When the (recent ads) at the top of the Press & Dakotan read, “Don’t vote for Republicans,” I could only think, “My, that is shortsighted and audacious.” I have to believe that there are good candidates on both sides.

The day I vote a one-sided ballot, I am hoping someone gets me to a psychiatric unit for a good evaluation, because something is not right.

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Larry Skow

Off topic. But looks like Biden economic well being claims are taking a hit. 2700 or so laid off by United furniture. Fed-Ex trimming back in freight dept. Amazon cutting staff. Huge number of well-paying jobs at twitter both cut and walk offs. Hewlett packer I think is cutting huge number of jobs--I think I read that. Housing market is having slowdown that will have huge ripple effect. Inflation still going. Good ole Joe/Ho looking after the democrat voters for sure--Oh wait not many democrats work. A wise president elect once said. IT IS THE ECONOMY STUPID! Joe must have missed that one--as he couldn't plagiarize it.

Friedrich Farmer

And yet, Larry - despite all this - the Red Wave petered out into a pink trickle.

Why do you suppose…?

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