A few stats South Dakotans may wish to share with their governor. Alaska and South Dakota both have similar populations. (South Dakota: 903,027; Alaska: 734,002)

Alaska has followed the recommended closure, mask, and distancing procedures to contain the corona virus; South Dakota has not.

(At this writing), South Dakota has 2,905 confirmed cases; Alaska has 379.

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Larry Skow

Ray; OH MY! A out of state person expressing opinion like that is going to cause the locals to get upset! Besides Gov. Noem is busy holding off the Indians. How dare they limit travel an question white authority of what's best for them to limit the coronavirus damage by limiting access to THEIR LAND. South Dakota residents don't stir the pot of controversy stew. NO NO bad boy bad boy!


You’re missing an important point here, Mr. Metcalfe. The President has decreed that meat packing plants must stay open.

South Dakotans are patriotically risking their lives so that our President can eat his 🍔 Big Macs 🍔 in the Oval Office for a second term.

Alaska has few if any meat packing plants. So don’t be so high and mighty. South Dakotans are willing to die for our President.

What are you Alaskans doing to Make America Great Again?


If your so worried about it. Stay home! Wear a mask over your face! Don’t step on my constitutional rights


Constitution rights?

Oh, yes - here it is in the fine print: ”The right of the President to let a pandemic run wild and tank the economy for a generation shall not be infringed.”

See you in the bread lines, Mmuncrief. I know I’ll recognize you. You’ll be the one without a mask coughing into your Hillsdale pocket Constitution.


Mmuncrief is a PATRIOT who loves FREEDOM! It's his RIGHT to go into any place he wants to without a mask and sneeze all over granny and grampy who then get sick and die. Don't TREAD on Mmuncrief!

Larry Skow

Anti Party: You are dead wrong. It is not his right to cough an sneeze on who he wishes to. That is not even common courtesy to do so. During this time period one can an do as they wish that may be true. BUT an it is a big but---there should be proper manners of a civil society fallowed. An this is one time manners should be observed. You are such a fool. Yet I suppose you have reproduced an your DNA is loose. Ron White is so right you just can't fix stupid. an in this case not even duct tape will help.


Relying on you to follow proper manners is as laughable as your grasp of the English language.


Larry, after reading your unmannerly and sloppy words, “You are such a fool. Yet I suppose you have reproduced an (sic) your DNA is loose” I’m curious:

Can you please tell us what finishing school you attended? Or are you typical of what the Colorado school system produces?

I can imagine you didn’t graduate near the top of your class.

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