I agree with Gov. Noem that Attorney General Ravnsborg should resign, or be impeached. An ordinary citizen who fools with a cellphone while driving, swerves off the road and kills a man would likely be sitting in jail, not in the top cop spot. But Ravnsborg should not go alone. The governor should go with him.

Because Noem has put “personal freedom” above public responsibility and leadership, hundreds more South Dakotans have needlessly died of Covid.

We don’t know what Noem and Trump insider Lewandowski have done in their frequent meetings, but we do know she’s spent more time jetting the country in self-promotion, raising cash for herself and other right-wing candidates, and railing on Fox News than she’s spent working for us.

Noem appointed a committee of educators and others to define social studies curriculum standards, then gutted their honest assessment of our history, including the mistreatment of Native citizens. Instead, she wants the so-called “1776 project” version of history, which as retired Yankton teacher and committee leader Paul Harens says “white-washes history, and I do mean white.” What will prepare our kids for a successful future — truth, or indoctrination in falsehoods?

Then there’s the governor’s nepotism and corruption. She gave one daughter a high-paying job for which she was not qualified, then added a huge raise. The other daughter was denied a property appraiser license, so the governor intervened, and the long-serving department head was forced out and paid $200,000 to keep quiet.

Such abuses of power always surface in one-party states, whether it’s Russia, China or South Dakota. The Missouri River may be low this year, but the swamp in Pierre is deep. Perhaps it’s time to pull the plug. Both Ravnsborg and Noem should go.

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Gimmy A. Breake

This Kristi kerfuffle is no big deal.

What’s more entertaining than watching her steal?

So Kristi helps family. What’s the big b*tch?

Didn’t Dear Leader make HIS family rich?

Some dozen Trump stalwarts convicted of fraud

while our Trumpster friends freak at the “squad.”

Did Kristi wire a contract? Extort a license?

It makes one wonder at her paltry contrivance.

If this is the most she could manage to steal,

she's just a rookie at the “Art of the Deal.”

So it’s business as usual in our Capitol Pierre.

If it’s money for family, there’s nothing to fear.


Yep, put a democrat in charge and that will clean things up. Let's start being like California (massive debt, huge homeless populations, strip your freedoms, extremely high taxes, extremely high costs extremely high housing), let's start having cities like Chicago, Seattle, Los Angeles, let's start increasing taxes, let's increase crime, let's get rid of the budget surplus and go into debt, let's get rid of personal freedoms, let's clean the swamp, everyone knows the democrats are angels and run the cleanest party ever known. So squeaky clean that they want to stop parents from having a say in what gets taught to their kids in school by using the DOJ to send armed agents to school board meetings to shut down freedom of speech. So clean that they are trying to pass a $3.5 trillion dollar spending bill that they are convinced will cost $0 and are going to monitor each and everyone's bank accounts and track any transaction over $600. You all know what is happening in this country but chose to ignore it. Yep, republicans are the reason the country is a mess, it's all still Trump's fault, I get it, I get it, don't take personal responsibility, don't take ownership because you only control the white house, the senate and the house, it has to be someone else's fault, it's easier for you to sleep at night, right democrats? Welcome to the state of the democrats, hunker down in your homes, muzzle your kids, bow down to whatever Joe tells you, pay more taxes, watch your crime rates go up, give more handouts to people that don't want to work, get your Covid passport so you are allowed to leave your house, pay more for everything, let the socialist run your party. Good luck South Dakota.


Voice: you can rant your theories all you want.., Joe Biden has been President for 5 minutes . clearly there were problems before and it may take some time to fix and maybe it will get worse maybe it will get better., on the national stage but as far as here in South Dakota,,, wouldnt be nice to not be known nationally for our goverment corruption? I have seen some good Governors here in South Dakota and I dont even know what party they were. But there has been some real corruption in the last 15 to 20 years and those governors have all been republicans. I thought Billy Sutton was middle of the road and would have made a great Governor, oh well we are stuck with what we got

Gimmy A. Breake

Voice rants, “Democrats are evil and vile!”

Yet Donald Trump is planning meanwhile

to set the stage to overturn an election.

See Eastman‘s memo - it planned insurrection.

This same plan (but better) awaits us all.

When Trumpsters get to make the call.

What’s the greater peril? How will you choose?

(You choose wrong, and there’s much to lose.)


