Some of us are frustrated with our government because it seems like a hostile takeover of our democracy and way of life. We need a clear understanding of the problem to fix it. Here’s some context.

America was once made in part of family farms and many factories. Companies like Caterpillar offered excellent pay, 30 years and out with a good pension and full medical. Japan developed new factories and a manufacturing dominance. Germany competed by making top-quality goods and staying in house, but many American companies moved to Asia for cheaper labor, essentially selling us out. American real wages and benefits began to shrink. Good pensions became sketchy 401ks and full medical coverage disappeared. While real wages have declined, CEO pay has increased by 1,000%.

Today, it’s become critical to influence voter thinking. Manage American thought and you get candidates elected. Make large campaign donations and politicians will pass your laws for fewer regulations and low corporate taxes. The ultra-wealthy get wealthier. You get politicians who don’t do what they’re elected to do. You get managed misinformation in social media to divide the working people. Instead of seeing how we are being robbed, we focus on hating each other. If you’re watching TV or social media and feel angry, you’re being manipulated.

We need a time-out to think.

The working people are being clobbered by a bait-and-switch. Corporate gangbangers are ripping us off because that’s how greed is. Our democracy is a stake. Contrary to all the lies, our elections are secure and your vote counts. But if you want to vote smart, you need a better understanding of our problem.

America is at war with itself; it’s a class war disguised as a culture war. It is not socialism to take back the gains we enjoyed just a few years ago. We can do this, but we need to elect politicians not on the corporate dole. We’ll never fix problems without a healthy democracy. Illegal political behavior needs investigation with accountability. Obstructionists need voting out.

South Dakotan Congress members have not stepped to the plate. They’re the problem. Blind party loyalty won’t work. Don’t murder our democracy.



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And it has never been more evident that our democracy is under attack than what is going on with the current situations throughout America all while being under democratic control. Also, this letter sure screams voter ID, but again, the party in control seems to think everything is hunky dory with that as well as is stated in this letter by the author, he's wrong, voter fraud is alive and well in the democratic party. Good thing people are waking up to see how a country ran by the democrats works or doesn't work, doesn't take much to figure that out, does it?


To paraphrase Lyndon Johnson:

“If you can convince the lowest conservative he's better than the best liberal, he won't notice you're picking his pocket.

Give him somebody to look down on, and he'll empty his pockets for you.”

The culture wars still work.

The average hourly wage has the same purchasing power it had in 1978, 43 years ago.

And yet folks keep voting for politicians who give themselves and their wealthy friends big tax breaks.


Good point SoDakD, just look at the spending bills the democrats are passing right now, full of back door deals, pork, payoffs, etc. Look at the CBO report of the new spending bills, the bills are not funded and only a small percentage is actually going to what the democrats say it is going to, this is the same CBO that Biden said he has full trust and support of, and now he won't even recognize their report on his new bills. And the democrats are pushing the green new deal, just after Nancy Pelosi's husband purchased $1 million dollars of Tesla stock. How many democrats own stock in the pharmacy companies making Covid vaccines? Want more examples, just let me know, be happy to supply them. Funny how the democrats sit back and point fingers at the republicans when the democrats are the ones doing exactly what every democrat is complaining about is happening. No one is buying the lies anymore.


Funny, because if you read this letter more than once you find it full of union talk, socialism (give up gains made), how the American way is bad. But that is how America is looked at right now by the democrats, if you are a successful white American, you are a racists, a murderer, a homophob, someone that has too much money and you need to give it up to others that don't. Company owners need to stop making money because it is not fair that they built their own company and became successful. This letter is about what the new democrats want, they want America to be knocked down a peg or two, how dare we be a strong, independent country. This is talk of socialism, not of democracy even though that is what democrats claim they want, but they want to redefine the term democracy to fit their narrative. Heck, a person cannot even go through a whole trial and be determined to be innocent by a jury and walk out a free person anymore in this country, i.e. Kyle Rittenhouse, the democrats continue to bash him, continue to try and change the outcome, even your president called him a white supremist, even though there were no black people involved in the crime he was charged with (hopefully Biden will get sued for defamation). If the democrats don't get what they want, you better be prepared to defend yourself over and over and over and over, because that is what they do, they will lie, call you names, attack you, convict you before all the facts are in and still not believe in your innocence once all the facts are in. Handing out checks, stealing elections, raising inflation, raising taxes, more government power, less individual freedoms, that is what the democrats want. That is not America, that is some third world country being ran by socialists and communists, countries that can't get good food and products to it's people because of "issues", countries that have skyrocketing inflation, that is not America and it is not democracy.


San Francisco and San Diego police departments say 'Looting' is a racists term.

Pete Buttigieg using funds from spending bills to determine if highway is racists.

Black Lives Matter activist says the Christmas parade massacre in Waukesha, WI appears to signal "the revolution" may have begun.

Black Live Matter activist parent tells school board he has 1,000 soldiers "locked and loaded" if they don't start teaching critical race theory.

NYC may let 800,000 non-citizens vote in elections.

Oil and gas prices rise as market rejects Biden's tapping of U.S. reserves.

Democratic mayor of Washington D.C. blames pandemic for increase in murders not seen in 20 years.

