The basis of freedom — “Enslaved” asked why some churches deny women the right to lead? Throughout the Bible the Divine order of the church was given. It started with God in the garden. It wasn’t just the apostle Paul’s opinion. Throughout the Bible it was and is still a command of God for the church.

According to New Testament teachings, women are to be teachers, not preachers. Like all people, women’s fallen nature naturally seeks to control. They have stepped out of their God-given boundaries that were put there to protect. All have become victims of our greatest enemy, Satan. He’s out there seeking someone to destroy, and that includes unborn babies. If you embrace God’s word, He will give you directions.

The basis of freedom starts with your Creator, not your own body.

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Concerned & Proactive American

Thumbs Up Barbara


Radical extremist alert!


are you kidding me????? that is the most backwards way of thinking i have heard in a very long time

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