In regards to Karen Hochstein’s letter (Press & Dakotan, June 22):

You’re right on many points. We are losing our way. The Democrats/left keep chipping away at the foundation. Broken families equal a broken country.

One needs to look at the problems themselves with the churches in general. The Catholic church has and continues to be a criminal organization run by popes that were and are just short of organized child molestation/murder rings. When priests are caught, the victims’ families are silenced with money. In the cases of native Indian Genocide that took place in Canada and even South Dakota, the victims never even got the money.

It is not Christianity that is wrong and harmful but religion itself that has been corrupted. That is what needs to change. Even today, the churches continue to give redemption to people who believe in murder of young unborn. Do they give communion to believers because they sit in positions of power, either locally/nationally? Or because of the donations given? Or both? How can church members stay silent on this? Staying silent condones the acts of the church. When this changes and we start to take back the soul of the nation, then things will change for the better.

Let’s start by making things right with the Native Americans in South Dakota. Give back the Indian land in the treaty that was broken. Give them the Black Hills and other lands. The current owners can always sign 99-year lease with the tribe. Nothing will be lost. It’s theirs anyway. Then start by seizing all church-owned property an dispersing it out to the grieved as well. Bring the pope in an put him on trial under the RICO Act. If money is root of all evil, why do churches have so much?

It’s not Christianity that is wrong, but the corruption of religion by the “leaders” of the organization that is wrong. The U.S. is supposed to be leader of righting wrongs. Let’s start by cleaning our own back yard.

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Gimmy A. Breake

So many words does Larry spend

To while away his hours.

But all he tells us in the end…

He lives in HIS world not ours.

Red Cloud

Mr. Scow, can you say “Indian giver”?

You write:

“Give them the Black Hills and other lands. The current owners can always sign 99-year leases with the tribe. Nothing will be lost.”

After 500 broken treaties, if we just sign one more piece of paper with you immigrants what could possibly go wrong ?


@ Larry Skow..........Are you so bored that all you can do is COMPLAIN ?????? Your letter was ridiculous and pathetic. If your lips are moving, you are complaining, if you are typing on the computer you are complaining. Is there ever a day you are satisfied and content???? I feel sorry for you that all you can do is complain about EVERYTHING. Maybe you should seek the help of a Psychiatrist and therapy. To be so unhappy about nearly everything is a personality flaw. Especially, when the garbage you write isn`t even true.


Happy Friday!


Election Fraud in all 50 states.

Treatment Plan:

Decertify the election & make arrests.


Trump won & there's not a darn thing you can do to stop what's coming!

Tin Foil Fred

Thanks, Abe‼️

Finally there’s someone who’s talking sense‼️


Thanks, Abe! There are so many more of us than the normies suspect.

Donald Trump will soon return to his rightful Presidency at the head of his loyal military, and He will arrest and eliminate all our political enemies.

Just because we didn’t succeed on January 6th doesn’t mean the patriotic struggle to Make America Great Again is over.

Where We Go One We Go All!

Mr. T

Happy Monday, Abe!


Rising coronavirus cases in all 50 states - overwhelmingly among the unvaccinated.

Treatment Plan:

Get vaccinated.


The virus is winning & there IS something you can do to stop what's coming!

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