The nation has 200,000 deaths from COVID-19 — that’s the population of Sioux Falls — all because of the leadership in Washington, D.C., not believing in the science.

Then the governor of South Dakota is campaigning for and supporting a president who called the men and women that served our country losers and suckers.

We need new leadership in Washington, D.C., and South Dakota. Wake up, America. Save our democracy. Get out and vote.


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Where did all you Trump trolls go? In the past, any letter like this even remotely critical of your man’s policies would be followed by a torrent of righteous defenses of that New York city slicker who conned you gullible rubes.

Isn’t it time to tell us again how 210,000 dead Americans and an economy that’s collapsed on everyone but the rich folks is all Hillary Clinton‘s fault? Or is it Obama? Maybe Hunter Biden? Antifa?

Lincoln was right - you CAN fool some of the people all of the time. I just never imagined how many of you there are.

Larry Skow

Mr. kozel. yes we need new leadership. We need term limits so we can keep the crazy nancys/shciff's/biden/clinton's/feinsteins/aoc/omar's/karen bass/obama/nadel types types from leading us into where they have or are trying to lead us. Mr. trump isn't the issue--there was reason he got elected. for to long we had choice Bad or worse. As far as Covid well ask bill gates an Dr.Fauci why he and obama an democrat congress allowed the french to build a level 4 biolab in wuhan? That is the question or one. Why was Obama oversite lacking? It was their watch? ask why is Bill Gates so interested in world wide vaccination. Ask why is George Seros allowed to fund these groups. Why won't Biden condemn a marxest group like BLM an Antifa. the term white supremist is way over used these days. Seems anyone not left is one--why is that? yes we need leadership it starts at local level an goes upward to the mess we have today. Trump has been fought on everything he has tried to do. But the man has lived up to every campaign promise he made plus more actually. Only president in living history to do so. Remember the "change' Obama promised? When was last time even a county commissioner lived up to his promises? Any where! Biden is a crook Hillary is corrupt as is host of others. Yes lets vote vote to keep Trump in for another 4 years. An i swear if I would of been on stage at the debate being Mr. Trump--when Joe told me to SHUT UP MAN. I would of walked across the stage jerked the man out of his shoes an slapped the man silly. An informed him I will not tolerate this disrespect any longer! I am still the President. Now lets get back to this farce of a debate. Joe deserved exactly that. I also would of turned to the camera an said I have one for you as well Speaker of the House. Yes lets get leadership an start at ground level an swell upward. TERM LIMITS in congress is a start. Lets have 100% vote turnout. Drain the cesspool it is not a swamp.




Thank you, Larry. How timely❗️You've helped me make my point. You’re my favorite Trump Troll 🧙‍♂️

Also I appreciate your man’s recently showing us the consequences of not taking the Viiris 🦠 seriously.

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