follow the science, as Democrats say, we should be locking up the Democrats. There is where the danger lies to the country. The proof is in the science and the facts. A gun is just an inert object incapable of doing any harm — unless in a Democrat’s hands.

To all moderate Democrats, this is not pointed at you and I mean no insult. One last thing: Biden has had since 1973 to help the mentally ill but has done absolutely nothing to help the USA. Nothing but back up to the pay window every month since 1973!  

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Mr Skow, For your argument to make any sense we need to know if the shootings were politically motivated by the shooter, the one holding the gun. We need to know the shooter's politics, or lack thereof, not his or her governor's.

Yankton resident

Larry: None of what you have said makes any sense, there is no science or factual information in what you have said. A simple fact check proves that out.

Democrats are no more responsible for these hideous crimes than the republicans. You sir are only attempting to politicize these unfortunate acts against innocent victims and the unforgivable crimes that the perpetrator commits for political reasons. And to do that is also unforgivable.

Now let's look at what has happened under the watch of some of our more recent republican presidents just to be fair.

Trump - Las Vegas, Nevada (also republican Gov. and Ind. Mayor)

59 Dead over 500 injured

Regan - 40 Dead 54 injured

George HW Bush 41 Dead 36 injured

George W Bush 75 Dead 62 injured

I cast no more blame on republicans than I do democrats, both are equally to blame if you want to cast blame and be fair.

It is time for you to do some serious research and fact finding before you make wild accusations, of course nobody has accused you of being an academic, yet.

Your baseless Q-Anon theories are redundant and no longer play well with a super majority of the populace.


You are correct let's look at the science. You argue to excuse the one instance in Florida (a Red state) because the MAYOR was a DEM.

Well looking back on some of the other mass shootings if we are going to excuse them because of the local mayor's political position, out a search of the top 12 worst mass shootings:

2017 Las Vegas 58 dead --Mayor was an Independent--President was Trump (R)

2016 Orlando 49 dead-- Mayor was DEM-----President was Obama (D)

2007 Blacksburg 32 dead-- Mayor was Independent--President was Bush JR (R)

2012 NewTown 27 dead--Mayor was DEM--President was Obama (D)

2017 Sutherland Springs 26 Dead --Mayor was REP--President was Trump (R)

1991 Killeen TX 23 dead-- Mayor was REP-- President was Bush SR (R)

2019 El Paso 22 dead --Mayor was REP--President was Trump (R)

1984 San Diego 21 dead --Mayor was Independent--President was Bush Sr (R)

2018 Parkland FL 17 dead-- Mayor was Independent-- President was Trump (R)

1966 Austin TX 16 dead-- Mayor was Dem---President was Johnson (D)

1986 Edmond OK 14 dead-- Mayor was Independent--President was Reagan (R)

2009 Killeen TX 14 dead-- Mayor was REP--President was Bush Jr (R)

So looking at this break down you are correct we should "look at the science" of who was president when horrible tragedies happen and then 100% Blame that political party.

Jolly Roger

This is your stupidest letter so far, Larry. And that’s saying something. The numbers you need to be looking at are these:

1️⃣- Nearly 40,000 People Died From Guns in the U.S. Last Year, The highest in 50 Years. That was more than eight times as high Canada, and nearly 100 times higher than in the United Kingdom,

2️⃣- Nearly two-thirds of Americans support tougher gun laws.

Nobody is suggesting locking up politicians. That wouldn’t solve anything now would it, Larry? Did you fail high school logic class? Were you traumatized when you couldn’t make the debate team?

Old Hugh

Larry, old pal, its your fellow “windbag.” I’m going to help you “Stay with the program.”

In your last letter you made some very serious allegations of corruption, but after E pluribus inundated you with a list of Trumpsters who’ve fallen afoul of the law, you didn’t respond with anything but some stream-of-consciousness political opinions.

I knew you’d lose focus, Larry, so I hope E pluribus doesn’t mind that I copied his handiwork to help you concentrate and Stay with the program...”

If you remember, E pluribus challenged you to come up with as many folks who fell afoul of the law in the last THREE Democratic administrations as there were in just ONE term of the Trump administration.

As soon as I find his list in my hard drive, Old Buddy, I’ll send it along.

Larry Skow

To all that replied. No read the letter. I said yes some occured under republican presidents. But the numbers stand. Majority has occured under democrats or democrat contolled states/cities. One never knows or understands their political motives. Boulder was likely attack on whites by muslim on FBI watch list. Ft Hood was same. He was known to FBI as well. That is small sample. But fact remains majority of these happen under/in democrat controlled areas. I.E. Yesterday in Orange cty calif. Quit drinking from the hog trough they put your daily swill into. Look at Hillary Clinton's own gun running record. OPERATION FAST AN FURIOUS. Sold guns bought in Arizonia--sold to mexican cartels. BENGHAZIGATE. Ran guns to terrorist in Benghazi an else where. Both operations killed Americans. Yankton Resident you especially deny all evidence. So I guess that likely makes you head clown of the county Democrats there. Or Keeper of hog trough. One wonders if you have a club house with secret knock an pass word to access into hall of blindness. Yet you all ignore the science/stats. A Gun is inert object incapable of doing anything on its own. It can only sit there. HARMLESS. People it is mental illness at the root cause here. Biden/Pelosi/Clinton/host of democrats an Republicans have let the American people down in this matter. Maybe that why the transgender problem is occuring. Any way don't let your panties get all knotted up--work to solve the problem. It not the Guns. It the Nuts.