Wow Gimmy, still talking Jan. 6, just like Wolf Blitzer on CNN, he celebrated the 9 month anniversary, just can't bring yourselves to talk about anything else, oh wait, now it's our governor, that's today's target as well. As always, no one on this forum can find anything good to say about Joe Biden and what is going on in this country, it's all Jan. 6, it's all Trumpster's are anti-vaxxers, nothing else is going on in this world, except the destruction of the American way by Joe and the democrats. You all sit idly by and watch it, talking about Jan. 6th. What a sad, sad democratic party that is running the country into the ground. I did hear Joe is going to address the nation again on the continued bad unemployment numbers, still after 10 months in office it isn't fixed yet, what a shocker, the economy isn't responding to forced vaccinations and mandates, who would have thought? I am sure he has some new and outstanding ideas to share with us, is he going to print more money, raise more taxes, pull out of Taiwan because he is scared there too, announce a booster shot on top of a booster shot because the big pharmaceutical companies need more money, maybe a requirement to wear three masks at once. Maybe it is going to be the Supreme Court packing that they have been talking about doing, heaven knows that running the white house, senate and house isn't working, so let's pack the Supreme Court, then you can finally cut up the constitution, throw away the American flag and put anyone in jail that says anything against Joe and your democrats. Can't wait to watch his speech, I am sure it will go as smoothly as all the rest of his, pretty soon they will just have a picture of him on the screen with a voice over.


Headline "Biden Refuses To Answer Questions From Reporters After Speech". A speech, by the way, done again on a fake white house stage. There is your leader democrats, on fake stage that is fitting of a fake president that pushes vaccines and masks, takes away peoples freedoms, blames all his failures on everyone else, and his poor economy just keeps failing more and more each month, turning the most prosperous country in the history of the world into a welfare state in a short 10 months as well as turning American into a harbor for tens of thousands and soon millions of illegal alien's and the great president of the United States doesn't have the nerve, or ability, to take a single question from the American press. Why doesn't the great uniter want to talk to the American people, isn't he able to, don't his handlers trust him? He just oozes leadership, force this force that, give away our kids futures, take freedoms, and he doesn't have to answer for a single thing. Oh yeah, what about Jan. 6th, where are we at with that? Good grief, thanks democrats, this president is a complete failure as is his party.

Friedrich Farmer

Truth Fairy keeps saying Voice ignores the most important number of all - the number of unvaccinated people who are dying in our hospitals. And she’s right about that.

But the other thing he ignores is that our Congress was attacked by terrorists on January 6. To him and most Republicans it’s no big deal.

Can you imagine the Republican response if the people involved were people of color? Voice and his Republicans don’t even want to investigate.

And what’s to keep it from happening again?

Instead Voice treats us to yet another list of all the things that p*ss him off. But none of them rise to the level of

1)- the reality that over 700,000 Americans are dead and the pandemic still is killing those who aren’t unvaccinated at a ratio of almost 11 to 1 compared to vaccinated folks.

2)- and a violent insurrection that tried to stop the transfer of power by breaking into our Capitol and threatening to kill our legislators.

And that says it all. Doesn’t it?

Friedrich Farmer

There may be a third issue Voice is ignoring. I should’ve asked him:

Voice, do you support Trump's declaration that the election was rigged, and HE is really our president?

Mr. T

Voice, I am curious. Do you get any of your research from subscribed print journalism sources? They may also be available online, but most importantly, they generally spend heavily on professional journalists.

I wouldn’t expect you to happily spend money on a subscription from The New York Times or the Washington Post, but you might consider respected conservative print publications like the Wall Street Journal or the National Review.

In his “ON TYRANNY” Timothy Snyder writes:

“We find it natural that we pay for a plumber or a mechanic, but demand our news for free. If we did not pay for plumbing or auto repair, we would not expect to drink water or drive cars. Why then should we form our political judgment on the basis of zero investment? We get what we pay for.”

Seems to make sense to me. Regardless of your politics.

Online sources depend on our “clicks.” They make money by catering to our passions and selling advertising that we encounter as we furiously click from one post to another.

Real journalism has a different business model. It doesn’t depend so much on “clicks.” It appeals more to our rationality.

True, each publication has its different take on what IS rational, but they care a bit more about professional standards, and have an eye out to maintain some modicum of respectability.

