I was in Yankton over the Fourth of July weekend and was appalled by the display of what I think was a very misguided attempt of patriotism.

At West City Limits Road and 23rd Street were two flag streamers supporting former President Trump and vulgar references to current President Biden. First of all, there is no place for such public display of foul language. Secondly, Trump cannot be associated with patriotism; in fact, he exemplifies absolute unpatriotic behavior. He almost single-handedly destroyed our republic by perpetuating lies about a stolen election, instigated an insurrection, dishonored the respected tradition of the peaceful transition of power and disgraced our great country by those and current actions.

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Spot on! Thank you for calling out the foul language and the fact that Trump is the antithesis of “patriotism.”


I could not agree more - so disgusting. He had those flags up last year. Speak volumes of what type of person this is.


Mr. Anderson, surely you must know those flags represent a widespread reality. Both in South Dakota and the rest of Red America.

For the vast majority of elected Republicans and party leaders, deliberately standing by to enable a violent insurrection to unfold - or even perhaps actively encouraging it - simply isn’t disqualifying.

So what should one expect from ordinary Republicans who “know” the election was stolen, despite all the evidence to the contrary?

It’s alarming, but Yankton’s flag-flyer represents most Republicans.

Hopefully, that Republican household will be content to announce their loyalty to their coup-plotter without joining their compatriots in more violent displays of treason.

Larry Skow

Steve: Your President Biden has done Far more then Trump did to harm the USA. Buts let's wait until he releases his climate control agenda today and we will see how you like what's going to happen to prices. Your democrat disaster is going to get worse.


Mr. Anderson, it is rather easy to see from your comments who you support. Just maybe the vast majority of people dont feel the same way as you. I am going to say you voted for the current state of this country and you should be embarassed to even state that fact. If the only reason your choice in the last so called election was you didnt like the one person, so you voted for the other misguided criminal, you were not looking to far into the future. I have to thank you and all the others that have changed our country. Thank you for higher inerest rates, thank you for higher cost of food, thank you for higher transportation costs and thank you for a dismal out look for the days to come.


Good for you for listening and watching Fox News - they are great aren't they? (insert eye roll) - - the less educated you are, the likelihood of you being ok with flags like that. Regardless of who you voted for, I would never fly a "F*CK Trump" flag - - it just shows you how childish and classless you are as a human.


InFOXicated Rupert Murdoch most dangerous man in the world. Traitor TV. What I really don’t understand is how did Jerry Hall go from Mick Jagger to Rupert?? MAGA cult dangerous cult that will be studied for generations unless the kristi Noems of the future decide that’s the type of history we must not teach our children. By then we should have a department of book burning 🥵

Jolly Roger

Watching the January 6th hearings, I’m reminded that almost one in three Republicans believe “true American patriots may have to resort to violence in order to save our country.”

And as the Trump Administration’s insiders parade across our TV screens, we now see how this justification of violence led to Trump’s violent insurrection on January 6.

And still a majority of Republicans believe the Big Lie that the 2020 election was stolen.

This is the new “Party of Lincoln.”

But now instead of defending our democracy from traitors, they are defending the traitors.

Are you “OK” with this Voice? All your fellow Trumpsters surely are.


Free speech, right Steve? Same free speech that gives you the right to pen a letter to this forum, you see it's for everyone, not just a select few democrats that get to determine what we all say. And Steve, were you appalled by the talk of democrat Chuck Schumer when he stood on the steps of the supreme court building and said - "I want to tell you, Gorsuch, I want to tell you, Kavanaugh, you have released the whirlwind, and you will pay the price. You won’t know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions." Sounds like an open threat to supreme court justices. Are you appalled that the democrats use racist name calling of a sitting supreme court justice Clarence Thomas an "Uncle Tom"? Did seeing those naughty words bother you Steve? My guess is you have watched a TV show or two or a movie or two and listened to the swear word spewing Hollywood elite actors rain down swear word after swear word, same TV shows and movies our kids watch, do you write Hollywood and complain about that? What about all these new books being put into school libraries that talk about sexual preferences and things like that, are you writing to all these schools that are pushing that kind of language in front of our children to read? Are you writing letters to the democrats that continue to push to have grown men that "identify" as a women be in the same bathroom and locker room as our little girls and women? Your true colors sure came out, it isn't the words so much as it is who it is against. You see, Trump isn't president any longer, so not sure why you made your letter about him and all the "awful" things he did. You needn't worry Steve, the democrats are spending every waking hour still trying to drag Trump through the mud, maybe if you and the rest of the democrats would spend just a little bit of your Trump hating time worrying about the state of our current country and not on some things that happened over 19 months ago, remember the recession we are in, the ever increasing inflation we are under, the crime waves, the chaos, the whole country being a total mess, maybe, just maybe we could try to make things better for everyone here in our grand old country, instead of continuing down this path of total destruction the democrats are taking us in.


@ VoiceforFew.......It`s called having tact and class. Of which you and the three stooges on here and the flag flier have NONE! Hide behind the 1st Amendment all you want do you think ZI want my 6 year old to ask what that F word means?? You never thought of that did you? That is because you and your cronies are ignorant! It is unbelievable people like you and your cronies can vote. Congress should come up with a Psychological test for all voters. You can`t see the forest through the trees you poor bitter, miserable person!

Jon Wick

Mr. Anderson, I also saw the display that you referenced in your letter. I believe that person was simply voicing their opinion just as you have in your letter. However, in typical liberal tradition you were offended. Offended that someone dare have an opinion that you do not approve of. Therefore, fully believing in your own moral superiority, you proceed to scold this person and “suggest that the individual(s) responsible reexamine their allegiances and support.” Liberals like you are just fundamentally intolerant and too narrow-minded to understand any opposing points of view. Liberals used to be advocates of free speech. Now, they are advocates of safe spaces, because they can't handle anyone disagreeing with them.


This is not a matter of "FREE Speech" - - this is a matter of someone having NO CLASS, and super childish. Honestly, these "flags/bumper sticks" you all so proudly fly show how bad of a human you all have become. Can you even imagine having a "F*CK Bush" Flag? or a "F*CK Clinton" Flag - - it used to be unheard of. But classless president Trump made all of this OK. Which it is NOT ok. No matter the party.


Why are you putting down a person for there personal opinion? You are no better than the folks you are calling "Trumpsters" your just "Bidenites" let it go already. How about this, you start by showing us nondemocrats all the out standing and wondeful things the current guy is doing for us. Im sure you must have something to brag about. 81 million people in this country would sure like to hear all the positive things coming out of the oval office. Tell us again how much better off we are now under this guy than we were when Trumb was in office. Tell us how inflation is going to make us better. Remind us again what affordability is. Lets hear it guys, how are we better off?


Notice that none of the comments from the folks pushing back on Mr. Anderson’s letter will touch the following reference with a 10 foot pole:

“He [Trump] almost single-handedly destroyed our republic by perpetuating lies about a stolen election, instigated an insurrection, dishonored the respected tradition of the peaceful transition of power and disgraced our great country by those and current actions.”

(Perhaps there’s really nothing they can say?)

Jolly Roger

Yes, they’d rather complain about inflation.

Jolly Roger

Or defend crude obscenities as “free-speech.”

