Please look outside. In this arctic cold do you see much wind? How much solar heat gain do you notice?

Yet despite hundreds of years of available natural gas, the use of which has reduced our CO2 emissions more than any other country, our “politicians” are using this cold and the rolling blackouts to promote the “all of the above energy” mantra, meaning they want MORE wind and solar and therefore more rolling blackouts such as occurred in California this summer.

Welcome to the Green New Deal. We get what we vote for.

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Friedrich Farmer

Mr. Topczewski, unless you're coming to us from the future in your Time Machine, I don’t believe the dreaded “Green New Deal” has yet been enacted.

Presently you’re giving us a reprise of the already debunked misinformation that Texas politicians tried to foist on us.

The Texans falsely impugned wind energy. The truth is that the frozen failure of Texas’ gas energy sector and more importantly, the out-dated Texas energy grid were FAR more responsible for the Texas disaster.

Fortunately South Dakota doesn’t have a large fossil fuel industry to marshal their lobbyists in support of your anti-science resistance to the expansion of the wind energy economy across our state.

Finally South Dakotans have a growing source of revenue as we face a struggling farm economy

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