Do you subscribe to the Press & Dakotan?


Time to clean house. probably so, 750,000 sex offenders in the U.S., not a single one is required to carry a "card" identifying them as such because of their right to privacy, but the democrats want everyone to carry a vaccination card to identify their vaccination status. So if it is ok for a sex offender to walk about freely amongst our women (or birthing people as the democrats want them to be called) and children (not sure what new pronoun I am supposed to use here yet) without anyone knowing, seems as though a free, law abiding American citizen should be afforded the same opportunity, don't you think? Wonder what the people that have been brutally attacked by any of these 750,000 would say? Talk about cleaning house, seems like we should start in the democratic party first.


No research needed here, Biden administrations state department calls Taliban terrorist organization "candid and professional". Amazing how Joe praises the Taliban, again, a bunch of murdering terrorist, as professional, but when it comes to our own border patrol agents and parents fighting to protect our kids, they get demonized and the FBI is sent after them to make sure they fall in the socialist line like everyone else. Rioters are praised under this administration, peoples personal property and business destroyed and they are called hero's by the democrats, but if you are trying to keep illegal aliens out and oppose the views of the democrats and stand up for what you believe is right, Joe Biden will send in the DOJ to stop it, all this adds up folks, more and more overreach by this administration, it is happening more and more, but just keep ignoring it, that is what you do best.

Everyone keeps asking me questions about what I believe in and now where I get my news, but I have for months asked for a list of things this president has done that has been good for this country, what is getting better, how are things improving? I know in a democrats eye that more handouts and more taxes are viewed as a good thing, as well as taking away more of people's freedoms, erasing history, increasing the number of illegal aliens, allowing terrorists to take over a country so that women and children can again be forced out of work and schools and children can be forced into marrying these terrorists, as a republican I see this as a bad thing, but democrats are allowing all this and can't and won't stand up against it, so you are as much to blame as Joe and his administration. As his approval numbers tank, Americans on a daily basis are seeing this country go from bad to worse, so again, what is getting better in this country, because not many are seeing a flipping thing get better.


As we wait for the long list of "Things Joe Biden Has Done To Make America Better" to come from the democrats, I wanted to say it was a pure pleasure being amongst 15,000 or so republicans attending the South Dakota State football game again this weekend. I have to say, I saw two older gentlemen wearing masks, one had his pulled down below his chin but he had it just in case I guess, maybe there were others, but that is all I saw. I also saw thousands of other republicans in attendance at NFL games over the weekend, hundreds of thousands I guess, it's a shame the democrats can't and won't go out to these events because so very few are wearing masks at them, so I can only assume they are Trump loving republicans going to these things. Maybe I am wrong about that, but surely a mask mandate wearing democrat wouldn't be caught going to one of these events without a mask, would they? Or is it do as I say not as I do like all the democratic elite and politicians that have been caught not wearing them do but the "help" has to be sure to mask up, this just couldn't be, could it? Must not be many democrats shopping in the stores either, saw very, very few out shopping this weekend wearing a mask, wonder how they are getting all their supplies, must be on-line, to bad for the small businesses in our communities that don't offer on-line shopping, right democrats?

Mr. T

If you really want a list, Voice, just Google “Fifty Great Things Biden Has Accomplished.”

It’s what you would expect from a liberal perspective. And from your “conservative“ perspective you will disagree with most of them.

However for someone like myself who has voted for both Democrats and Republicans even in this last election, what really is important is this:

We are struggling with an unchecked pandemic and a sputtering economy because of it.

If the Biden administration can’t solve these two problems then all the other things I may wish he’d accomplish will mean little and will likely be impossible to achieve politically anyway.

Our government is broken. It was broken well before Trump came along. And it’s why we lag behind other developed nations with a second rate healthcare system, educational system, extreme income disparity and substandard upward mobility for average people.

And standing in the way of fixing this is the way our democracy is controlled more than any other by our singular determination that money is “free-speech“ which allows wealthy individuals and corporations to control our politics regardless of who is in office.

And these root causes of all of our troubles are bipartisan


I wish the Biden administration the best of luck. And they will surely need it.


