Has anyone thought about this? Why did Obama campaign so hard for Biden? The impeachment of President Trump is a cover-up for what Obama is trying to pull.

I’ve seen on TV where Biden had someone else for Vice president, but was forced to pick Harris. Obama is trying to make Harris president of the US. Obama doesn’t like Trump because he was planning on taking away things he (Obama) had the taxpayers pay for, like $1,700 a month for his mother-in-law for the rest of her life, dog sitters, etc. We have the people that are taking this country down the drain.

So please, all true Americans, try to save this country for your children and grandchildren.

Note: All that have computers, go to E-News, type in “Obama arrested for espionage and treason” from Nov. 28.

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Oh, give me a break. I question your source.


USA Strong

I thought you said you wrote your last opinion here. Just one more false statement from you. And as for Obama Mother in law getting $1700 pension just another false statement by you. Check out statements before you write them. Better yet, go back to what you said earlier that you wrote your last letter here

Chicken Little

Oh! No! Not again, Lois.

But if you “heard it in the news” or found it in the Internet it must be True.

Let me sound the alarm‼️

The Sky is Falling‼️ The Sky is Falling‼️ And we must tell the King‼️

Yankton resident

Lois: Sorry to have to tell you this but I went to "fact check" and the story is absolutely false. The story started on social networking and has been proven false and removed. Sorry! You need to find a creditable news source.

Red Cloud

Who’s surprised that Ms. Harris, like so many South Dakotans, can’t give up her embrace of racist misinformation.


That $1700 a month check might just be her SS check. Such nonsense!


Lois, I believe it was Abraham Lincoln who advised us not to believe everything we saw on the internet.

Jolly Roger

Sure Lois, why would we be concerned about the worst pandemic in a hundred years, the worst economic collapse since the Great Depression or an armed insurrection when we should be focusing on all the money that our Black foreign-born ex-president is taking from honest, White Citizens like yourself.


Lady, you need to STOP with your misleading and false garbage. This is exactly how the situation at at the Capitol started, with nothing but lies and garbage, and you poor naive ones believe it!!! You can`t think for yourself lady???? You are living in an alternate reality, just like any Trump supporter. Stop it with the gossip and conspiracy garbage. Lady, you`re crazy, ok. If you don`t have the motive to find facts or the knowledge of what is true, then you need to shut up. All your letters are ridiculous. try going to factcheck.org and it might improve your IQ a couple points. It`s people like you that are the problem. How would you like it if I wrote untruths about Trump to the paper? I would never do that, because unlike you, I thirst for knowledge and truth. My conscience would say it`s not right. You apparently have no conscience. You don`t get your information from trustworthy sources. Educate yourself,


It is clear that Ms. Harris believes the stuff she writes. And you know what? Many others do also. So the question becomes: How do we get people like that to stop believing the lies and conspiracy theories and start embracing the truth? Personally, I believe FOXNews (and I use the word "news" sarcastically) has alot to answer for when it comes to the problems/issues in our country. But at some point, we all need to take it upon ourselves to become educated on the issues. Unfortunately, I don't think there is much we can do about the deep-seated racism displayed by Ms. Harris and many like her - that's here to stay with that generation. The key seems to be - as it usually is - education. Teach kids to think for themselves and they will grow into adults who will also think. ANd get rid of FoxNews and OANN - or at least hold them to a higher journalistic standard so that people can get the facts.


Thanks, Lois.

Soon your detractors will discover the Truth of Q.

On March 4th President Trump will return to power, and the liberal pedophiles will be jailed. Some will be executed.

Where we go one, we go all!


And whatever will you do when none of that happens? Just move on to the next thing, the next ridiculous promise, the next gigantic lie? Some day you are going to realize how much you've been lied to and that everything Trump did was a way for him to cash in on being President. Now that he's found a legal way to pick your pocket, he will never quit. He'll promise more & deliver less all the while taking your $5 and $10 donations to the bank. He is not your friend, your buddy and doesn't care one bit about you and others like you - it's the oldest con in the world. He just wants your money. Wake up.

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