South Dakotans should encourage their Senators John Thune and Mike Rounds to oppose the nomination of Xavier Becerra for Secretary of Health and Human Services. Joe Biden has indicated he will nominate the current California Attorney General to the position.

It should be remembered that as Attorney General, Becerra banned travel of California State employees to South Dakota as well as several other states. This move was made in response to legislation passed by the South Dakota Legislature that he did not agree with.

If Becerra can be so biased as to prevent his fellow California State employees to travel to a state, can he be trusted to treat those states fairly if he is Secretary of Health and Human Services. If we are going to have a Secretary of the agency who overseas Federal regulation of health care, that person must treat all states equally. I think Becerra has already tipped his hand as to how he will approach states with whom he disagrees.

This can’t be and our senators need to oppose his nomination when it comes to the Senate.

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Yes, Mr. Meyer, Becerra prohibited state-funded and state-sponsored travel to South Dakota based on our discriminatory legislation enacted by our politicians.

However, our biggest fear should be that our national reputation is making businesses see South Dakota as a place that is HOSTILE to both their employees and their customers.

Fortunately for these companies, there are many other states whose Christian voters have NOT decided their God empowers us to reject our fellow Americans.

This is not so fortunate for us.

Old Hugh

GREAT idea, Roger! 💡

Let’s see how many of the Nation’s business people we can alienate!


God be with you, Mr. Meyer

Becerra will burn in hades. God rejects all those wicked perverts who refuse the loving arms of Jesus.

The government has no right to force us to accept those who Christ rejects.

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