Larry Skow

Jolly Rodgers: Are you happy with Inflation/current state of southern border(appears DC Mayor is unhappy with flood of Biden's Illegals)? Are you happy with the wasted money going into Ukraine--when that could of been avoided with strong leadership. More money wasted in Ukraine so far then in 5 years in Iraq! Jolly Rodger look around--your ship has leaks in it. But the man or whoever lives there does have a right to voice his/her opinion. Just as you do. All flag poles in USA should be flying the flag upside down in my opinion. Now I for one am thrilled price of oil is good and going to go higher--just a getting every barrel of crude out of the ground every day.

Jolly Roger

I’m happy the truth about the attempted coup fomented by Trump and his Republican enablers is being revealed.

And I’m hopeful this will help prevent it from ever being attempted again.

At the very least History will know the Truth.

Everything else is secondary to me. Even if I were to accept your spin on things.

Which I don’t.

PS Like you, I’m glad to see the rocketing price of oil. It will spur the development of renewables and the slow transition away from petrochemicals. And if you can pause in your celebration of your oil profits, I’d be interested in your defense of Trump and his Insurrection.


Wow, complain about inflation? Yeah, that seems a lot less important than a dirty word, doesn't it? You'd rather spend all your time on Trump, not president now for 19 months, and writing letters about a dirty word than do one blooming thing to fix the total and complete destruction of our nation by your party. Does this make any sense to any of you? Once again, you get your feelings hurt by a flag disparaging your great leader, and just like Trump did, he hurt your feelings with some mean tweets and exposing you all as frauds, and you spend all your time saying how awful this is. How awful is your economy? How awful is the crime in this country? How awful is illegal immigration? How awful is our education system? You all need to get over your feelings being hurt, grow up, and start worrying about and doing something about your parties complete destruction of this country. But you won't, you want complete destruction, you want America in chaos, there can be no other reason. Hope I wasn't too mean to you.


I love it when SoDakD brings up perpetual lies, are you talking about the Russia collusion that the democrats pushed for 5 years and then once it was proven to be all lies it just somehow all went away? Is it those 5 years worth of lies SoDakD? And you are all so weak, you think our government was going to be "taken" down by a few hundred people "storming" the capital building, as if taking over the capital building destroys our government. Again, so much overreaction to all of this, a nation coming to it's knees with inflation and crime and illegal immigration, and all the democrats talk about is Jan. 6th. You've ruined our economy, you've ruined our school systems, you've ruined what is left of the family system in our nation, you've destroyed peoples lives and businesses, you've taken peoples freedoms, but it's Jan. 6th that is destroying our nation? One event, 19 months ago, and only a few core democrats that care about it. The single parents, the low income, the elderly, the hard working people that have to take second jobs to pay their gas and electric and food bills trying to eek out a living in your recession plague country, ask them if they care about Jan. 6th, ask them if they care there is more made for TV shows being put on by the democrats. They don't, and poll after poll after poll shows this is the case, but just look at all the reply's on this forum, Trump, Trump, Trump, Jan. 6th, Jan. 6th Jan. 6th. I for one am glad to see you all talking about it, it just proves day in and day out how out of touch the democratic party is with 90% of the country. Keep it up, more focus on Trump means more republican votes, so thanks democrats.


What we find appalling is how the dems follow the pied pipers of msm. We don't get to discuss the evidence and proof that continues to mount in favor of the "Steal" because you refuse to look into it. Instead, every argument posed is countered with a blanket clause: "that's what CNN, MSNBC, etc. etc. have to say"

Until I get someone to examine the facts with me, there's little left to say. Sadly, the overwhelming body of evidence could kick you between your legs and you'd still claim it's all just a big lie.


Abe, how do you explain that Trump lost 60 lawsuits trying to prove his Big Lie?

And why are his administration’s Republicans testifying under oath against his Big Lie?

At least you’re bolder than the rest when you talk about “mounting evidence.”

So please share it with us.

Or is this just another one of your, “Just you wait, you’ll be sorry!”


They are part of the swamp Trump was talking about. They are just trying to save there own job by turning on anyone. You sure dont hear anyone talking about the movie"2,000 Mules"


🟥🟥🟥 Abe, ALL of Trump's inside people tell us the 2020 election was free and fair. And Joe Biden won.

The way to resolve questions about vote fairness is through the courts. And when Trump refused to believe what ALL of his staff and his appointees told him, he turned to the courts.

And lost 64 lawsuits.

So, Abe:

Just search on the words ”Lost not Stolen.” This will direct you to FOX NEWS‼️

Here you will learn that: “Prominent conservatives say the election was lost, not stolen. The group looked at all 64 of the Trump campaign's claims of fraud in six key states and concluded there was no substantial evidence of fraud.”

It’s time for you sore losers to abandon Trump’s BIG LIE.

If FOX is starting to face up to the truth. So can you, Big Fella.

Or are you again telling us, “Just you wait. You’ll be sorry!”?


I still notice that although half of Mr. Anderson’s post is about Trump's failed coup, none of the comments from you folks pushing back on Mr. Anderson’s letter will touch it with a 10 foot pole.

Inflation continues to trump Trump's insurrection.

There’s really nothing you can say about your leader's violent attack on our Democracy. Is there?

You’d rather focus on the freedom of speech which allows the use of naughty words. (Even though no one is contesting that right.)

Straw men are easy to argue with.

It’s more difficult to defend traitors. Ain’t it, fellas?


Voice, you keep saying that Trump isn’t President. So what?

He attempted a violent coup when he lost the election, using his Big Lie that almost all Republicans still believe.

And he is poised to be Republicans’ Presidential choice in 2024.

The uniform silence on this reality from you Trumpsters shows this threat can be repeated.

You can’t defend him, so you ignore this.


Voice you clearly don’t understand the coup mechanics.

The Trump plot was not that “taking over the capitol building destroys our government.”

Instead the violence was supposed to halt the certification of the 2020 vote so all those recently subpoenaed fake and illegal Trump electors could be substituted for Biden’s electors.

That’s how the coup was intended to overthrow our democracy and “destroy our government” by preventing the transfer of power to Biden after a free and fair election.

And you might watch the hearing this evening to see what Trump was doing during those 187 minute that the violence unfolded.

In June 2020 Trump called out the military and deployed flashbangs and pepper gas to disperse a nonviolent protest in Lafayette Square for his Bible photo opp.

But on January 6th he never picked up the phone once as blood was spilled and people died at his Capitol Insurrection.

Pense finally was the one who had to do it.

Got it?


And Pence knew that the Secret Service was supposed to whisk him away from Trump’s mob who were out to hang him.

That would have accomplished Trump's plot to halt the certification of the votes and bring in the fake slate of electors that had been prepared in secret and substitute them for Biden electors.

To Pence’s lasting credit he foiled his boss’s coup plot by refusing to get into the Secret Service car that was sent for him.

And by rare “COINCIDENCE” it’s the Secret Service text records for this day that are mysteriously missing. 😏🤭

So you see, Voice, you’ve been missing a bit just watching FOX NEWS.


