Gov. Noem just gave her daughter and son-in-law raises on taxpayers’ money.

Meanwhile, she just denied teachers a raise, she claims because of lack of taxes.

Three years ago the people of South Dakota agreed to an increase in our sales taxes for the first time since 1969 “for the purpose of increasing education funding.” How does this governor expect to get away with this? She gave these state employees a big raise but nothing for teachers. The people did not agree to this tax increase to give anyone else but teachers a raise.

It’s time to think about finding someone to replace this governor with someone who cares about the laws we enact. I believe that we elected the wrong person to lead us.

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It’s just following the leader, Trumps paying his in-laws out taxes.


It's so funny when people are aghast by Kristi's actions. Some people saw this coming - perhaps it was her undying support of all things Dump. But, god forbid the people of this state would have elected an honorable person like Billy Sutton. He's a nasty Dem and all...


antiteaparty you nailed it. God forbid any Republican cross party lines for the good of state/country. I am a Democrat but I don't just check the box because there is a D next to it, and I have voted for Republicans in the past. Go with who you believe has the best interest of WE THE PEOPLE.


I also used to vote across party lines. Not in 2020 though, or for the near future for that matter. The Cult of Dump needs to be defeated.


Where is your disgust at the legislature? Aren't they responsible for appropriating monies for raises and such things to run the government? Why didn't the legislature appropriate more money to education? Maybe or maybe not your blaming is misdirected.


Brent Cox is talking about Kristi Noem's proposed budget.

Hopefully, the legislature will invest in education and South Dakotans.


It is the D that we are voting against. The party platform sucks. If Billy had run as an independent, he would have won.


You knew Billy Sutton would be better Governor for South Dakota but you voted for Noem out of spite?

We all have you to thank for the next three years of nonsense.


This is the perfect post and completely backs up what I wrote above.


I thought we rejected nepotism when we revolted from the King of England. (In all fairness I'm sure it would take five minutes for Kristi Noem's daughter and son-in-law can come up a better slogan than "Meth, we're on it!")

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