January 7: Tom Bossert, Trump’s former homeland security adviser, tweeted: “We face a global health threat. Coordinate!”

January 24: Trump tweets: “It will all work out very well.”

January 28: Luciana Borio and Scott Gottlieb, two former Trump administration officials write a Wall Street Journal op-ed pleading with Trump to take the coronavirus seriously.

February 26: Trump: “In a couple of days, (the number of cases) is going to be down close to zero.”

March 6: In a Washington Post Op-Ed Harvard epidemiologist William Hanage writes, “We just twiddled our thumbs as the coronavirus waltzed in.”

March 10: Trump tells Sean Hannity, “It will go away. Just stay calm. It will go away.”

March 11: Asked if the worst is yet to come, Trump’s own pandemic expert Dr. Anthony Fauci responds unequivocally, “Yes, yes it is.”

March 16: Trump: “We have a problem that, a month ago, nobody thought about.” (Doctors, scientists, Trump’s own experts and millions of Americans did!)

March 17: Trump: “It’s bad. It’s bad.” Followed by, “Each and every one of us has a critical role to play in stopping the spread and transmission of the virus,”

The Trump that repeatedly lied to us about the seriousness of the coronavirus pandemic is dangerous to America. The Trump that finally listened to his advisors and spoke honestly to Americans is a president that stands for all Americans, and one we can unite behind, even if we disagree with some of his policies.

Facts matter. Science matters. Because America matters.

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Might as well look for a few laughs.

Polls show that Republicans take the coronavirus much less seriously than Democrats.

So here is a new conspiracy theory.

The right wing has been expert at “owning the Libs” with their exaggerations or outright lies. The intention is - not to persuade - but to instead goad “liberal snowflakes” into paroxysms of pointless righteous indignation.

This new conspiracy turns this paradigm on its head. It goes like this:

The libs and the leftist media are exaggerating the very real threat of the coronavirus. Not because it isn’t true, but because they know Trumpsters will dismiss it and continue to shake hands and gather closely in groups as modeled by the Donald himself.

As Trumpsters get sick and die, the prospects for a Democratic sweep in November improve.

Not saying it’s true, but you first heard it here.


Those are all facts, any supporter of this president can not argue with these facts. Even the state run FOX has now backtracked as they should. The fact that FOX personality were doing a "social distancing" jig less than one month ago, where they mocked the effort and phrase, should make some of you question their "reporting".

Jolly Roger

Our President rejected multiple warnings that this pandemic was coming and even sat in his hands while we watched the struggles of China and others. And now thousands will die because of his incompetence. The CDC says it could mean 200,000 to 1,700,000 dead Americans.

But, hey, at least we finally beat China at something thanks to his leadership. The U.S. Now Has More Known Cases of the Virus Than Any Other Country!

Come on Trumpsters join in the AMERICA FIRST chant!

USA! USA! USA! We’re number one! We’re number one! We’re number one!

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