Look at all of these reply's, Trump Trump Trump, what a serious and disturbing infatuation you people have with this man. I am a supporter of Trump but I spend a fraction of my time thinking about him as you all do. Like I have said many time previously, if you and the democratic party would all just spend just a small percentage of your time and efforts on fixing the problems you have created in this country that you have spent on Trump in the last 19 months, maybe our country and it's citizens wouldn't be so bad off. But again, full steam ahead, keep on a digging into Trump, that's fine, I am really ok with it, most people are just focused on surviving this democratic infused recession anyways except you few that seem to be ok with our country going to pieces. Keep up the hard work, republicans will focus on bringing our economy out of recession, we will focus on shutting down the southern border to stop the millions of illegal aliens and illegal drugs and criminals from pouring into our country. We will focus on the fight for our children to get a good, ungroomed education. We will focus on lowering crime. You democrats keep all your efforts on Trump, keep talking about Jan. 6th, we'll handle the rest of the countries problems you all created and the additional ones you just keep on adding. Remember folks when you vote, did Jan. 6th make a bigger difference in your life or did the democrats recession matter more? Pretty simple question every voter should ask themselves.

Larry Skow

Fairy Dust and other nay sayers. 1. trump did not attempt a coup. 2. one needs to look at both sides of things. Which this kangaroo court is not doing. 3. Congress can investigate certain things. That is granted to them. But it is only for legislative purposes--not criminal. But this sham committe is not--nor will it look at what events lead up to this event. AOC her self has now stated the capitol police opened the doors. This secret service text message thing is sham. Secret service would not use texts to communicate. They have their own radio set up--ALL IS RECORDED AND STORED! Even if texts were used (highly unlikely) the congress committee can retrieve them. Texts are FOREVER. Yours/mine/all texts are out there to be retrieved. By the way what about Nancy Pelosi's texts--all of them leading up to 1-6--lets look at all. Why no forensic examination of one single Dominion voting machine? Put that theory to rest. Now then How about New York Governor yesterday inciting trouble at a rallye/Speech yesterday? She incited assignation attempt on GOP Canidate! One more item here--sort off record but relevant. NATO is now in charge of US Navy--yes indeed Norfolk Navy Base and Command has been transferred to NATO!

Larry Skow

For all you anti Trumper's. If you look around--find us a banner/signs from all these JOE/HO supporters. Why no banners/flags/bumper stickers claiming GO JOE YOU DOING BANG UP JOB! WE PROUD OF YOU JOE/HO--REPRESENT US WELL AND KEEP ON A GIVING AWAY OUR MONEY! Never see any democrat pushing JOE/HO and stunning achievements! Even Mexico's President knocking Joe/Ho. O by way look who has Covid--or is it a STD? Really don't look like vaccine/double booster does much on this scamdemic. Evan Dr. Death Fauci is back tracking on Vaccine. Any one remember how safe he claimed we would be? Come on think--it was right in time period Trump said the CCP Virus would run its course. Who was more right? What a SHAM/SCAM!


♦️♦️♦️ More of Larry’s usual misogyny (JOE/HO) and Covid disinformation. 🤷‍♀️


I think you’re right, Voice. For most voters, the economy is way more important than January 6th.

And the midterms seem likely to reflect this.

However, Voice, the wider sweep of History is much broader than the next election.

And those of us you castigate for focusing on Trump's coup would rather lose that election than our Democracy.

Which is why your apoplectic screeds on the economy with your lists of misinformation and dubious wedge issues keeps falling on deaf ears.

For when a tradition of free and fair elections is no longer guaranteed, a democracy dies. And if Trump's Big Lie and his violent coup goes uninvestigated and unpunished, it can happen again.

To many Americans this is far more important than inflation or the price of gas.

Which is why some of us care so much about an insurrection that Republicans still deny and call “legitimate political discourse,” as they try to hide it behind their list of grievances.

One bright spot is that even as low as Biden's polls are, he still narrowly beats Trump in a head to head match up.

This says to me that the 2024 presidential election is unlikely to find the American people wanting either man at the head of their party’s ticket.

So, ironically, I hope your Trump personality cult keeps its death grip on the Republican Party.

Trump’s involvement in the midterms already seems to be helping Democrats in key races where Trump’s candidates may be poised to snatch a Republican defeat from the jaws of victory.

(See Hershel Walker, Doug Mastriano, J. D. Vance, Dan Cox and others.)

Trump was the biggest vote-getter for the Democrats in 2020, and if he keeps his personality cult alive, he’ll be Democrats’ “gift that keeps on giving” in 2024.

And, Voice, in your words, I say “that's fine, I am really OK with it.”

So now let me thank you for your part in keeping the treasonous, lying Donald Trump forever tied to your cowardly, disgraced party.

How low the proud Party of Lincoln has fallen.


Just checking in, are any of you "appalled" democrats appalled at Nancy Pelosi's husband purchasing between $1 million and $5 million dollars of NVIDIA stock last week, NVIDIA by the way is an American semiconductor manufacturer. And he did this just days before his wife, democratic representative Nancy Pelosi, pushes a vote on spending billions of tax payers dollars, not congresses dollars but tax payers dollars, on investing in American companies making semiconductor chips. Don't get me wrong, I am all for investing in American companies, but why do all the democrats have to get rich first off of our money? Does this bother any of you? Now Nancy says her husband did not get any information from her, she has denied that and of course you will all believe her, but isn't it amazing how well old Paul does on his investments. Apparently Paul is one of the best investors in the world with a 76% return on all his investments. Can you imagine if all investors were able to get a 76% return, I know my investments don't get anywhere near that, it's actually in the single digits thanks to your recession, but old Paul somehow gets 76%. So, buy millions of dollars worth of stock just days before congress is set to vote on something he is investing in, wild stuff, right? I wonder if the democrats would do a made for TV special using tax payers dollars on Nancy's insider trading? I doubt it, after all, it is one of your own and hey, for a party that claims to be for the poor and low income people, why shouldn't ol' Nan and Paul keep getting richer and richer off their backs, you all hate capitalism anyways, oops, isn't that how Paul and Nan are getting rich, but hey, it's best not to talk about that.

Larry Skow

Fairy Dust: Just show or tell all about Joe/Ho marvelous triumphs of the administration they rubbing they running. Is it in the air tight border policy? How about the illegal drug importing policy? Great idea to run the OD numbers up. Get rid of few folks. Opens the job market up for the illegals. Go ahead O fairy tale teller--put the old democrat spin doctor story going. How about giving $80 billion in arms to the Taliban? Why don't you and the women libbers cry how mean Taliban is to women folk there? Or are you thrilled Biden/Ho let Putin invade Ukraine so you can send billions in aide over to them. Go ahead your story of Joe/Ho marvelous triumphs will thrill us all. i can feel the warm fuzzy stories you will spin for us.


Voice and Larry would rather talk about ANYTHING other than the treasonous violent coup that their man launched against the United States of America.

What a hierarchy of misplaced values. Imagine if Obama had done this.

However, as the evidence closes in around them, the perpetrators are slowly being brought to Justice.

We’ll be talking about this for some time to come. So keep your “cut and paste” diatribes handy, fellas.

And if the Repubs win the midterms, you’ll get your chance to make good ferreting out the countervailing evidence you tell us will exonerate your party. (Trot out the old Benghazi playbook.)

But even if Trump avoids prosecution, it looks like the fate of those around him will serve as a warning to future traitors.

The Party of Trump can’t hope to stop this until they can replace Merrick Garland with a cooperative Trumpster.


