I saw on TV recently where Joe Biden donated $20 million to bail out the protestors. This is who you want for president of the U.S.?

He is letting these people out to do more damage and stealing of people’s property who are already suffering from the virus that closed them down.

Why didn’t he donate that to people who lost their building from being set on fire and windows broken to be able to steal stuff?

There are people who are hired to come in and cause these riots.

They arrested the cops that killed George Floyd. Why do they have to do damage to people’s property?

Is this what the Democrats have to do to get the black vote, or are they trying to make Trump look bad?

I will not be voting for anyone that’s a Democrat. Like I said before, vote for the person, not a party.

And please support our law enforcement as they put their lives on the line for us.

May God help us all.

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The information in this letter is absolutely false. Posts making this accusation on Facebook have been flagged as false.


Totally fake. Seriously, who would believe that? Even if it hadn't already been proven fake, common sense says no politician is a presidential race has $20 million to give to any group. Thay are BEGGING for money, not giving it away.


None of you has it quite right. Biden himself did not personally donate to the bail of the protesters who were arrested. However, Reuters news and Twitter itself have posts and info on Mr.Biden's staff donating and letting the world know about it. "Over the weekend, Biden staffers went on Twitter to say that they would direct money to the Minnesota Freedom Fund, a group that opposes cash bail and is putting up money to help arrested protesters avoid imprisonment ahead of their trials. A Reuters analysis found that 13 Biden campaign staffers had posted about their donations to the group." Lovely following he has.


After reading the following article, I can understand why the Biden staffers donated to the Minnesota Freedom Fund.


Concerned & Proactive American

Thank you Kate 70. You are correct. If you vote for Biden , you are a fool and voting for the destruction of America.


You're information is incorrect Lois.. Please take the time to actually sample and process information before you write such a factuly false piece. You may have lo leave the comforts of your current media to do so.


There is a difference between protesters and people arrested for vandalism or looting or injuring police. Also, just because some of Binden's staff donated some money to a cause, doesn't mean Biden feels the same way. Let's get rid of the self-proclaimed king/dictator.

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