And the hits just keep coming folks, passing along this info because I am sure you aren't seeing it on CNN or MSNBC, 16 year old girl arrested in Wyoming for not wearing a mask on school grounds and refusing to leave. A 16 year old girl, or birthing person I guess, right democrats, trying to get an education, her only crime, arrested for not wearing a mask. Meanwhile, thousands of people arrested for drugs and other "minor" crimes are released because the crimes are not considered bad enough any longer, but an unmasked teenager is a criminal. Step back and think about it democrats, she wants to get an education, is that too much to ask, now a days I guess it is? I am sure you will have many reasons why she should be arrested, after all, going against Joe in any manner is going to cost all those that do. Wonder what they will do with a 10 year old, or the 5 year old that isn't wearing one? Look out for the rath of Joe and Fauci. Oh, and I see Fauci has blessed America with giving our children the ok to go out and go trick or treating this year, he is such a saint for "allowing" us to do this, we are so blessed. Probably should wait a little, he could change his mind, the kids might have to have their vaccination cards hanging around their necks to show they have been vaccinated, of course that would only apply to those 5 years old and up.


How about the HUNDREDS of females ejected from their school for breaking dress code? Several were refused the ability to attend their own hard earned graduation ceremony. What about them, isn't it their GOD GIVEN RIGHT to dress how they want too? or would that be too hard on the male population cause they are distracted by seeing a female shoulders while in class????

BOO-HOO she didn't wear a MASK so its OK to yell at the government and politicize the situation. but be sure to punish her for wearing a tank top in the hot summer months when BOYS are wearing tank tops, but the SHAME is on her.

Yankton resident

Voiceforfew: The story was all over the news, if you watched other news sources along with your one any only FOX you would now that.

Joe Biden had nothing to do with the mandate in Wyoming. It is state and local officials, get your story straight. Furthermore, if the girl really wanted to go to school she would have worn a mask. The defiance of wearing a mask was her out for school. She had no compassion for the greater good of the staff and other student's overall health, shame on her. All the other students wore masks so they must truly want an education, how shameful of her to attempt to disrupt the other students who really want an education by wearing masks.

End of story Voiceforfew. The argument is over and once again you have misrepresented the whole story and yourself by falsely stating that it was Biden's mandate, you are wrong once again. I have proven it and you have no way out. I win you lose. I know you will attempt to spin the story, but everyone knows you lost so save your time.


Mr T., I agree with you on some points, this system has been broken for a very long time, there is so much corruption on both sides of the isle, the only way I see to fix that is to have term limits on all of them, but that will never happen because the corrupt are in charge. I can Google those things, agreed, but Google has been proven to censor searches, they police the internet as does Facebook, Twitter, and all of them, there is no such thing as free speech any more and if anyone of the big tech companies have the "responsibility" of controlling what is being said, and they are doing that, both Google and Facebook are well known for censoring what is seen. Not saying this is where we are going, but Hitler used censorship to control what the people of Germany saw, it is a very dangerous thing and is why we shouldn't trust what we see on these websites. I too have voted for candidates in each party, I am a believer in if the candidate stands for and believes what I believe, I can vote for them, but we have become so divided on our politics that I no longer find this to be an easy thing to do, so many vote down party lines, that this is where I am heading as well. Look what is happening to the senator from Arizona that is not going to vote for the $3.5 trillion dollar bill, she is being harassed and attacked by people in her own party, no one is allowed to have a different opinion and if you do, you become the enemy. That is why I have chosen to take the stands that I do, at this point in my life, I really don't care what the other side has to say because they don't care what I have to say, look at the responses on this website, I have been called a murderer because I won't get a vaccine, used to be people that intentionally killed other people were murderer's, this is no more. Our democracy has been ruined, and it keeps going further in the wrong direction, I have to stand for what I believe is right, and right now I don't believe what Joe Biden is doing is right, America and it's people are suffering, it isn't all Covid, this $3.5 trillion dollar spending bill is a bad thing, it's bad for businesses, it's bad for the citizen, it takes more of our privacy from us, etc., and it isn't going to cost $0, how can anyone say that. This is what a trillion does looks like, $1,000,000,000,000 and then times 3.5 more, that isn't $0. This has to stop, and Joe Biden can stop it, but won't. Sorry for the long response, all this matters to me, I have kids and grandkids growing up, this isn't the America I want them to live in, it needs to stop.