Well shoot SoDakD, you make it sound like Donald Trump was a bad president. It's funny hearing people talk about how good they had it under him as opposed to what we have had to endure with just 19 months under the democrats command. I think you are spinning things again because that's all you democrats have to do anymore is spin since you took the once great America and turned it into a clown show with your made for TV "hearings" and how you are running our country. It's funny watching these made for TV shows and seeing all the hate just spew from your democrats, I marvel at the impact this man has had on your party, it has really brought out your parties true colors, hate and discontent for America. Anyways, once your party decides it's not Donald Trump's fault or Putin's fault or oil executives fault or truckers fault or the citizens fault or Europe's fault or the police's fault or gun owners fault, or tax payers fault or Christian's fault, or parents fault, or the Supreme Court's fault or all the racists, all the bigots, all the news organizations, let's see who did I miss, I am sure so, so many, as soon as your party decides to stop blaming all these people for the complete and total destruction of our nation and grow up and start fixing just one of the problems you have created and spend maybe a few minutes a day less talking about Trump, maybe your party will start regaining a little respect, a little dignity, but until then, I will sit back and watch you keep digging, the polls are on my side SoDakD, your endless talk of Trump isn't going to save you. Isn't it something how all the things Trump said during the campaign about what would happen if Biden was elected are actually coming true, don't you find that remarkable? He knew it, republicans knew it, and now millions of voters know it as they are all seeing it happen to them day in and day out. Trump was right, your party has created a disaster, it's just too bad it took your party knocking our country back 50 years to prove that Trump was right about it all. Now pick up your feelings and do something about fixing the mess you have made, we are all watching, unfortunately we are going to have to wait until the republicans take over to actually do anything about all this.


I wonder if any of you democrats are "appalled" at what your presidents son, Hunter, has been doing with his life. Have any of you gone out and read or watched news stories on Hunter's laptop, i.e videos of weighing cocaine and arguing with prostitutes? How about his business dealings? How about his and his dad's business dealings? Just recently Hunter's Chinese company just "bought" a whole bunch of America's strategic oil reserves from Joe, go read about that, Hunter and Joe getting rich off of selling our oil to a Chinese company, appalling wouldn't you say? Please, if you want to see the true Biden family in action, go look up Hunter Biden and look at what they are finding on his laptop and what his business dealings are all about. Democrats don't want you to talk about it though, why else do you think they are keeping their focus on Trump and Jan. 6th, they think it's a distraction, they don't want anyone talking about the state of our country because it's such a mess and they don't want to talk about Joe's son Hunter. There's some pretty interesting things coming out, but you won't find them on CNN or MSNBC, they are too busy covering Jan. 6th, look elsewhere, many, many other outlets are reporting the same thing about "the smartest man I know" per Joe Biden, his son Hunter. Let me know if you find any of what Hunter is doing "appalling"?


🟥🟥🟥🟥 Voice, Larry sprung your recycled Hunter Biden misinformation on us just a few days ago. You really don’t read anything on this feed before you launch another of your lists, do you?

Your “misplaced outrage over Hunter Biden and U.S. oil reserves bought by China” is just more of your grievance misinformation.

If you put these very words into your search engine you’ll see why I don't give this misinformation much credence

But if Republicans get the House in the upcoming midterms you can be sure they’ll launch numerous investigations into Hunter (and his laptop, of course).

Personally I’d like to see Republicans exhaust themselves on this wild goose chase. It might limit the time they have to spend on more harmful projects.

So we may see what they can find.

I’m guessing they’ll do us a service by showing us there’s not much more for them to uncover than they found in their seven investigations of Benghazi or the recent “nothing burger” that resulted from the three year long Durham investigations of the FBI.


P.S. I love how SoDakD calls a recession and record high inflation and our country being ruined by their party a "list of grievances". To most American's our country is being destroyed and our lives are worst now than anyone can remember, but to the democrats it's just a "list of grievances", nothing more than that people, you are fine, it's all just made up by the republicans. Good grief, how out of touch can you be?


For decades the term "recession" has been described as two consecutive quarters of negative economic growth, our country's first quarter was negative, thanks to the liberal policies of the democrats that have been in charge now for 19 months, and now all economists are predicting that the second quarter will also be negative. So, in light of this news, Biden and the democrats are already out redefining what a "recession" is. Instead of facing the facts and that American's are suffering, this is what they are saying - "The White House is now seeking to redefine what constitutes a recession before the data release, which is likely to show two consecutive periods of shrinkage. In a new blog post, White House Council of Economic Advisers chair Cecilia Rouse and member Jared Bernstein argued the economy is nowhere near a downturn as defined by the NBER. "While some maintain that two consecutive quarters of falling real GDP constitute a recession, that is neither the official definition nor the way economists evaluate the state of the business cycle," they wrote, noting that a "holistic" approach takes into account the labor market, consumer and business spending, industrial production and incomes. "Based on these data, it is unlikely that the decline in GDP in the first quarter of this year — even if followed by another GDP decline in the second quarter — indicates a recession." - When does it stop? You are destroying our economy so you get to decide now what defines a recession? You and your policies are ruining this country, and all you can do is blame others and now you are changing the "rules" so you can't call it a recession, your party has zero shame, zero. You won't face up to what your policies are doing, our country gets worse and worse by the day, and this is your parties reaction? American's are suffering, we are paying double for almost everything we buy now, interest rates are climbing at record speeds, and the democrats answer, well we really aren't in a recession, because we get to change the rules since we are in charge (sound familiar, it's their go to now). So there you have it folks, what you are going through really isn't happening, your better off now, you have more money now, cost of everything have not gone up, there is no supply chain issue, BECAUSE THE DEMOCRATS SAID THIS ISN"T HAPPENING. This is insane.


Voice, you really don’t understand where I’m coming from do you? And if you don’t care, why do you spend so much time rebutting what I’m NOT saying?

To be sure, “Endless talk of Trump isn't going to save anything,” just as your endless list of dubious grievances won’t matter much in the end either.

What will matter is seeing the perpetrators of Trump’s violent insurrection brought to justice and legislation passed to help prevent a president from attempting a treasonous coup ever again.

This seems well under way, though the wheels of Justice - as always - turn very slowly. And even if Trump himself escapes accountability, it looks as though the Law will reach deep into his inner circle.

And this will send a message down through History that helping a President pull off a treasonous coup has serious consequences, even if the President himself remains (strangely) above the law.

As Ms. Fairy observed, imagine if Obama had done what Trump has done to overthrow a free and fair election. You’d have no trouble condemning that would you?

But you don’t even bother to deny what Trump has done.

Was the election rigged? (Your silence is deafening.)

Did Trump organize a coup? (No response here either.)

All we get is your endless lists of grievances.

So while you're looking to the next election to save you, I’m looking to the institutions of our American Experiment in government to save our Democracy.

And I’m enheartened to see it’s working

Jolly Roger

Voice writes, “…you make it sound like Donald Trump was a bad president.”

Well, duh…

How soon he forgets that Trump ignored a deadly pandemic, telling journalist Bob Woodward that he “downplayed” how deadly it was.

And then the economy collapsed as a result of his refusal to take the pandemic seriously.

If Trump had really been a good president why wasn’t he re-elected?

(Is this when Voice finally get the balls to tell us the election was rigged?)


As the revelations from inside the Trump White House look worse and worse, Trump’s true believers get more desperate.

First it was, “Nobody Cares!”

Then, “It doesn’t matter!”

Now it’s “Look at gas prices!”


