President Trump stated, “I’ve been around for a long time and it just seems that the economy does better under the Democrats than the Republicans” in a 2004 Wolf Blitzer interview. It seems he was correct.

Imagine for a moment that your dad gifted you $400,000,000. Would you have gone bankrupt four times? Trump did.

He thinks that foreign nations pay the tariffs on their exports. They don’t. Consumers like you and I do. Watch those prices!

Some folks believe he is good for their stock. He is, if you want stock price charts resembling roller coasters.

He promised to revive the manufacturing sector but plants are still closing and jobs are still being lost to automation and cheaper foreign labor. Perhaps he ought to have created jobs by keeping his promise to build infrastructure rather than focusing on antiquated technologies.

He claimed trade wars were easy to win but he is being handed his hat by China, once our largest customer for soy beans.

Economists, a rather conservative group, are now predicting a recession in our near future.

I rarely agree with Donald J. Trump, but the evidence clearly indicates this Republican is terrible for the economy.

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Typical for him to flip flop, as long as it’s in his best egomaniacal interest.



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