If dodos were called ducks, would any still be alive? No. Driven by hunger, sailors in the 1600s would have killed those large birds for food anyway. Those large, flightless, fearless-of-man birds didn’t quack, act or fly like ducks, because they weren’t ducks.

Today, we have injections that seem more like therapeutic treatments than vaccines, yet they are called vaccines. They ameliorate but don’t prevent the disease or its spread. They require repeated “booster” jabs every few months. Changing the definition of “vaccine” doesn’t change the truth. Just ask a dodo …

Search online a bit. An increasing number of peer-reviewed research papers worldwide are making their way into public awareness — despite their repression and intentional ghosting by traditional/social media and Arrogant Political Bureaucrats (APBs). The data they present is gradually pulling the clothes off the emperor Pharmacological Medical Complex (PMC), who along with APBs are so money and power driven to control public thinking and behavior without regard to individual health particulars or everyone’s protected unalienable rights and freedoms.

Dodos didn’t need to become extinct. The sailors then could have noticed that dodos had become fewer in number and stopped hunting them. They didn’t.

Similarly, the PMC and APBs will also continue killing off the people’s trust in public health policy. In months to years, the slow, inexorable avalanche of new research data will gradually reveal to all that today’s medical narrative’s ducks were really dodos. Wake up. http://www.standupforliberty.com/

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Mr. Patton, it seems to me that today’s Dodos are the anti-vaxxers who cling to any shred of speculative evidence in defiance of the actual numbers mounting all around the planet:

Unvaccinated folks are dying at a rate ELEVEN times that of the vaccinated.

All that leaves you is the same unshakable faith that Abe and Voice proselytize: “Just you Wait. You’ll be Sorry!”

You can wait if you must. The rest of us look at the actual numbers and play the odds accordingly.


And please tell us where these numbers come from?


Thank you Christopher for your well stated letter, you are so right about more and more evidence being allowed to come out as the truth to the shots is becoming more and more evident, they aren't helping. And SoDakD, just look at the numbers from last year compared to this year, we have millions and millions more people with the shot yet the numbers keep climbing and climbing, more and more "breakthrough" cases every day, yet we have more people getting the shot. How does any of this make sense to you? Millions more with the shot yet the numbers keep climbing. Where's the evidence to your death rate, I am guessing CNN, that is misinformation being promoted by you and the rest of the democrats that want total control over everyone and you continue to try and scare people into getting more and more shots. Which by the way, they are now starting to say you will need to get a booster every 3 months now, used to be every 6 months, it will soon be monthly and what is to stop them from saying weekly. Keep getting your jabs, keep letting the virus mutate around those jabs, there are more and more reports coming out of the UK that are saying that is exactly what is happening, each time you get a jab, the virus mutates around what you just put in your body and finds another way. It isn't going away by getting a jab and neither will your cry for more jabs, I will stick to my natural immunity and thankfully there are people out their like Christopher that aren't just sitting around waiting for Biden to stumble his way through another press conference with his only answer being get more shots. He's pathetic, Fauci is pathetic, your whole administration is pathetic on how they are handling this, the truth will and is coming out, and you are going to be on the wrong side once again.


What’s even more pathetic is that through the fog of anti-vaxxers’ misunderstanding of epidemiology, they can’t see that unvaccinated folks are dying at a rate eleven times that of the vaccinated.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist or (even an epidemiologist) to read the numbers.

Instead, all anti-vaxxers are selling us is their righteous faith that: “Just you Wait. You’ll be Sorry!”

Larry Skow

SodakD. Don't be so fast with your criticism. It proven fact these variants are coming out of Vaccinated people. Plus being proven they are the carriers. Some good reading for you an your ilk would be Dr. David Martin. Also while you at it grab BREAKING THE NEWS--by Alex Marrow. Uncover truths SoDakD. Also maybe grab a book 5000 year Lease or SECRET EMPIRES: how the american Political Class Hides Corruption an Enriches Family an Friends. Since we have likely the most corrupt president to rival Warren Harding. Plus pay to play Clintons. Read up learn who really in bed with Russia an China. All that should bring you up to date what a scam this vaccine is. Oh by the way far more people have died under Biden an crew then under Mr. Trump. But maybe you have asked Fauci what his goal is as you continue to drink his Kool-Aide. Also SoDakD an others I am NOT ANTI VAXXER so don't cross that bridge. What fools you are.



Yankton resident

Larry and Voiceforfew, I will drink Dr. Fauci's kool-aide before I swallow any of the garbage you are attempting to feed people.