Warren Jeffs cult has nothing on MAGA. Even while in prison and knowing what he did to all of those young girls they stood by him as their holy prophet. Trump is MAGA golden idol false god😞🇺🇸


Oh yes, and Mr. Ar223 tells us that all those testifying Republicans from the Trump Administration “are part of the swamp Trump was talking about.”

Really? Really, Mr. “Richie” Assault Rifle? Really? Trump hired every last one of them!

But anyone who can reference the thoroughly debunked "2,000 Mules" as proof will believe anything.

Talk about desperate.

Larry Skow

Fairy f@rt you still have not came back with anything relevant to prove your point. Not a single thing. Also you claimed I made false Covid claims. What Are They. Jolly Rodger you make claims Trump ignored the Pandemic and collapsed the economy. You are wrong. You/Fairy fa#t should meet in secret club house and read Fauci's latest and Dr. Brix--she now admits they blew the signs of pandemic--knew all the garbage they put forth was false narrative. Covid vaxx was known to not be a vaccine--which now Fauci himself is backtracking on "effectiveness". It is truly amazing how foolish/stupid the drinkers of this Kool-Aid are. Sad part their DNA walks among us. Jolly Rodgers/SoDarkD/Fairy Fa#t--all of you make remarks but none of you can back up your claims--none of you will answer direct questions when asked. So all of you fools must be happy with High crime rates/Bidenflation/High energy costs--which will go higher/Shortages of goods-materials/wasting money in Ukraine/Insider stock trading by congress/putting up with Pete Buttigieg's stupid comments about breast feeding his kids--and host of other idiocy moves. He will get right on the Vaseline shortage when that happens. / Putting up with LBGTQ recruiting your kids in wrong lifestyle/You have a V.P That slept her way to top of charts--has admitted so--where is female outrage at that? V.P. Harris has been cocked more times than John Wayne's gun! You all must be happy about USA and what is happening. USA is holding political prisoners--for simply voicing their discontent on a matter. Next ones could be YOU. It just some of us are not happy where USA is headed. SO FJB!


@ Larry Skow.......You sound like a parrot. Can`t come up with anything original? Your brain can`t handle it, so copy and paste on. Thank God you live in Colorado and not by me. I find you totally nauseating.

Larry Skow

Dump Trump: You are entitled to your opinion. But i glad I can twist knots in your panties (left hand twist I Hope). Now fairy dust tells me I am a misogamist. I am not like I said i like women. But in reality she and all others that back VP Harris sleeping her way to top are the true misogamist. By supporting that and LBGQT agenda they are destroying the progress women have made over last 100 years--not me. Now the left twisted folks have a SCOTUS judge that cannot define a WOMAN! I would bet all those that support the behavior of how Harris climbed the ladder on her knees--would if given the chance to be in Harris's place would drop their drawers in a heartbeat to climb the ladder. But at same time if they claim to support the transgender way. Put them in women's rest room and a guy in dress came into use rest room--they would all scramble and leave in Huff and cry "How dare he while I in There. Fairy Dust makes all these claims but can't back them up. Neither can you or any of the left group--all attempted bullying to quite opposition. We live in USA where all are entitled to free speech--but left wants to shut free thoughts down. See we speak our thoughts--we write our thoughts. i am sorry all of you on the left lack the ambition/drive to go out and make your life successful--thus always want some one else to pay for your higher education always on lookout for hand out or freebie and entitlements. But Good old Dump Trump--what are you going to do in 2024 if he runs again? I have no clue what he will do nor do I listen to the experts. But 1-6 committee Kangaroo court won't do a thing--nothing has come out of the one-sided event--but a big waste of time/money and will go absolutely nowhere. People are sick of the BS-- sick of hearing about covid/Biden prattling on/sick of the wasted money to Ukraine/Ex-Prince Harry and his Douche bag wife telling USA citizens what we doing wrong./sick of hearing about all these entitlements. It is time for a change all right. Democrats are one trying to destroy the Republic of USA. Look at all the freedoms they wanting to take away. Look at the XO's Biden has signed. Started first day. Cut the XL pipeline took good jobs and cheap energy away from you. Then begs dictators for cheap oil He was part of cutting coal as VP. Took cheap electricity away and good jobs. Now GM/Ford are moving EV manufacturing to Mexico--yea there a educated workforce. High Crime rate is taking freedoms away--lot of ways to take freedoms away and Democrats are doing it. So Dump Trump and all the left--i hope I put a few more knots in your shorts. I could simply care less--maybe someday with enough twists in the shorts you fall over from lack of blood circulating. If you mad after reading this--standby I can turn it up few more notches and infuriate you more.


Larry , you science deniers can play the COVID odds as you see them, according to your favorite anti-vax web sites.

I’ve long abandoned any illusion that we’ll ever reach herd immunity in America with so many of you “flat earth” folks still refusing the science. No wonder we’re well above a million dead and still counting…

Fortunately it’s mostly you unvaccinated people who are dying.

We’re culling the herd. Removing the stupidest specimens from the human genome.

Mayo Clinic is one of many sources I trust. Their website says:

“...among the unvaccinated with this [latest] variant [BA.5], they're about fivefold more likely to get infected than people who have been vaccinated and boosted, about 7½ times more likely to be hospitalized, and about 14 to 15 times more likely to die if they get infected."

Good luck, 🧁‼️


@ Larry Skow.....I quote you as writing: "Democrats are trying to destroy the Republic of USA. Look at all the freedoms they wanting to take away."

Please do tell me WHAT freedoms Democrats are taking away. be specific and high crime doesn`t take freedoms away so that doesn`t count. PLEASE do name what freedoms Democrats are taking away.

Also, you claim that Democrats are destroying our Republic. By enabling rights for ALL Americans regardless of creed, religion, sexual orientation? How does a transgender person affect you? Or LGBTQ people? THEY DON`T affect you in any way, shape or form. It is just something for you to constantly complain about. You have been inundated with fear tactics by the Republican GOP. OMG, a LGBTQ person!! Oh my !!! The world is ending !!! They are destroying us!!!.......This is what you sound like and it`s ridiculous! Grow up!

And Republicans are destroying our Democracy, so what`s your point?? I know you think the USA is only a Republic, but you are wrong! It is both a Democracy AND a Republic. I think you just like to call it a Republic because of the term Republican, well, Democrats are part of Gov`t so include Democracy in your speeches on here while you`re at it Comrade!

And no, you do NOT anger me at all. In fact, you are pretty entertaining, but it`s in a way that can`t be printed here. So tie your own panties in a knot, you`re the one writing a book on here.


@ Larry Skow...........Correction: I meant to write discrimination based on race, gender, age, religion, disability, or sexual orientation, as well as other categories.


@ Larry Skow.......Just as I suspected all along. You cannot specify what "rights" Democrats are supposedly taking away. You surely would have answered me by now. You can`t back up your claims. LOL. Like any good republican who`s brain was awrped by the orange cheeto, you let him do your thinking.


Larry, you, Voice and Abe love to whine about the reality distortions of CNN, CBS MSN, etc. etc.

But did you know that FoxNews now tells us the 2020 election was NOT stolen. Just search on the words ”Lost not Stolen Fox News.”

Biden IS the legitimate elected President‼️

Worse, for you guys who tell us “Nobody cares about the January 6 insurrection,” FoxNews owner, Rupert Murdock’s two publications, the New York Post and the Wall Street Journal have published editorials saying:

“It’s up to the Justice Department to decide if this is a crime. But as a matter of principle, as a matter of character, Trump has proven himself unworthy to be this country’s chief executive again.”

