Regarding Paul Struck’s letter to the editor (Press & Dakotan, July 29):

I read your letter — your hope is fulfilled. For someone who “… tries to find optimism in everything,” your words are caustic.

I am not qualified to take on you and/or any of your information. I am an American citizen who loves God, family/friends, country. Words like yours are furthering the divide among people.

You are entitled to your opinion and thoughts, and I respect that. Spewing venom is not helpful, nor does it deserve my respect. I pray you find some peace.

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Actually Becky, Mr. Struck was not "spewing venom" but simply stating facts! For some reason, those who support 45, have trouble with facts. If you think that Mr. Struck's words were in fact "venom", then please feel free to state facts that will oppose his comments. Myself and the majority of Americans would love to hear you defend 45 instead of constantly spinning and blaming someone else. Please address each and every one of Mr. Struck's comments on how you are ok with the presidents actions or lack of.


Becky is not allowed to express her opinion of an "opinion letter" from Mr Struck? (I did not see his letter proving "each and every one of his comments" .) I guess that opposing views are still unacceptable and THOSE opinions must be "proved."

I can't PROVE it, but I agree with Becky. Spewing venom is not a good idea.



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