You have to hand it to the nation of Germany for being hard-nosed and efficient.

Following the first reported virus infection, the government had in place 40 scientists to manage and eradicate this epidemic. Their first hot spot outbreak was traced to a lunch room salt shaker which tested positive. Using a system nicknamed “the hammer and dance,” they quickly tracked down everyone in that lunch room and all their contacts. All were isolated and tested. They quickly doubled their hospital bed capacity and began an aggressive and widespread testing program. Although the population of Germany is much higher than that of Italy, the number of deaths and infections was dramatically lower. The German mortality rate was 1.9% versus the Italian rate of 12.6%. The Germans were prepared with resources, an action plan and with no denialism or soft pedaling. They will recover quickly with few deaths and a stronger economy.

The USA could stand to learn a lot from the German model. We need a much better system in place outside of our uninspiring political crapshoot which is a half of loaf short under the dome. We should probably copy the Germans on their return-to-work strategies.

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