Yankton resident

Larry: You are absolutely correct, It's not the gun, it's the nut behind it that is the problem. Don't be blaming the republicans or the democrats. I have not been involved in either party's functions in years. Now tighten up a few of your lose nuts, screws, and bolts and do a little scientific fact checking before you go blowing off anymore of your indecipherable intellect.

You simply cannot defend anything you write or say, no matter how hard you try. Your best bet would be to "remain silent and thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt", as you always do. You aren't fooling anyone anymore, give it up.


Just to add to this and it was mentioned previously and it never gets mentioned in the liberal controlled media, every week in the city of Chicago, democratically controlled for years, 20, 30, 40 or more people get shot every weekend, repeat, every weekend, and these shootings are not done by "assault rifles", so to stop these shootings they will need to ban every type of gun there is, and believe me, the dems are going to try (just as well ban alcohol while you are at it, doing a quick search, 29 people a day are killed in accidents that involve a drunk driving crash, 29 people a day). Shootings are only reported by the mass media only when it fits their narrative, the people in Chicago getting shot up daily and weekly do not matter to the media and apparently the dems as well because no one ever reports or talks about it. It's times like these the dems show their true colors, why does it matter by what type of gun a person is killed with, again, banning the assault rifle is the first step to banning them all. Like I always say, people need to not just listen the CNN's, MSNBC's and Fox News stations only, do your own research, it would be well worth your time to find the truth.

Yankton resident

Voice for All: I am certainly not advocating any further gun control, but maybe more back grounding should be discussed reasonably. Also, as I haven't had time, and won't for several days, maybe you could do a percentage of shooting per capita in Chicago, versus number of shootings in Sioux Falls, and Rapid City. Both those cities in South Dakota have seemingly had exponentially high numbers of shootings recently and in the past year. I find it interesting based on the fact that they both have republican mayors and South Dakota also has a republican governor. Let's count all reported shootings, not just death. Different concept but worthy of discussing and exploring.

Mr. T

Come on, people, American gun culture is rooted in America’s past. Guns were essential for our forebears who needed them to feed their families and eliminate irate Indians and rebellious slaves. No other nation has a history like ours.

So we’ll likely never achieve the kind of statistics that Canada and England have, but there are some common sense measures like universal background checks that have bipartisan majority support among ordinary Americans. Even if NRA-fearing Politicians are against them.

And actually, as hard as it is for some of us to understand why it’s so easy for civilians to get the best weapons of war, the truth is that it’s handguns that kill most Americans, and many - if not most - of these deaths are suicides.

And Supreme Court’s Heller decision makes it clear that guns deaths will be an American fact of life for the foreseeable future.

Old Hugh

Larry, I’m learning your strategy. You put forth one cockamamie opinion letter and then - before you have to defend it - you put out another even wackier letter to obfuscate the irrationality of your previous letter.

It took awhile, but I found my copy of E pluribus’ list! See if you can respond to his challenge to your previous letter.

If you remember, after your charges of serious corruption, E pluribus challenged you to come up with as many folks who fell afoul of the law in the last THREE Democratic administrations as there were in just ONE term of the Trump administration.

Ill send a copy of his list shortly.

Old Hugh

Here it is Larry!


PAUL MANAFORT, Trump campaign chair. On financial misdeeds in special counsel Robert Mueller investigation. RICK GATES,​ Paul Manafort’s deputy on financial misdeeds in special counsel Robert Mueller investigation. LT. GENERAL MICHAEL FLYNN, ​Trump’s first national security adviser. Pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI. MICHAEL COHEN, the president's former longtime fixer and personal attorney. Pleading guilty to making false statements to Congress as well as a separate campaign finance and tax crime case bought by federal prosecutors in Manhattan. DUNCAN HUNTER R-CA, one of the earliest Trump supporters in Congress. Pleaded guilty to conspiring to misuse $250,000 of campaign funds for his personal expenses. Rep. CHRIS COLLINS​ R-N.Y., on charges related to securities fraud conspiracy and making false statements. SAM PATTEN, Washington-based lobbyist pleaded guilty to illegally funneling foreign money into Trump's inaugural committee. GEORGE PAPADOPOULIS, Trump campaign's former foreign policy adviser, convicted of lying to investigators. GEORGE NADER, businessman and lobbyist with ties to the Trump world pleaded guilty to charges related to child sex trafficking and child pornography possession. ROGER STONE,​ Veteran GOP operative and longtime Trump adviser. Found guilty on all seven counts related to false statements to Congress, obstruction of justice and witness tampering.


RUDY GIULIANI, ​Trump's personal lawyer.​ ​ Under criminal investigation for his business relationship with two men arrested in an alleged campaign finance scheme. LEV PARNAS ​&​ IGOR FRUMAN, Rudy’s associates. Accused of circumventing election laws that prohibit straw donations and foreign contributions to federal political campaigns, including a super PAC supporting President Trump's re-election campaign. BOB KRAFT New England Patriots owner and a close personal friend of Trump's, a Mar-a-Lago member who gave $1 million to the inaugural committee and who faces charges in Florida related to alleged solicitation of prostitution. IMAAZ ZUBERI. Gave $900,000 to the Trump inaugural committee, was indicted last October for allegedly making illegal foreign straw donation, violating foreign lobbying laws and evading taxes

Red Cloud

For over a half a millennium - since 1492 - superior fire power was at the root of white folks’ domination of this continent.

Why would anyone think that such a longstanding cultural tradition would suddenly disappear?

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