In the first 10 minutes of his first address to the Congress, Joe Biden ramped-up the flattering process that politicians have used forever to stir up support.

Joe said, “In America, we never ever, ever stay down.” But our citizenry have been down socially (marital stability) since the 1960s. We have been down financially (family and national debt) since the 1980s. We have been down politically since our political parties erected the Red. vs. Blue wall.

Joe also said, “People lined up in nice cars to get food, and it was no fault of their own.” Okay, Americans didn’t make the virus, but our ignorance of science and refusal to be good citizens made the virus strong.

Joe also said, “There is no quit in America, none.” Wrong, we quit on states’ rights. We quit on the manufacturing economy. We quit on public health. We quit on criminal justice. The Congress quit on virtually all of its powers.

It will take more than a cup of Joe and a big smile to wake up America.

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G. Reaper

Abandon hope all ye who enter here. America’s decay and decline is just beginning. This is the way the world ends. Not with a bang but a whimper.


Looks like Kimmy’s off his meds again…

Gimmy A. Breake

Mom always said “Stay humble, but never forget your responsibility to let everyone know how stupid they are.”

Larry Skow

Well Clown Rus. Lets look at it. We have president with dementia. Ex call girl for Vice President. A transvestite over seeing HHS. A President's son who is a crackhead pedophile who laundered money for other countries giving 10% to his dad. The crackheads buddy is head of DEA. His other buddy is head of DOJ. A democrat sleeping with Chinese spy oversees DHS. Border is being flooded with illegals to take American jobs. Yep all is well in CLOWNLAND.


Mom always told me ”Never argue with a fool.

You'll never convince him he’s wrong, and onlookers won't be able to tell who's who.”

Old Hugh

Larry! There you are, old pal! I notice you’re making a new baseless claim that our Vice President is a common wh*re. It’s so hard to keep up with you … 🤦🏻‍♂️ You’re such a caution.⚠️

But I won’t be distracted. I’m still waiting for your response to a previous unsubstantiated claim.


If you do remember - after your unsubstantiated charges of serious Democratic corruption - E pluribus challenged you to come up with as many folks who fell afoul of the law in the last THREE Democratic administrations as there were in just ONE term of the Trump administration.

I’ll send a copy of his list shortly, good buddy! And it won’t even include Mr. Matt Gaetz who seems emblematic of Republicans’ selfless pursuit of their new definition of family values

Old Hugh

Here it is Larry!


PAUL MANAFORT, Trump campaign chair. On financial misdeeds in special counsel Robert Mueller investigation. RICK GATES,​ Paul Manafort’s deputy on financial misdeeds in special counsel Robert Mueller investigation. LT. GENERAL MICHAEL FLYNN, ​Trump’s first national security adviser. Pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI. MICHAEL COHEN, the president's former longtime fixer and personal attorney. Pleading guilty to making false statements to Congress as well as a separate campaign finance and tax crime case bought by federal prosecutors in Manhattan. DUNCAN HUNTER R-CA, one of the earliest Trump supporters in Congress. Pleaded guilty to conspiring to misuse $250,000 of campaign funds for his personal expenses. Rep. CHRIS COLLINS​ R-N.Y., on charges related to securities fraud conspiracy and making false statements. SAM PATTEN, Washington-based lobbyist pleaded guilty to illegally funneling foreign money into Trump's inaugural committee. GEORGE PAPADOPOULIS, Trump campaign's former foreign policy adviser, convicted of lying to investigators. GEORGE NADER, businessman and lobbyist with ties to the Trump world pleaded guilty to charges related to child sex trafficking and child pornography possession. ROGER STONE,​ Veteran GOP operative and longtime Trump adviser. Found guilty on all seven counts related to false statements to Congress, obstruction of justice and witness tampering.


RUDY GIULIANI, ​Trump's personal lawyer.​ ​ Under criminal investigation for his business relationship with two men arrested in an alleged campaign finance scheme. LEV PARNAS ​&​ IGOR FRUMAN, Rudy’s associates. Accused of circumventing election laws that prohibit straw donations and foreign contributions to federal political campaigns, including a super PAC supporting President Trump's re-election campaign. BOB KRAFT New England Patriots owner and a close personal friend of Trump's, a Mar-a-Lago member who gave $1 million to the inaugural committee and who faces charges in Florida related to alleged solicitation of prostitution. IMAAZ ZUBERI. Gave $900,000 to the Trump inaugural committee, was indicted last October for allegedly making illegal foreign straw donation, violating foreign lobbying laws and evading taxes


Spot on Old Hugh !! The Trump Administration was the most corrupt in history. And if deaf and blind Larry Skow would finally wake up, our former ( first ) lady Melania Trump posed nude for several magazines. That`s that family values thing again ! And lo and behold, Trump himself had to pay for sex!!!! Isn`t that called "prostitution" ?????They sure forget quick don`t they? Hey Larry, catch a clue or shut your mouth. It`s GREAT to wake up in the morning and not hear of more chaos coming out of the corrupt Trump Whitehouse. Things are finally peaceful again. You know, you have to pity these poor Trump supporters, obviously they don`t know any better. Now only if the orange buffoon would just go away for good, that`s when I`ll celebrate!!

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