I read Karen Hochstein’s letter about “The Future of Energy.” (Press & Dakotan, Aug. 15).That should be an eye opener to the promoters of the wind energy scam including our governor, Legislature, the PUC, even the wind developers.

Wind energy was here in the 1930’s and was replaced in our state mostly by hydro because of reliability. The taxpayer has subsidized this industry to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars with no end in sight. Although John Thune, Mike Rounds and Chuck Grassley said a year ago they would leave the PTC phase out, they are now going to try to extend it.

Wind is renewable, but wind turbines are not, with each taking 900 tons of steel, 2,500 tons of concrete, 45 tons of non-recyclable plastic and 900# of rare earth elements plus the fossil fuels used to manufacture, deliver and maintain them.

Now even the liberals have stumbled across the truth. Michael Moore’s new documentary “Planet of the Humans,” Michael Shellenberger and Bill Gates’ YouTubes all expose the fact that this “renewable energy craze” is nothing more than a taxpayer scam. Wind turbines are nothing more than subsidy meters.

In our effort to save the planet, we are going to destroy the environment, rural living, wildlife and property values.

Contact your legislators. They are selling South Dakota out to Big Wind.

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You may not like Gregg but he's right on this one.


Greg has it mostly right. Wind power is highly subsidized; just like ethanol and farming. With the trillion dollar debt we have as a country we need to consider taxpayer burden and debt. Radical I know but if we quit subsidizing private enterprise we would all be better off. Unfortunately I know that is a hard pill to swallow for the ag industry but I know at least one farmer who has cut the federal strings and is still a successful farmer.

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