Earth Day 2021’s theme is “Restore Our Earth,” focusing on ways to prevent and reverse the impacts of climate change. Incorporating more products and materials made from renewable, plant-based inputs into our lives can help address our environmental challenges head on.

Using more plant-based products — including everything from household cleaners, packaging, textiles, building materials and more — can decrease our reliance on fossil fuels, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and cut down on landfill waste. As the sustainable inputs used to create these products grow, they remove carbon dioxide (CO2) pollution from the atmosphere. And many of these products are compostable, helping provide much-needed organic matter and nutrients to our depleted soil resources.

The Plant Based Products Council is dedicated to promoting the adoption of more renewable products and materials. This Earth Day, let’s commit to using more renewable resources to create the products we use every day as an important step towards restoring our earth.

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Climate change is the liberal heretics’ Hoax! It’s just a scam to make money for themselves and gain power over Christians.

And even if climate change were real, true Christians know the future of this world doesn’t matter. The Bible tells us we are just temporarily passing through on the way to eternity in Heaven or to endless agony below.

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