Guess “somebody cares” after all!

Or are you with Ar223 thinking Rupert Murdock and his media must have joined the “Deep State”?

Now let’s see if you can pause your baseless “sl*ut shaming” long enough to “come back with anything relevant to prove your point”


Larry tells us: “…I am not [a misogamist (sic.)], like I said, I like women.”

What clueless misogyny. A pedephile might well defend themselves by saying “I like children.” (Well, I guess that settles it.) 😏🙄

Congratulations, Larry, you've successfully straddled two extremes. You’re hilarious and pathetic at the same time.

Let me be the first to welcome you to the 21st century, old man…

Mr. T

Larry, all your intolerant beliefs about sexual politics are grounded in your mistaken belief that LGTBQ folks are not “natural.”

But you might consider this: That’s not really what Mother Nature herself tells us.

Yet at the heart of the Christian theological (and now political/legal) justification for the suppression of LGTBQ rights lies this familiar anti-science myth.

And yet from at least the early 1800’s to the present, scientists have documented frequent sexual behaviours among animals that vary widely from a supposed heterosexual “norm.”

So before you spout this misinformation one more time, please put “animal homosexuality” into your search engine.

You may be surprised to find multiple sources debunking this favorite superstition in articles from sources as varied as Pet.org, National Geographic and Scientific American.

If you can bear to leave Fox for a moment to check out an MSM source, search on “Q*ueer Animals Are Everywhere” for a comprehensive overview of this reality. (Leave out the “*” in Q*ueer which is necessary to get past the squeamish Press & Dakotan censorship software.)

I recognize this is unlikely to change your firmly held prejudice, but I’ll be glad to remind you of your misunderstanding the next time you spout this nonsense as if it were an obvious and widely accepted fact.

Your prejudice is actually not based in scientific fact at all. Instead, it’s simply a wide spread religious belief of a particular faith group justified only by their particular interpretation of their particular Bible.

In the early 1600’s the Church had the political power to suppress the science after Galileo noticed the sun did not revolve around the earth.

It came way too late for poor Galileo, but some 200 years later the Church lifted the ban on Galileo's discovery.

But that was long after it was common knowledge among the rest of the world’s population that the Earth was not the center of the solar system.

Now in our own time, fundamentalist Christians have once again - for the moment - grasped the political power to force their anti-science theology on the rest of us.

It may take a while, but I suspect science will outlast faith once again.

Hopefully, this time it won’t take 200 years.






Larry, Voice and fellow Conservatives opening and defending on this forum,

Thank you for your continued efforts to bring understanding to a bunch of morons. It is way too ridiculous for me to continue, and I applaud your gumption in doing so despite the incessant mockery. Honestly, how can we take any of them seriously when all they have for their arguments is their own echo chamber of fake news. Jan. 6th Committee is a total farce, climate "science" is perpetually debunked, covid and the vax are proving to be the greatest hoax in world history... I could go on for days. Unfortunately for them, the leftards will jeer, "Our sources are superior!" and ignore the tons of independent researchers and journalists who truly present their unbiased facts and opinions.

When it gets this bad we need to cut our losses and allow them to disappear by their own willfull ignorance.

Jolly Roger

Are you kidding, Abe? You’re taking your ball and going home? Really?

You left us three times already. And you always come back.

This routine is becoming as familiar as: “Just you wait! You’ll be sorry!”

See you soon, Bucko!


@ Abe..............Majority rules!! And GOOD RIDDENS !!!




Abe, may I suggest that one way to avoid being ridiculed is to stop being ridiculous.

You might consider this before your inevitable return to this forum.


Is this most recent “quit” by Abe, our supreme conspiracy theorist, indicative of the betrayal Trumpsters must feel as Fox tells them the election WASN'T stolen? Maybe.

And after the revelations of the January 6th Committee hearings (you know the one “nobody cares about”), now Rupert Murdock’s New York Post and WSJ editorials pronounce their man, Trump “unworthy to be this country’s chief executive again.”

Buck up, fellas, there’s always NEWSMAX, ready to give you a conspiracy “fix.”


There are a lot more choices than NEWSMAX.

Put “Conservative News Daily” in your search engine for a curated list of the most rightwing “news” outlets.

I like to peruse their headlines to anticipate the next cockamamie right wing conspiracy, before I go to Snopes.com for a reality check.

♦️And there are other good fact check sites I use, like 1️⃣AFP Fact Check! 2️⃣FactCheck.org 3️⃣FactCheckEd.org4️⃣Fact Checker (The Washington Post) 5️⃣PolitiFact, and 6️⃣RealClearPolitics's Fact Check Review

Sadly - despite what many might think - Voice, Abe and Larry aren’t making their sh*it up. They have a lot of company out there.

But maybe these sources of fantasy, fiction and fact will improve the quality of our discussions on this forum.


Oh, and for the truth about Covid, I like the reputable hospitals like Mayo Clinic (mayoclinic.org) & Johns Hopkins (hopkinsmedicine.org)

I find them much more reliable than Abe’s websites which alway seem to be asking for donations or hawking dubious health supplements and bogus Covid cures like Ivermectin.

Gimmy A. Breake

Battle Hymn of the Republic(ans)⬇️

“Political Discourse” means blood on the stairs.

But it’s really no biggie ‘cause “Nobody Cares.”

People didn’t vote the way that they should’ve.

(We DID almost stop them. We really could’ve.)

But the law doesn’t matter, we had to decide.

The Republic may die, but God’s on our side.

And so are the Repubs in every red state

who’s loyalty to party leaves our future to fate…

🙈🙉 We dedicate this doggerel to Voice, Abe and Larry,

with their alternative facts to fool the unwary. 🙈🙉



Not a Shakespearean sonnet. But it hones in on the Truth‼️

Jon Wick

Abe, I appreciate your call to the conservatives on this board and understand why you feel the way you do. However, I would encourage you to consider an alternative. Continue to post but, don’t continue to directly engage any of the liberals here. It is a waste of time. It’s more important that your views be presented than being silent.

Liberals are overwhelmingly either atheists, agnostics, people who don’t take their religious beliefs very seriously, or people who have allowed their ideology to completely subvert their religious beliefs. Just look at the leftist individuals on this board as an example. As it pertains to faith, morality, or even the question of right/wrong the left wants there to be no objective truth. They can’t have a definable good or bad, right or wrong, for the rest of their worldview to hold up to logical thought.

Liberals often misunderstand what Christians really believe and they don’t really care to find out because they are relativists that hate Christians because Christians believe in absolute truth. Additionally, they always see Christians as trying to impose their religion on them when in reality, it is these very same liberals who have used the courts and government to impose their secular humanism religion on all the rest of us. Remember, at least for now, we still live a country that honors freedom of religion, not freedom from religion which is the liberals end goal.

Therefore, drawing attention to their blatant hypocrisy is pointless. Liberals truly believe they're vastly superior human beings, not because of anything they've actually done, but just because they're liberal. Therefore, when you separate self-image from behavior, it produces terrible results.

My experience here has taught me that no matter how plausible or factual what you say may be, it will be either ignored or flippantly dismissed. This intolerant close-mindedness is what makes liberals impervious to any information or school of thought that might challenge their beliefs.

