The title of Mr. Wegner’s letter in the Oct. 20  Press & Dakotan should have read, “Save The Planet, Kill The Babies.”

I hope the majority of people who read his letter were as sickened as I was by his message.

What has happened in our country that we no longer believe in the sanctity of life?

Why is a stand for pro-life considered so political? Who makes up all these terms such as “reproductive justice” and “reproductive health care” to soft-sell abortion to us?

There are many ways to prevent pregnancy these days and they are easily accessible, plus they don’t involve the killing of babies.

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Here here! Yes-totally agree! This election comes down to only thing-are you voting to kill the babies or not? Happy voting!


[thumbup] Agreed, 100%. Calling abortion "Reproduction Healthcare" is simply assinine. I,too, wonder who makes up these nonsense misnomers.


total BS

Grateful Dead

Can somebody explain why you “pro life” folks don’t care about saving the planet, which will kill everyone if we keep denying the science?


Greatful Dead: You do ask the right question. If you look at all the proposals to deal with global warming, you will never find the suggestion that world population not only needs to be contained, it needs to be reduced. Literally all human induced climate change would disappear if the planet had just 1 billion people and not 8 billion. And that 1 billion could live in a fully developed economy - first world, not 3rd world. As I see it, with a growing world population, likely reaching 12-15+ billion by the end of this century, I see no hope in containment of climate change. But eventually, the population will be reduced and climate change will be the cause. I am completely opposed to abortion, but my position is NOT religion based, as it is for the vast majority of pro life people. As I look at the US based abortions, I really don't think, if these millions of abortions never happened, that they would have made a statistically significant difference to global population growth. Extinction by climate change has happened several times in Earth's history. We humans are not immune from the same thing happening to us. I have long ago given up on our species dealing with the effects on the planet that we are almost certainly causing. There is no will what-so-ever to radically reduce the Earth's population, but that is the only thing that will save us.


i dont know if you read the same letter to the editor as i did, or maybe you just like to create fear. Mr. Wagner was talking more about access to reproductive health care than abortion. He was talking about how they have defunded planned parenthood where people could have affordable access to birth control and reproductive education. the reason the issue is so political because the republicans want to turn our country back to 1950 where white men have all the control. Abortion is a small part of planned parenthood. Also there is so much misinformation out there about the Democrats and late term abortions its ridiculous. No one wants to kill babies, get real, stop fear muggering, do some research


3,000 Planned Parenthood abortions per day is not a "small portion" of any business (check Planned Parenthood and the US Dept of Health both for the stats) .... and almost every clinic in existence can provide the same "reproductive healthcare" that is so scarce without PP. Wake up , indeed!


To "concerned", it is strange that you say no one wants to kill babies, isn't that what abortion is? Again, it is always the Republicans that are making things political, poor innocent Democrats, they just want to help people, not cause any problems, wow. Republicans are tired of always having to support everyone for everything, the Democrats, who are steering right into becoming the Socialist Party of the United States with all the new radical liberals taking over, say we have to provide birth control, no we don't, quit having sex, it is pretty simple, I will say it again, quit having sex, that is 100% guaranteed prevention to getting pregnant, and as a side effect, it also prevents sexually transmitted diseases, a plus for all those involved. Stop trying to take care of everyone and everything, make people responsible for their actions, quit enabling people, but that is what socialism is, take the working peoples taxes, make everyone dependent on the government, take over the media outlets so that they can censor what they don't want people to hear, this is socialism. Several people on this website are always saying to stop getting your news from Fox, that is what the socialist want, they want you to hear one side of the story, not both, makes it easier to convince you that they are right and you are wrong. Look at multiple sources, and not just MSNBC, Fox, CNN, read newspapers, listen to radio shows, make your own decisions, your own choices, do it while you can because if the socialist take over, you are going to have a lot few choices which leads to you making fewer decisions on your own.


voice for all: voice for not as many as you think. i think you need a reality check, when has it ever worked to tell people not to have sex? and who is going to pay for the unwanted children as they grow up? this is reality. Also did you know that when Republicans are in charge there are more people on welfare? i am not a dem or a republican. As far as abortion and women's health care goes, i believe it is no ones business except the woman and her Doctor just like no one tells men that they have to us birth control. Maybe that is where we should start with the "taking responsibility" stuff.

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