Dr. Harris, the solitary proponent to testify on behalf of Senate Bill 1270, claimed Darwin’s theory of evolution suffered a weakness because it was based on observation while suggesting intelligent design as valid K-12 science content based solely on faith. Faith is not scientific and therefore does not belong in science curricula.

In defense of evolution, I suggest viewing “Nova: What Darwin Never Knew” for a crash course in genomics. It is freely available on YouTube. Then you can see modern science knows the function of the genome in building lifeforms and the role mutations play in natural selection. This knowledge is extremely useful in medical research, as Dr. Harris should well know, and it proves that though Charles Darwin didn’t understand how evolution worked he in fact had the right idea.

It really doesn’t matter that Darwin didn’t fully understand the mechanics of evolution. He could observe it in nature and now science has discovered nature’s methodology.

Let’s leave science curriculum to the scientists and their system of peer review.

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Al Gore invented science.

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