Mr. T

Mr. Voice, you and others (Mr. Skow) believe in term limits. But consider this:

As term-limited legislators cycle through government, they don't develop an institutional memory that can compete with the lobbyists who always remain to welcome the next term-limited legislator. They’re always playing catch-up.

And this is assuming that they can spare some time from their ongoing need to raise money for their next election to take time out to legislate.

A more effective policy would be to limit the ability of unemployed legislators to immediately join a lobbyist firm and continue the cycle. This practice is now commonplace as legislators are quickly rewarded with juicy jobs from those whom they have done political favors.

Perhaps what is needed is a requirement that an unemployed politician would have to wait a period of years before becoming a lobbyist.

Money is what skews our politics in favor of the fortunate, Mr. Voice, and this has resulted in our once “exceptional” country ranking only 27th in the upward mobility of ordinary citizens compared to other developed countries.

No wonder Trump supporters are p*ssed. They ARE being shafted.

They're just not alone in this.

And they may have more in common with Americans of color than they know.


I agree with this, Mr. T. But it’s still p*ssing in the wind.

As long as American law treats money as “free speech,“ and allows unlimited cash from the wealthy and their corporations to flood American politics, ordinary people will always be at a disadvantage.


Mr T., we may or may not agree on how to help this situation, but some things we do know is that none of this is going to happen. There is way to much corruption in politics, it is too deep and is not going to stop. We are not going to ever be a united country as the divisions that are happening now are running too deep to ever correct it. The last time we were united as a country were the months after the Sept. 11 attacks, but even now, we have moved passed that and we have members in congress and the democratic administration that are supporting the various terrorist organizations that attacked us and call them professional and business like. Covid isn't to blame for that, Covid isn't to blame for the southern border mess, it isn't to blame for the trillions and trillions of dollars in unsustainable spending, every knows this but the democrats ignore it. Covid is being used to take peoples freedoms, it is being used to increase the overreach of an uncontrolled administration, it is being used to make billions and billions of dollars for huge corporations, the same corporations that the democrats say they despise, yet take millions in donations from them, weird how that works. Everyone reading this knows what is happening, many are fighting back, more and more all the time, but those on the democratic side ignore it and this country keeps slipping further and further, the world relies on the U.S. to be strong and free, we are no longer strong and we are losing our freedoms. More and more people are done trying to work with the other side, Mitch McConnell handed Chuck Schumer a present last week and some very stupid republicans let the democrats off the hook on the debt ceiling, and what did Schumer do, he made a speech throwing those same and all other republicans under the bus and blamed them for all the debt ceiling problem. In my opinion the republicans that voted for that should be thrown out of office come the next election including those from South Dakota that agreed with it, we, as a party, can no longer work with the other side, because doing so only costs us as citizens more and more taxes and less and less freedom, I for one am done and will continue to fight and and cause as much havoc as I can for the democrats, because making concessions has not and will not work.

E pluribus

Mr. Voice, if you’re concerned about the future of your grandkids I’m surprised you’re not outraged at how little our politicians are doing to confront climate change.

One might quibble over whether the recent weather in South Dakota is the result of climate change, but it’s undeniable that coastal communities across the planet are being slowly swamped by the rising seas as our ice caps melt.

The high ground of South Dakota won’t protect us from the cascading political,social and economic consequences of this.

Our grandkids are facing a planetary, existential challenge, and it’s coming at us much faster than we had imagined.

And our politicians are doing precious little about it. The Republicans deny that climate change is even related to human activity, and the Democrats do little more than pay lip service with their feeble legislative and regulatory responses.

This is going to affect your grandkids far more than the political hypocrisy that angers you so.