Violent mobs of up to 80 criminals crash dozens of businesses in San Francisco area and rob them of thousands of dollars of goods and fire shots at police, liberal policies ok this and there is no accountability for these crimes anymore.

Democratic prosecutor who gave Christmas parade killer 'low' bail in earlier crimes previously warned his new reforms could allow someone to get out of jail and kill somebody (how about 5 people).


So many unproven words to say “I Hate Democrats.”

Guess everyone needs a hobby.


"Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez urges lowering of bail amounts for criminals just a day after five people killed in Christmas parade by someone who was released on a lowered bail." These are the democratic party leaders, wanting to let criminals out of jail just so they can keep being criminals and make innocent people pay the price, isn't enough, enough people? How do you keep put these kind of people in charge of our country?


Not unproven SoDakD, and not a hobby, it is called being a good American citizen and fighting against what is wrong, just because MSNBC or CNN won't talk about it doesn't mean they aren't true, you need to expand where you get your information from, anyways, their ratings have tanked so bad, really not many watching their lies anymore, thank goodness. What about this one, should smack a lot of people in the face on this, "Biden administration proposes removing Trump-era data collection on sexual assaults committed by teachers." For what reason, why would the democrats not want this information out there, why again, are our children used as political pawns in the democrats game plan? Protecting adults over protecting our children, I spent too much time defending our children over letting men into women's bathrooms on this forum, looks like I have to defend our children again against democratic policies. But this has become the norm in our country, democrats choosing their political lives over the greater good of America at the cost of the safety of our children, men in women's bathrooms and now allowing sexual predators as teachers, when will this madness stop?


Seeing your concern with law and order, I might suggest you expend a bit of your attention to understanding what the Jan. 6 committee is in the process of uncovering.


While we’re on the subject of law and order…

No doubt you’re ecstatic over the jury awarding more than $26 million in damages after finding the White nationalists who organized and participated in the violent 2017 rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, liable on a state conspiracy claim and other claims.


Really, Jan. 6th again, the thing that no one in America except a few people in the democratic party are even talking about because no one cares. You are like CNN and MSNBC, avoid the huge issues that are being created by Biden to talk about other things to keep the focus off how this country is failing under the democrats, I can guarantee if you ask 10 people what they are more concerned about in this county, 9 out of 10 will not say Jan. 6th, but go ahead and keep talking about it. Thought I would share a few more headlines for you all to go out and read about so you can get an idea of the state of America outside of what CNN and MSNBC are saying:

CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC ignore NYT bombshell report on Hunter Biden's business deal with Chinese company.

If Ahmaud Arbery’s family doesn’t have peace, community won’t have peace, BLM protesters say.

White House backs away from Biden's 'white supremacist' comments about Kyle Rittenhouse.

And yet another example of if the democrats don't get what they want, this is what you do - Stephen Colbert: If Kyle Rittenhouse 'didn't break the law, we should change the law'.

If you get away from CNN and MSNBC, you will see that it is not the republicans that are the racists, the democratic party is constantly pushing the race card, the democrats run around telling everyone how racist America is, even Biden brought up white supremacy in a case where there were no one but whites involved, your party wants to keep the African American community down, as you have always done, you want to keep them on government rolls so you can tell them how much you are doing for them by giving them money, telling them how you will help them because America is a bad place, that is your party. Just look at the African American's that have recently won republican elected offices, your party has the nerve to say the only reason they were voted in is because of the racists in the republican party, what, how does that even make sense? Your party is full of fraud, liars, cheats, America hating people, all you have to do is read what is on CNN and MSNBC's websites, it is nothing but hate filled, down with America, racists talk, your party perpetuates it and people are figuring it out that the democratic party is the party of hate.


I can't help myself, here is another one: NBC News Proposes Americans 'Forgo The Turkey' To Deal With Inflation. - So I hope you didn't go out and buy a turkey this year, wouldn't want the turkey farmers to stay in business now, would we democrats?

And yet another - University of Texas Austin research program teaches white 4-year old's about 'anti-black racism'. These children are 4 years old, they should be worried about playing with their toys, not anti-black racism. Your party indoctrinates them younger and younger all the time. And your party supports having pornographic books in school libraries, there are plenty of stories out there telling of many school districts doing this and for some reason your party is ok with this, parents have fought against it and continue to do so.

And some good news, in republican ran Texas, Samsung is going to build a $17 billion dollar chip factory because Texas is pro-business and has lower taxes, not anti-business and higher taxes like the democrats want, Samsung chose Texas for a reason and not California. Wonder why Californians' are leaving and going to Texas, because California is another badly run, democratic state.


🙄🙄🙄 You really CAN’T help yourself, can you…?

It’s quite significant that you Trumpster Law and Order aficionados want to sweep a violent insurrection under the FoxNews rug.

How different it would be if BLM and antifa had broken into the Capitol screaming for Mike Pence to be hanged.

No one cares about it?

Maybe you don’t, but Law Enforcement seems to care a lot.

I suspect History will too.


More good Law and Order news, Mr. Voice!

The three men on trial for Mr. Arbery’s killing were each convicted of murder.

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