As conservatives, we waste far too much time presenting evidence of the obvious in attempt to convince these people of things that they will never accept anyway. The left doesn’t want discussion or compromise, they just want silence and submission. They have been conditioned/trained to conform, not to think critically or independently. For them, it is much easier to ignore the evidence and then accuse the other side of being crackpots or bigots, Etc. Etc. than it is to engage in any form of self-reflection. Just look at their posts on this very board to see my point.

So, to all the conservatives here, I encourage you to keep posting, don’t let your opinions and beliefs be silenced because that is the liberal’s desire. But don’t directly engage the leftists any longer either, this is futile. In the words of Mark Twain: “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience”.


@ Abe......Do you people ever get it right?? I`m a liberal but I`m also a Christian who goes to church every week. I cannot support the GOP or their voters because the HYPOCRISY is mind boggling. I honestly don`t think Jesus approves of either party right now, but the Democratic party is the lesser of the two evils.

I simply cannot support the constant lies, conspiracy garbage and untruths in which simple minded folks can`t help but think it`s true. At least Democrats want to help the people, and support basic human rights. I do not see that coming from the GOP. I`m sorry but the GOP of today is NOTHING like it was when Reagan was president, it has steadily gone downhill and Trump exposed the GOP for what they really are. They are only for THEMSELVES and hungry for power. When you have people like Lauren Boebert, Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene representing their districts in congress, it`s pretty bad. The new face of the GOP. Instill fear into voters, Make up conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory. It`s getting OLD. You allowed Trump to actually insult you, he loves the uneducated.

Stop listening to Hannity and Tucker Carlson. Two twits who are simply airing their OPINIONS. They aren`t news anchormen. But the simple minded cling on to every word they say and it`s pathetic! Form your own opinions. I`m not a huge Biden fan, but he`s 100 times better than Trump ever thought of being.

Trump reminds me of Hitler. he acted like a dictator while in office and threw temper tantrums when he didn`t get his own way. Thank God our system of Gov`t doesn`t give the president full power over the people. Hitler fooled the people of Germany just like Trump fooled his supporters. Trump has an insatiable need to be admired because he is a narcissist. I couldn`t watch the man on TV, his arrogance is such a turn off . too bad you people don`t see it. WHO like a pompous A**??


You mean liberals are educated and have critical thinking skills? There, I fixed it for you. Education will draw you away from the church and your book about fake stories. The same book that believe that life begins at FRIST BREATH. Education will draw you away from your so-called "Christian" religion. I know a good Catholic/Christian down the street. Always goes to Church, enrolls his kids in the catholic school - votes republican because "I'm pro-life" - hates gays. And yet outside of what you don't see...he's having extramarital affairs and so is his wife. So much for the sanctity of marriage. This is how you Republican Christians operate. It's astounding how hypocritical you all are.


♦️♦️ Have to agree with your, Mr. Wick. You’re spot on when you encourage Able, saying, “It’s more important that your views be presented than being silent.”

Abe’s been telling us forever, “Just you wait. You’ll be sorry.” Already 1,052,000 Americans have died from Covid, but his prophecy seems a bit slow in arriving. No wonder he wants to leave us.

Remember? Last August Mr. Abe shared his unique vision. And we’re still waiting. So I’d hate to see him go now.

Remember? Do you agree with his prophecies, Mr. Wick? ⬇️

Abe, Aug 2, 2021 10:25pm

1️⃣ “The shots are not intended to cure or prevent covid. The shots will continue to cause more deaths than covid.”

2️⃣ “You took the jab. It will get into every cell of your body. You cannot get rid of the graphene. It was meant to depopulate. It's not medicine, its poison. Stop calling it vaccine!”

3️⃣ Across the United States, hospitals have been transformed into murder factories where people are falsely “diagnosed” with covid via a fraudulent PCR test, then put on miscalibrated, made-in-China ventilators that blow out their lungs and kill them.”

4️⃣ Safe and effective medical interventions that actually save lives among covid victims - such as ivermectin - are being suppressed.

Then Abe went on to invoke the scholarship of Dr. Tenpenny, an osteopath (strangely enough, NOT a virologist or epidemiologist) who believes the entertaining notion that the Covid vaccines magnetize people and connect them with cellphone towers.

(Be sure to check out her website and buy one of her books, or sign up for membership at $35 a month.)

I share your respect for the First Amendment, Mr. Wick. In America, even fools have the right to be heard.

Meanwhile the rest of us can’t help but notice that the unvaccinated are 15 times more likely to die if they catch Covid than those of us who follow the science.

So again , do you agree with Abe’s

prophecies, Mr. Wick?


I have to agree with you, Mr. Wick. You’re spot on when you encourage Able, saying, “It’s more important that your views be presented than being silent.”

Abe’s been telling us forever, “Just you wait. You’ll be sorry.” Already 1,052,000 Americans have died from Covid, but his prophecy seems a bit slow in arriving. No wonder he wants to leave us.

Remember? Last August Mr. Abe shared his unique vision. And we’re still waiting. So I’d hate to see him go now.


Do you agree with his prophecies, Mr. Wick? ⬇️

Abe, Aug 2, 2021 10:25pm

1️⃣ “The shots are not intended to cure or prevent covid. The shots will continue to cause more deaths than covid.”

2️⃣ “You took the jab. It will get into every cell of your body. You cannot get rid of the graphene. It was meant to depopulate. It's not medicine, its poison. Stop calling it vaccine!”

3️⃣ Across the United States, hospitals have been transformed into murder factories where people are falsely “diagnosed” with covid via a fraudulent PCR test, then put on miscalibrated, made-in-China ventilators that blow out their lungs and kill them.”

4️⃣ Safe and effective medical interventions that actually save lives among covid victims - such as ivermectin - are being suppressed.

Then Abe went on to invoke the scholarship of Dr. Tenpenny, an osteopath (strangely enough, NOT a virologist or epidemiologist) who believes the entertaining notion that the Covid vaccines magnetize people and connect them with cellphone towers.

(Be sure to check out her website and buy one of her books, or sign up for membership at $35 a month.)

I share your respect for the First Amendment, Mr. Wick. In America, even fools have the right to be heard.

Meanwhile the rest of us can’t help but notice that the unvaccinated are 15 times more likely to die if they catch Covid than those of us who follow the science.

So again , do you agree with Abe’s prophecies, Mr. Wick?


🟥Sorry for the double post🟥

Mr. Wick, you write, “as conservatives, we waste far too much time presenting evidence of the obvious in an attempt to convince these people of things that they will never accept anyway.”

But I haven’t seen any evidence. Obvious or otherwise.

There’s nothing to reject. Not for any of the prophecies Abe has made.

Abe has actually NEVER presented any evidence for his opinions. Do YOU have something to contribute besides websites hawking Ivermectin and expensive supplements?

You’ve made credible arguments in the past. Can you make one in support of Mr. Abe?

Or at least encourage him to make a better case for his ridiculous prognostications.

If you're going to abandon dialogue with liberals as hopeless, you may as well at least try first to make your exasperation credible.

PS Are you vaccinated?


I wonder if the current (albeit temporary, no doubt) SILENCE from our rightwing friends has anything to do with Rupert Murdoch’s FoxNews, the New York Post and the Wall Street Journal all beginning to abandon Trump, in the wake of the January 6th Commision’s revelations.

I guess Rupert’s wise to pivot his media empire away from an alliance with yesterday’s aging politician. Especially one who’s still stuck in the past (the election was stolen!!).