E pluribus, for as many scientist that claim climate change is real there are an equal number that claim it isn't, they just don't get the coverage from the liberal news outlets that those that say it is real do. And this is immediate, who is going to pay for all the carbon credits and programs funded by the government when no one has any money? In a country that continues to print money and inflation keeps rising, eventually everyone's money runs out, even the governments, then who is going to fix the climate, I guess it will just naturally fix itself because production of everything will stop. Just like Covid, the democrats yell "follow the science" but only they are allowed to tell you what the science is that you are supposed to follow. And like Regeneron that is used to help treat Covid symptoms, when is the last time you heard any news or updates on it's use and it's success? It is science, but liberal media outlets aren't reporting on it, only to say the Joe Biden is limiting it's use to certain states, certain republican ran states. What? Why? If it is proven scientifically that it helps keep people alive, why would he be limiting it's use, again, you will have to dig deep on the success of it's use because it has been buried, but Joe and his administration are not pushing it, not anything like the vaccines and masks. This is why people are not trusting the government on Covid any longer and this is why people are not trusting the government on anything, including climate change. The democrats aren't and they refuse to be truthful about any of it, again, they only want you to hear what they want you to hear, they are censoring social media, the liberal news outlets only repeat what the white house says, they ask no tough questions of Jen Psaki, except for just a couple reporters, because they know once they start they will be attacked, ask the Arizona senator about having a different opinion, they can't ask questions of your president, because he does not take questions, Kamala is off running around and not worried about a single thing. Am I angry, you bet I am, and thankfully more and more people are getting this way, we are done being pushed around, lied too, being told what to think and how to think, what we can say and to whom, when we can go outside and when we can't, when our kids can get an education and what they can be taught, people are fighting back, including me. It's about time.

E pluribus

It isn’t remotely true that “as many scientists claim climate change is real and there are an equal number that claim it isn't.”

You may be right that there are almost as many PEOPLE who are saying that climate change is a hoax as there are those who are saying it isn't. And most of them are funded by the fossil fuel industry.

However, what’s important is what the scientists say.

And nearly all actively publishing climate scientists (97–98%) support the consensus that climate change is human-caused.

When there is a hole that will sink your boat, you find a way to pay to fix it.

Sadly, I suspect it will take a number of years of swamped coastal property before the science deniers quiet down.


Do you have any evidence that most people who are saying that climate change is a hoax are funded by the fossil fuel industry? It's hard to believe that the average science denier gets kickbacks.


Yankton resident, you can't be serious, Joe Biden had nothing to do with this? He is the one pushing for the masks, are you that delusional that you think the Wyoming officials came up with this on their own? Joe and Fauci have been preaching this for months yet you ignore that and blame it on others? Holy cow, you can't honestly believe this? This is how the democrats live and justify everything that is wrong with this administration, grow up, take responsibility for your actions, quit blaming everything on everyone else for crying out loud. END OF STORY YANKTON RESIDENT!

Friedrich Farmer

Mr. Voice, use whatever search engine you wish and enter the words “does regeneron work.” You’ll at least find a dozen hits from mainstream sources that confirm it’s effectiveness against Covid.

The problem is that it costs over $2000 to administer compared to around $40 for a preventative vaccination.

You need to broaden your information sources.

Your frequent factual errors undermine your credibility on topics where you might be more believable.


"preventative vaccination" is the most ludicrous way to put it. You are an idiot.


Your frequent factual errors undermine your credibility on topics where you might be more believable.

Yankton resident

Voiceforfew: You are totally predictable and delusional. I stated that you would try to spin this and you did just that. Neither Biden or Fauci have initiated a mandatory masking policy or statute only a suggestion. Face the truth and admit that the news accounts on the Wyoming masking issue was based on the Governor of Wyomming's declared policy, and the local governing bodies adherence and enforcement.

You are such a putz. The Incoherent, irresponsible, ignorant, and pathetic pathological liar that you now are only solidifies the fact you, yourself, is the only one that believes you anymore. All others have seen how bizarre and brazen you are and don't believe a thing you say or print. How sad for you, your family, and your friends.


VoiceforAll, so many issues p*ss you off righteously. And you’ve couched this as concern for your grandkids.

And yet you “downplay” (to use Trump’s word for his Covid strategy) the very two facts that most threaten the world your grandkids now inhabit:

1)- The threat that this and future pandemics hold for them as evident from the numbers of the unvaccinated (now including kids) who are dying from Covid and,

2)- the rising seas that prove global warming is not a hoax. And to paraphrase E pluribus - “The high ground of South Dakota won’t protect them from the cascading political,social and economic consequences of this.”

You have strange priorities, Grandpa.

Gimmy A. Breake

Like Grandpa VoiceforAll, our Dad believed lies.

We did love him dearly. But he sure wasn’t wise.

After careful analysis he arrived at the fact

that the earth was not round, but perfectly flat.

“Do the ‘RESEARCH‼️’ ” he’d scream. “You’re AFRAID of what’s true‼️”

So glad we had better things we could do.

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