Donald Trump knew in February how dangerous and deadly coronavirus was going to be but he deliberately played down its severity. Most of us who were watching knew he was lying about the disease. But people closest to Trump, including Republican senators, knew this also. When Republican senators voted to acquit Trump on February 5, they knew he’d obstructed justice and that this epidemic had already reached our shores.

Republican senators let this happen. They never told us what they knew. A few who are talking are pointing to the president’s leadership in stopping travel from China and Europe. Nonsense. Such travel stoppages were ill-planned and executed. They were implemented without high-level planning with officials of originating countries. Thus, check-in testing at originating terminals was missing or inadequate. Massive numbers of infected travelers coughed and sneezed on the planes during ocean crossings. Upon arriving in America, most received inadequate testing or none at all. This was step-1 in how Trump handled although he’d been informed of its nature.

Are you shocked to observe that Republican senators like Mike Rounds hav

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Larry Skow

Mr. Wegner: Trump really doesn't need to explain. He done what he thought best at the time. Is he perfect. NO. But done what thought best at time. Could you or general public handled the true facts. Likely Not. Mass panic would likely ensued. Reality is FEDS are not in charge of our saftey. It goesPersonal/ City/county/state--then feds as last resort. Look back at critics when he wanted to shut off travel to from China/Look at critics when he shut down travel to from Europe. Lockdown? Could the USA stood up to absolute lockdown like New Zealand/ Austrailia? Likely not! Why Nancy Pelosi couldn't even do her own Hair! Here is my suggestion Mr. Wegner---for all who Mr. Trump has made mad. Go to your doctor an get a prescription for pair of testicles. Let the man lead--quit this constant barrage of criticism, Or at least point change to constantly asking China why they turned this virus loose on the world. Email their embassies. email Walmart an others to stops getting goods from China. Email the democrats to stop this infighting. Hey email BLM to stop trying to bring America down. Email mayor of Chicago to put a stop to the daily shootings. Maybe mayor of portland/seattle an else where. Direct your criticism to the right spot. Lets start getting USA back on right track. Lets get term limits for Congress an put a ban on all this lobbying an dark money floating around doing ill will




Dave, It doesn’t matter what President Trump did you’d still be bashing him. He shot down travel for non US Citizens. What did you want President Trump to say? “We’re all going to die. Lock up your house. Don’t go out or you’ll die”? WTH. He then set up the USA to combat the China Wuhan Virus. President Trump was able to get the Governor’s everything they needed plus more. Meanwhile PIGlosi was in China town saying come to China town with me. The President is a racist. The you got Joe Blow saying there’s no reason to close the boarders. The President is a racist. Good luck with that crapola. Liberal hacks suck!




Biden called the banning of Chinese flights to the US xenophobic. Biden’s attitude and criticism deserves an explanation, does it not?

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