In Bob Dylan’s words, “How many deaths will it take til she knows that too many people have died?” South Dakota is No. 2 in the nation in per capita infections — over 800 of our neighbors dead and no end in sight. Another South Dakotan dead every 35 minutes, and still Gov. Noem refuses to lead.

Instead of doing her job, Noem flies around the nation promoting her hero, the liar-in-chief whose refusal to accept the defeat voters handed him threatens our democracy itself. Remember, this is the guy who promised us that COVID-19 would “just magically disappear.”

Well, Kristi and Donald, that’s not how things work. Doctors and scientists have been telling us for months that this deadly virus is airborne, spread by coughs, sneezes, speech and breath, and we must wear masks and keep a safe distance — not just to protect ourselves, but to protect our families and our neighbors and friends.

Noem says that those who follow her lead and refuse to act responsibly “deserve respect.” How about those who are dying because others don’t respect their right to life?

Noem says we should simply wash our hands. Well, Pontius Pilate tried that 2,000 years ago, and his name still rings with betrayal.

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How will getting a politician to issue a mandate get people to believe in something? Look at all the laws that get passed, such as DUI laws, with punishments , and people are still dying in alcohol related crashes. If a law can't ensure that all people will believe....what makes you think a mandate will?

Steve Jacobsen

This is Chris Jacobsen writing a remark.

Vote her out.

Yankton resident

DL Johnson: Those laws and mandates help and you know it, (ie) look at the seat belt law , but maybe you forgot about that one. (ie) another one to look at is the no smoking law for all public buildings and businesses, must have forgot about that one as well, but they all work.


I see that you can only cite laws that have a penalty attached to it. What's the enforceable penalty attached to a mandate?

Steve Jacobsen

DLJ, so how do those laws protect us? You could apply the same notes of opposition to masking to these mandates. They protect us and bring civic responsibility and safety in our city. These laws help. And I know it. How would masking be different? Protection...yes, civically responsible.....yes, and safety to our city, yes.


I am not opposed to wearing a mask and I wear one at what I believe are appropriate times. I believe that everyone should make the choice to wear one. But, if people are not embracing civic responsibility from the influences of their inner circles or homes on their own, how is a mandate going to make them embrace it? I also know that I have the choice and the ability to avoid people not wearing masks. Isn't that also a form of civic responsibility?

I don't know your experiences, but what is the result when you try to force something onto someone? Isn't it resistance? Don't you have a better success rate at compliance/buy in, by making people believe (take ownership) that it is their idea to wear a mask to protect themselves, their family and their community?

How productive is it for a politician to issue a mandate and then turn around and violate that mandate? (Insert California Governor as an example).

Larry Skow

There is no blood on her hands or Trumps hands. It is on ChiCommie hands--China. that is where this came from. Now then Every comapany saftey program---an I have reviewed hundreds. All start with SAFTEY STARTS WITH YOU! Usually big bold letters. early on Fauchi an CDC said no masks needed. Then changed their tune. We are personally responsible for mask wearing --no one else.. It is solely our choice an only our choice. Usually all these mandates/rules/laws spell out a monatary fine. Simply about money for the goverment. Mr. Wilson an like stop trying to be mask police. WEAR it if you wish. If you firmly believe in that it protects you. Then you are safe around those that elect not to. This has dragged on long enough--put it to bed. It is here--yes there something--protect your self an move on with life. Science proven fact shutdowns/lockdowns do absolutly nothing to stop this thing. It just reappears--as do colds/flu. worry about an your family. An REMEBER ALL DUMP TRUMPERS. The vaccine is coming just as he predicted-it has been achieved on his watch--just as man said it would be ready. so thank him when you get your shot. Be Great if they marked all with a big red "T" in the fore head. especially the regestered democrats


Gee Mr. Skow, you just don`t get it. It was Trump`s INACTION that made the pandemic this bad. Who cares where it from ? Then you complain that Dr. Fauci said no mask required, then changed his tune. Umm, they were not sure how the virus was spreading, it only came later that a mask would reduce infections. I guess it`s OK with you that Trump "changes his tune" all the time. Don`t you remember, trump on TV and said maybe if people injected themselves with disinfectant, it might kill the virus. Then when he was called out on it, he said he was kidding??????? I guess they didn`t play that on Fox "news". They probably didn`t repeat what Trump had said about the virus when it first came to our shores. " Only a few will be infected, it will be like the flu". No wonder you people are in the dark. Trump has not done anything good for me, so I`ll skip that "T" you mentioned. He deserves no credit. You act like Trump made the vaccine himself. I bet you have no trouble wearing a shirt into a Wal-Mart. Remember the " no shirt, no shoes, no service " that every business put in their windows? You had no problem with that, but you Trumpers say it`s infringing on your freedom to wear a mask? I think it`s a little more important to wear a mask to protect you and others, than it is to not wear a shirt into a business.


In short, because it isn't going to matter to the liberals, insert the term socialist here instead of liberals if you want, please stop relying on the government for every move you make in your life, you don't have to turn to them or the media each time you have an independent thought, it is going to happen soon enough that the socialist are telling you from what time of the day you can go out and support your local businesses, if you can at all, to how many people you are allowed to have in your home at any given time, oh wait, that is already happening, never mind then, you win. Really going to be interesting when they come to our doors looking for our guns, thankfully I sold all mine :), long live the socialist party of the United States.


@VoiceforALL....Your screen name doesn`t apply to me because you are not a voice for me, even though you probably would like to think so. You Fascists and your "socialist" garbage are getting old. And even if that were true, I would rather be a socialist than a fascist. Maybe if you would watch something other than Fox fake "news", you might learn something. Trump acts like a dictator, and you follow him around like a puppy dog. You people said the same exact same thing when Obama was elected. that he was going to take away your guns. Never happened did it????I feel like Einstein compared to you poor souls. I bet you believe every conspiracy theory put out by Trump and fox. Sad. Think for yourself buddy, and do some fact checking, because all I`m seeing is total ignorance. I don`t depend on Gov`t for everything. I pay my taxes just like you. The safety nets put out there like Social security, Welfare and food stamps is because we are a developed , civilized society. We are not a third world country. But I bet you would have no problem letting the poor starve. Sick. Typical fascist mindset. Move to N. korea or Russia, you would fit right in.


"I feel like Einstein compared to you poor souls" might be the best line I've ever read here!


@ bjs12258......Thanks bjs, unfortunately it`s true ! [thumbup]

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