South Dakota currently has the most people hospitalized for COVID in the entire United States. Your governor is not doing her job to protect the citizens of South Dakota.

Gov. Noem needs to strongly encourage masks, social distancing and limit indoor gathering size. She also needs to make sure South Dakotans have more access to testing. Your positivity rate for COVID tests is over 50%.

South Dakotans deserves a governor who will protect and fight for them.


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Mickie McMahon

Mr. Trump, we won’t forget all that you (and Ms. Noem) did in protecting American citizens during the worst pandemic in a century. 

While you’re “authenticating” ballots & filing lawsuits, please consider counting almost a quarter of a million souls who never got a chance to vote.

Larry Nickles

Well said. The US map of non mandate masks shows only two states not enforcing. Why is South Dakota 1 of them?

Oh Jesus

“Pro-Life” Science denial has brought such death and destruction upon us.

Forgive them, Lord. They know what they do and don’t care.

Mr. T

Ms. Noem has ignored South Dakota and hitched her wagon to a falling star.

So many folks must die as she pursues her dream of a national political career with the Party of Trump.


And, pray tell me what EXACTLY do you want or expect her to do? Come to your house to make sure you know how to wash your hands? Make sure you know how to adjust your mask? Get a grip—we are adults! States where mask mandates have been in place for MONTHS numbers are going up also—so obviously those masks are not as effective as we are lead to believe!

Grateful Dead

Well, for starters, Ginny, Kristi could stop casting doubt on the efficacy of mask wearing. This is an anti-science Trump and FoxNews stance that absolutely all epidemiologists vehemently refute. Our hospitals are filling to capacity and Trumpsters like you think the “rumors” of death are just a liberal hoax that will go away after the election is declared for your dear leader.

Google the words, “COVID-positive patients don’t believe virus is real” Even Trumpsters on their deathbeds cling to the lies of Trump and FoxNews.

You declare that you're an adult, but it’s hard to be sympathetic to your childish and deadly ignorance.

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