Supposedly, 81 million voters voted for Joe Biden. But now no voter is praising his actions? I have noticed in my Travels — no Biden/Harris stickers on cars. POOF vanished! Yet Trump can still draw 30,000 to rally a 5 million watch it on tv. Dead can vote — but they don’t hold rallies for Joe.

Now Joe Biden/Harris leave $85 billion in arms for enemy in Afghanistan. But They want to take my firearms?

They pushing a vaccine mandate — even Jack Billion on board pushing mandate to South Dakota. (Press & Dakotan, Aug. 20) But recently Dr. Fauci himself says vaccine offers no protection against the variants Delta/Lambda. Yet no one seems interested in finding origin of start of this.

Let me ask this: You, the vaccinated, are supposed to be protected. I get that. But if you’re vaccinated, why are you afraid of unvaccinated or folks who don’t wear a mask? Dr. Fauci and others said the vaccine will stop this. OK. Who turning the variants loose? Mutations don’t happen this fast, unless they have help.

Start waking up, folks. Hide your fears. Show your courage. Speak up. If we don’t, there simply won’t be anything for them to take over anyway. The masters won’t be able to turn this thing off. Or do they already have the MASTER CURE? You decide. Maybe Jack Billion has the answer.

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Gimmy A. Breake

Larry argues to win, all of the time.

A foolproof strategy; a great paradigm.

“Alternative facts” he’ll pick and he’ll choose.

If it won’t fit his fantasy, he’ll call it FAKE NEWS.

Old Hugh

Larry, I’ll pose the same question I just asked Abe when I pressed him for a response to Truth Fairy’s initial query.

She said, “US death statistics show at least 572,000 more people died in 2020 than 2019.

So the Pandemic is not a hoax.

And now our hospitals are being overwhelmed by unvaccinated people.”

How can you deny this, Larry?

This to me - since you anti-vaxxers have no answer - is the reason everything you guys say seems untethered to America’s deadly reality.

Yankton resident

Larry we don't need to turn to Dr. Billion for answers. We all need to turn to you for unscientific facts and misinformation until death falls upon us all. Thanks for all your conspiracy theories.


Oh my god. This is so stupid.


I have the answer as to why there haven’t been big rallies by Joe Biden supporters. Biden is busy being president and doesn’t have the time or the need to hold rallies.

The last guy in the office left a lot of work to be done since he spent his time holding rallies instead of doing his job due to his constant need for ego stroking. Biden supporters know that rallies do not reflect job effectiveness.




Approximately 1,500 Americans are dying every day - almost all of them unvaccinated - because of this anti-science nonsense.

And those who refuse the vaccine and refuse to mask aren't just killing themselves and infecting their family and friends.

They're destroying the American economy as the virus surges across the country.

Fear of death is making workers and consumers alike avoid the marketplace.

It’s not rocket science, Larry.


Who’s paying the hospital bills for the uninsured?? What will this do to health insurance premiums?? This country has been so damaged by conspiracy theories and they are really stupid ones really really stupid


Yes, I agree!

We ruined our country's economy by freaking out over a virus that kills fewer people than the flu.

Mr. T

Although you hail from another state, Mr. Scow, you may know our laws require South Dakota children entering school to present school authorities with certification from a physician that their child is immunized against poliomyelitis, diphtheria, pertussis, measles, rubella, mumps, tetanus, meningitis and chickenpox.

How are these mandates any different from a coronavirus vaccine mandate?

Many other states - including your Colorado - have these laws as well. Do you believe these state laws DON'T violate personal freedom, but somehow a COVID mandate would?

Do you write letters to newspapers in your state decrying them? (And why have you chosen to bless us South Dakotans with your opinions?)

Be that as it may, it’s very difficult to take you, or Abe, or VoiceforAll or any of the whole gaggle of angry anti-vaxxers across the nation very seriously.

Your inconsistent position is regrettably contributing to the sacrifice of thousands of American lives while you guys troll us for your own peculiar, personal, partisan political reasons.

Janis sang, “Freedom’s just another word for ‘nothing left to lose.” But we have a lot left to lose for your phony “freedom.” And we’ve already lost a lot…


The reason Joe doesn't hold rallies is that he cannot be trusted by his handlers to say anything that is not on a teleprompter, even then he messes that up, he is not a leader, he is a puppet with his strings being pulled by the socialist party of America also called the democratic party. You all ignore what he has done in the last 8 months, you turn a blind eye to all the mess ups and damage he has done. No one is listening to this senile man anymore, people are not listening to him or anyone else like him in this administration except all you that can't wait for the next words of brilliance to come out of his or Kamala's mouth, oh by the way, where is she, hard to find her too, probably best to keep her hidden as well. The newest revelation is that with his new spending bill, Joe is going to have the IRS monitor everyone's bank accounts to "watch" for suspicious activity, yes, you can read about this anywhere except in liberal media outlets, go and look. He just keeps taking more and more from everyone and you just don't care, party before country is the democrats way. Look at the evidence of people not listening to him, hundreds of thousands of people attending sporting events across this country, unmasked, people are tired of this tyrannical administration and are fighting back, thank God I live in a republican ran state with a governor that actually gives a dang about the Constitution and believes in a free America. Thank you Kristi Noem for standing up for me and for all those that believe in freedom.

Mr. T

Mr. Voice, can you please pause your impassioned words for just a bit and answer a straightforward question?

