China recently landed a drone rover on Mars for research and is reportedly planning a self-sufficient Martian city embedded into a canyon wall. Construction could begin in 2050 with occupancy in 2100. Dark web sources say China hopes to capture one of the UFOs which are regularly being reported by American pilots. It might take a Chinese “Blade Runner.” Quite a far-fetched fishing story, but with huge gains if ever done.

Meanwhile on Earth, China could use space with a population of 1.4 billion and an Asian population of 4.5 billion. To their credit, China has not engaged in war for 40 years and spends only a portion on its military. They have spent massive amounts on rebuilding its cities, major road construction and high-speed rails so that all roads and rails in Asia lead to Beijing. China is building deep-water ports worldwide and is financing emerging countries as well. They are deeply involved in helping develop African infrastructure. Africa is expected to be the most populated and a huge market by mid-century. Additionally, China’s currency is getting stronger as they build a worldwide banking system which will soon replace the dollar as world currency. Like it or not, China and Asia are rising and the world is tilting to the East.

It’s a waste of time for Americans to put the hate on China. Hate is blinding and it’s better to see with clear eyes so that we can learn and adapt to a changing landscape. Maintaining hundreds of overseas bases and budgeting more than half on defense seems a poor choice since this money should be spent on modernizing. Strong trade agreements and a return to diplomacy cost less and are smarter, as the Chinese have shown.

People in the world hate Americans, our military and our dominating ways. There is a toxicity in thinking that force is a primary option. It frankly doesn’t belong in the modern mind set.

Being patriotic means looking at the facts and thinking independently. Check out Michael Pembroke’s latest book.

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E pluribus

Well said, Mr. Magnuson. 👍👍👍


Catch us if you can earthlings. China may vainly hope, “to capture one of the UFOs” but our technology is immeasurably superior to yours.

The technology of the people you call Europeans overwhelmed the technology of Earth’s indigenous peoples. But even today this technology is laughably primitive by our standards. (We still don’t understand why your species laughs.)

It took Europeans centuries to displace the original inhabitants of the America’s. We could sweep you off your planet in a single beat of your primordial heart structures.

But the good news for you is we don’t need your mediocre planet. There are billions of better worlds in the universe that aren’t populated by inconvenient sentient beings. If you survive long enough to exceed the speed of light you will understand this.

But for now we need to keep an eye on you. You have used nuclear devastation on your own kind. Now that you reach for the stars, we need to see if your murderous ways will threaten the rest of us.

And if you cannot join the community of the Universe we will obliterate you if necessary.


Mr. ET, you casually tell us you “will obliterate us if necessary.”

Why do you choose not to do it now and save yourself the time and trouble of “keeping an eye on us?“


Two reasons Earthling:

First, the happenstance of evolution on different planets never takes the same course. Your species may yet have something unique to contribute to the Universal Community.

Second, we are not alone in keeping watch on you. If we act with capricious destruction, we could set off another intergalactic weapons race.

This could threaten all of us. Look to your own nuclear arms race if you don’t understand.

And there are ancient beings in the universe whose technology far exceeds ours. So we know better than to take a Stun Ray to a Laser Duel.

Assuming you don't destroy yourselves - and you become wise in the ways of the Universe - you might not have to learn this the hard way.

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