I research your references, (both of you) and have yet to find one that has not been debunked. How shameful is that? The latest being Dr. David Martin. There are many Dr. David Martin's, but only one, that I could find, conspiring to the theory that Larry is referencing and that was fact-checked and found false by Rueters on Feb 22, 2021. Unfortunately that issue had made it to social media and the truly uninformed were once again duped.

My suggestion to you both is to know who you are talking about, what they are talking about and are they legitimate. Furthermore, If I were you, identifying these individuals by name I would be more specific as to not decimate others in the same profession, with the same name and title. You could open yourselves up to a defamation suit if you aren't careful.


Thanks for the fact-checking, Yankton resident.

I can’t keep up with these guys.


By the way, Voice, I’ve been puzzling over your continual repetition that “nobody cares” about the insurrection.

And it occurs to me that you may really not know what I mean when I say, “Law Enforcement seems to care a lot” about the insurrection.

I watch FoxNews and keep on top of what the folks are saying at NewsMax, One America News Network, The Bongino Report, Red State, Breitbart and the many other purveyors of the unique TrumpWorld take on reality. So I can make a guess at your worldview.

And never have I seen any conservative media acknowledge that the January 6th insurrection has produced by far the very largest federal law enforcement investigation in all of US history.

“Nobody cares”? Not really.

And even if Republicans prevent any political consequences for the January 6th insurrection, the rapidly accumulating documentation of it will be there forever.

And as they say, “History will not be written by FoxNews.”

So you’d be more accurate to declare that “REPUBLICANS don't care about the January 6th insurrection.”

In days gone by, a deep respect for Law Enforcement was the hallmark of Republican policy.

Now, for the Party of Trump, Law and Order has become inconvenient. Maybe even incriminating.

No wonder “nobody cares.”

Larry Skow

O Yankton resident: It nice to see mommy let you play with computer again. But too bad your two working brain cells can't/won't do research. The Vaccines are creating a lot of health issues--beyond not working well. May want to go in an read AHA's own study report about vax caused heart attacks killing healthy vaxxed folks. There many ways to fight this Covid--Beyond just the Jab--It not just the unvaxxed dying but the Jabbed are dying at near the same rate or maybe more so--if honest numbers would be given out. Plus look at the amputations that have occured because of thrombosis from the jab. Even the wife of Pfizer's CEO died about 3 weeks ago from complications of the Jab--It even on her death certificate. So Yankton Resident crawl back into your secret club house an do your research out of Archie/Jughead comic books. Leave the real discussions to folks beyond your mind set. O by the way are So Dak Democrat party going to put a candidate on the table for Gov. Election? Or you guys sitting this one out? It getting old to hear Preacher Dan from Avon do the Noem whine. An other's as well. Always the whine no solutions. But same in DC democrats as well.



Yankton resident

Larry: Thank you for the compliment. You have proven only one thing in the sum total of all your posts, you have no working brain cells. Don't give up hope though, someday there may be a vaccine to restore partial use of one brain cell for individuals like yourself. Keep the faith man.

Larry Skow

Yankton resident: I simply stated read some of their work. Now i did have Alex Marrow's name mistyped. It is Alex Marlow. reading/gathering up facts is quite differant then drinking the party kool aide. There are several issues health wise from the vaccine. That is all I am saying. It is always one person's choice. Except for democrat party line. Question O Wizard of Yankton. Why no screaming to vaxx all the illegals coming across the Border? Rather odd isn't it?

Larry Skow

The OMICRON VARIANT: Reportedly has mild Symptoms like soreness an exhaustion--same thing you'd feel after hard day's work. NO WONDER DEMOCRATS ARE TERRIFIED OF IT!

Larry Skow

SoDakD: You must know with all your keeping up with the right as you state. Youi must know DOJ won't turn over over 4000 plus hours of video evidence. Ones that have seen some of it say it is clearly evident that there was government Agent Provocateurs in the tunnel an elsewhere. Why not release the evidence? Why are we holding political prisoners? Much more damage to federal buildings has been done in Portland/Seattle in riots then damage done on Jan 6. No arrests there. A blind person could of seen this jan 6 incident coming. It all needs to be reviewed so the congress led vigilante crew can get to the truth. After all mid terms are coming an the Democrats will likely fade into obscurity. Much like the party has in South Dakota. Now that doesn't mean GOP is 100% pure either so don't twist the words up to think I said that. Put all evidence out there. Why even post Hunter's laptop up.

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