Besides, Trump may be in jail when the 2024 election rolls around.

So if Old Man Murdoch is through with the Donald, the politics get interesting, don’t they? (I can just imagine the chants at Democratic rallies, “Lock him up! Lock him up!” )

What do you think, Voice, Abe and Larry?


Whoa.. I see what you mean.

Fox didn’t even carry Trump's speech in DC today.


Probably Fox is just playing both sides against the middle until Rupert Murdoch can see which way the wind blows.

But it does seem to be confusing the h*ell out of Voice, Abe and Larry. The three of them have never been so silent for so long.

Remember that Murdoch talked trash about Trump before flipping 180 degrees after Trump won the loyalty of his FoxNews viewership. So as soon as Rupert believes Trump is history, he’ll drop him like a hot potato.

Then he’ll take up a new champion. (Ron DeSantis?)

Meanwhile, Rupert still really hasn’t done much to alienate his Trumpster base gravy train. Any admissions that Trump lost the 2020 election or concerns over the revelations of the January 6th Commission expressed by their “News Presenters” get very fleeting coverage before getting buried at the end of the Fox website.

And the editorials in the New York Post and the Wall Street Journal don’t really mean much against the tide of “Trump Love” 🥰😘 from Fox and Friends and Tucker Carlson. Most of their fans don’t read either publication, and many don’t even know who Rupert Murdoch is.

Now when Laura Ingraham and Sean Hannity start throwing shade at poor Donny then you’ll know the tide has shifted.


Holy cow you libs have been very busy the past few days. Funny, I see a lot of name calling, Hitler talk, blaming, blah blah blah, funny though, don't see much talk from you all on the economy? Where are all your words of wisdom on how good our economy is doing? Where is all your smart mouth responses to how things are going for the average American citizen, the low income, the fixed income, the single mom's, the single dad's, the parents trying to raise a family, the elderly, heck, just the average worker with a good paying job just getting by now a days? You go on and on and and on and on and on about ................ nothing. Keep it up, republicans, independents, and nay I say even many democrats are turning the page, you all just stay in the back and out of our way, someone has to run this country, it isn't going to be any of you "intelligent" people that know everything there is to know (or whatever the democrats are making up and telling you to say) about Jan. 6th, yet you know nothing, zero, about how to run a country, and it shows, just look at the last 19 months under democratic control, total and complete chaos, one failure after the next, day after day, week after week and month after month, failure. But you go on and on about Jan. 6th, country being overthrown, blah blah blah, good keep up the blah, blah, blah, I understand you have nothing to talk about that is good, nothing your party or great leader has done to make one thing better for anyone, so you have to blah blah blah. Anyways, recession, inflation, record crime, record illegal immigration, record drug overdoses, failed economy, failed country, failed leadership, failed foreign policy, I know, just a list of grievances, right SoDakD, wrong, a list of things destroying our country under democratic control.


Oh, hi, Voice, I was starting to worry about you.

I know you think “ nobody cares” about January 6, so can you give us any insight on why Rupert Murdoch‘s empire suddenly seems to care about January 6th?

So much so that we get two editorials declaring Trump unfit for office because of what he did on January 6th?


America has been through plenty of hard times. Wars the Great Depression the Great Recession. We have never had a grifter traitor extraordinary. Russia was the enemy white supremacists were immoral, now we’ve seen them planning government coupe with the White House. The whole world has seen it 🇺🇸🤔😞


@ VoiceforFew.........The economy is STRONG, hello?? You poor simpleton with no critical thinking skills! Yes, Inflation is high and that is ALL you are focused on! You have nothing else except a tidbit here and there that mean absolutely NOTHING. I would rather pay higher prices to preserve our American way of life than to have the GOP ruin everything. Besides inflation ALWAYS corrects itself. It`s post-COVID, what do you expect ?? Yeah, Trump was lucky and got out just in time before inflation hit post-COVID. So it was the timing, not Biden. Buy you simpletons would justify these prices if Trump were still in office. I`m simply calling you out.

Voiceforfew, that is 90% of what you complain about on here, but you aren`t smart enough to know that the economy is actually going strong right now, but like any good Trumpkin, you add "economy" in with inflation.....two TOTALLY different things. I wouldn`t trust the clowns of the GOP to run a gas station let alone the Gov`t. You prove your ignorance daily on here. Bravo !!


Glad to be back SoDakD. So, if things are so great, and your democratic leaders are doing the "right" things in Washington for our country and the citizens why then do we see headlines like this that are out today - "New CNN poll shows 75% of Dems don’t want Biden to run for reelection: 'Promised the moon,' now ‘frustrated’". - So, keeping your parties focus on Jan. 6th, your constant focus on Donald Trump, and people within your own party, 75%, 3 out of every 4 democrats, don't want Biden to run again. Isn't he the party leader? Isn't he the one making all the policies and decisions? Isn't he the one that guides your party down the path of choices they make? And 3 out of 4 democrats, for some reason or the other, don't want him to run? Do you think your focus on Trump and Jan. 6th is really what your party should be focused on? I for one am glad you are, with each and every poll Biden's approval drops, his disapproval rises, more democrats don't want him to run, more democrats don't like the path the country is on, and all we hear about is Jan. 6th and how awful Donald Trump was. Anyways, glad to be back, keep your focus on anything other than the economy, immigration, crime, foreign policy and freedom, I sure hope you finally "nail" someone over all your wasted time and my money, I'm sure our country will just pop right back into everything being just fine once you do, all our troubles will go away, and you can find something else besides the Russia collusion and Jan. 6th to spend your time on, which by the way your party has spent over 7 years on these two subjects, nothing came from the Russia collusion and nothing will come from Jan. 6th, 7 years of wasted time and taxpayers money, and in the meantime our country and it's citizens suffer more and more and more under democratic policies, well done.

Mr. T

Voice, the question SoDakD has been asking is a reasonable one. I can speculate why you don’t answer; he has been less than charitably accepting of your many opinions.

But please now let me ask:

🔹Why do you focus on Biden’s economy and ignore Trump and his people’s January 6th failed coup?🔹

Especially since the Murdoch media conglomerate is publicly taking the insurrection very seriously. It’s now no longer just the preoccupation of liberals and independents.

Yes, Americans are suffering because of inflation as they have many times throughout our history. And this is likely to cost Democrats the midterm elections.

But aren’t some things more important than the next election?

Never before have we had a president and his administration organize a violent coup to overturn a free and fair election and keep themselves in power.

In the wider perspective of American history bad economic times come and go. But a successful coup could end our Democratic Republic forever.

Doesn’t the truth of January 6th need to be determined and the responsible parties punished so this never happens again?


Voice, your prediction is worth noting, “…nothing will come from Jan. 6th…”

You’ve mostly stopped declaring “nobody cares.”

This must have been tough for you in the face of Americans’ overwhelming interest in these hearings, which have even penetrated the top echelons of Murdoch media.

So now you’re giving us a new benchmark to measure your powers of prognostication‼️

Thus far only the insurrectionists on the ground have been sent to jail. So I guess in your view this still doesn’t bely your declaration that “…nothing will come from Jan. 6th…”

So in light of this, Voice, how far up the chain of command does the “long arm of the law” have to reach before you replace your right wing crystal ball?

It’s already failed you spectacularly. Have you thought about tarot cards? Or maybe a ouija board?

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