Each and every state in the Union (including South Dakota) already mandates certain vaccinations for school children, and sometimes for adults, including health care workers and patients in certain facilities

So does your continued opposition to the Covid vaccine - even now that it has been approved - mean that you believe all the vaccine mandates that currently exist for school children and others in every state in the country should be abolished?


Wrong! It has not been approved and it is killing people.

Gimmy A. Breake

Many vaccines are already mandated.

Why is this one so reviled and hated?

Does the GOP reckon Biden gets blamed

if enough people die from a plague untamed?


Mr. T., no, I am not opposed to all vaccines, many believe I am an anti vaccine but I am not, I am anti Covid vaccine because I don't believe enough research and testing has been done on this vaccine, it has been rushed out, I understand the feeling for the urgency, but there are too many unknows about it that I feel make it unsafe for me and my family. For the other vaccines that are required, years of research was and is still being done on these, some of those vaccines that were given were stopped being given because of the side effects and also some deaths related to the vaccine, but not this one, it is full speed ahead regardless. And quite frankly, the way the current administration is forcing it on people, making people chose between their choice as a free American citizen or lose your job, I don't believe that has ever been done before, correct me if I am wrong on that. Also, the message coming out of this administration, it changes weekly on if your safe if you have the vaccine, if you have to wear a mask or don't, and now today, saying the shot will be mandated but it won't be a mandate for the legislative and judicial branches of the U.S. government including the staff of those branches, if it is mandated, it is mandated, why the special rules? And also today, the administration says it is not going to require illegal immigrants to get the vaccine, again, why as an illegal immigrant do they have that choice but as a legal U.S. citizen I don't? If you get a chance to do some research, there are studies being done in Israel that are indicating that natural immunity to Covid actually has better and longer lasting protection against Covid than those being vaccinated, Dr. Fauci was asked about these studies and he down played them, as I would expect him to do. The U.S. is not the only country in the world with great doctors and scientists, we need to at least consider what these other scientists are finding, those not under the control of this administration, but they don't and won't, something else is getting in their way of telling the whole story, they keep saying follow the science but they only follow the science they chose, not all of it. Sorry for another lengthy response, but I believe to get across why I believe the way I do, I need to lay all that out there.


Everything you wrote here is true. Sadly, the vaxxers are either too stupid to seek the truth or there's some mind controlling drug in those shots.

Mr. T

Mr. Voice, the technology involved in creating vaccines has progressed tremendously since the days of the vaccines we took as kids.

Our progress in understanding and decoding the DNA of deadly pathogens is enormous.

Google “How Did the COVID-19 Vaccine Get Developed So Quickly?” to see some answers to this question. You’re not the only one who's asking for them. But there are answers.

Actually, 5 minutes on YouTube will give you a quick overview of this.

I can tell the issues you enumerate are important to you, but to me - even if you're right on every single one of them - they really pale in importance when compared to all the Americans who are now dying because they won’t get vaccinated.

I think it’s pretty clear we can’t beat this virus without enough Americans getting vaccinated to attain herd immunity. Without it, our economy and our educational and medical systems won’t recover.

In any event, I’m wondering if you would read my post replying to Mr. Wick after my comments following the “Letter: Noem’s Drive For Power,” and tell me what you think.

I’m struggling to understand where you’re coming from, since I know that you represent a large swath of Americans who are refusing to get vaccinated.

Jolly Roger

Don’t hold your breath waiting for a rational, factual response to this, Mr. T.


@ Larry Scowl........Another feeble attempt at inflating Trump`s current popularity and your terribly flawed fantasy bubble. Trump held a " We The People" rally in Kentucky last week. An estimated 10,000 people were expected but only less than 300 showed up. You are a liar just like Trump, it`s no wonder you support him and rallies are for High Schools, not presidents.


Keep sticking your heads in the sand, Joe is doing a great job and so is Kamala, this country has never ran smoother, been so united, so prosperous, so powerful in the world than we are right now under Joe, you people keep believing that, it helps you sleep at night believing it while those that know better keep fighting for the right things. Just one more thing to add to what your senile, unstable president is doing now, he is restricting the distribution of monoclonal antibody treatments to American citizens, the main drug to help fight Covid once it is contracted, just last week he was telling the state to promote its use and now he is restricting its distribution. Remember when he said he would do anything in his power to force people out of the way that he doesn't agree with, well he is doing it and people are going to die from more of his stupidity. I know it is just a game to you liberals, just like the 13 soldiers that died in Afghanistan that meant nothing to him, neither do you, if you get in his way, you just may end up dead, everyday we lean more and more towards socialism, Marxism, fascism, you people need to wake up. I am sure Clowns and Jolly will think it is joke and say everyone that dies deserves it, but we don't expect anything less from the new "party of death", do we you two?


@ is entertaining to watch the GOP commit political suicide. The GOP offers no solutions, no support for the American people, they only care about winning. It`s sad that you poor souls are being had and lied to and you don`t even know it. Complain about Biden all you want, but Trump takes the cake for being the absolute WORST president in history. If trump had acted when he first knew about COVID, then we wouldn`t be in this mess. He took NO ACTION to try and stop the spread, so your blame game is ludicrous. And why are you Trump supporters worried about what Biden`s doing? Most of you aren`t even vaccinated! It`s all a hoax, blah, blah, blah. Try and think for once.

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