Ever wonder? The animosity and hatred of Donald Trump seems to have no end. All the hurtful statements he has made to those who disagree with him seems truly beyond reason. Could you live with yourself and harbor that much enmity toward other people? I know I could not.

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Jolly Roger

If only “hurtful statements” were the only price we pay for this Presidency. Unfortunately, now that he knows the Senate has his back no matter what, he’s taking over our Justice System and our Intelligence apparatus.

Any you ain’t seen nothin’ yet, Carol.


So far Trump has issued 25 pardons and 10

ten commutations. Google “who hasTrump pardoned” to see a list of this Rogues’ Gallery and their crimes.

This is the reality of “drain the swamp.”


OTF: How many did Obama pardon and commute? How many did Bush 2 pardon and/or commute? How many did Clinton pardon and/or commute? How many did Bush 1 pardon and/or commute? Let's make the picture in focus and clear.


Why are you surprised President Trump generates such hate? Trump's hatred and vindictiveness is his defining character. From his Muslim ban to his hatred of immigrants, Trump's bigotry and hate propelled him into office. He became a leading figure in the Republican Party as spokesman for the racist "birther" movement.


So what makes the people who hate the president any better than him? All they do is preach hate and distain for him and the people that like him. So what is the differacne?


Ummm, his critics are not the supposed leader of the free world??? That is a big difference.


Ar223: Thanks for pointing out the obvious. Perhaps their "justification" for their hate and disdain would boomerang and define why they should be on the receiving end of hate and disdain.


dmilroy: Is he generating hate or being used by you as a reason to show and exercise your hate?


I can't speak for dmilroy, but I, for one, absolutely hate Dump. What he is doing to our country is very much worth my hatred. If he were to keel over I would cheer. I despise him with every fiber of my soul. I hope he suffers greatly upon his deathbed. He has zero redeeming qualities.


"You know, now he wants a box for the debates to stand on. OK,” Trump told Fox News. “It's OK. There's nothing wrong. You can be short. Why should he get a box to stand on? He wants a box for the debates. Why should he be entitled? Does that mean everyone else gets a box?" Oh boy, ladies and gentlemen after all of his campaign promises that have not happened, this is what is important.


GBR SD: Do you automatically give your opponents ( in life, sports, and business) concessions? How does that work out for you?

E pluribus

There you are, Mr. Johnson. Let me pick up on a conversation we didn’t get to finish. I went through all five of your web links and have no reason to doubt them.

But the dates of your five reports of Iran’s “non compliance” range from August 30, 2019 to November,11 2019. However, it was on May 8, 2018 that Trump walked away from the Iran nuclear deal that we and our allies had signed.

In other words, Iran’s “non compliance” that you've documented happened well AFTER our own wholesale non compliance with the entire agreement.

And BEFORE Trump walked away from our agreement, both the UN and our own Defense Department told us Iran was in complete compliance.

So can you explain why you would expect them to continue adhering to an agreement we abandoned?

E pluribus

Your 5 web links DO confirm that we agree on one thing: Iran is now working to get its Bomb.

So again, it’s appropriate to ask, can you suggest which of the three next moves is best: 1) Invade and occupy. 2) Nuke them off the face of the earth. 3) Just accept they’ll become a nuclear power like Trump has with North Korea.

You’re welcome to suggest another strategy if you can. But your man withdrew from the agreement and escalated by taking out Soleimani. So how do we stop the Iranians from building their own Bomb?


E pluribus: The problem with reports in the media is that they usually come some time after the initial event and after their "investigating" the facts of the event. You claim only five events were discovered. I contend that only five of the numerous incidents were picked up by the media that they were able to vet to the point they felt "comfortable" reporting.

The difficulty the inspectors met can only be described as the Iranians only letting the inspectors see what they wanted them to see. The Iranians never provided complete transparency to their nuclear endeavors. Clandestine operations are at the heart of the Iranian playbook. It was naive for Kerry and Obama to believe that the Iranians would live up to open and unhindered inspections.


E pluribus: It is very naive of you to conclude that the United States must settle the issue and that the USA only has three options.

What is wrong with Israel determining what goes on in their back yard? I'm sure that Israel has the fortitude to see to their safety and the safety of the Mideast. The USA can stand back and be the big brother in reserve.

E pluribus

Mr. Johnson, it’s wildly optimistic to think that with their limited nuclear capability, the Israelis can do more than make pin pricks around the perimeter of Iranian nuclear development.

Intelligence analysts tell us that the Iranians are so well dug in that it would take nuclear saturation bombing to terminate their nuclear program.

You quibble unconvincingly over the timing, but we both agree that the Iranians are working on their Bomb. But who’s being naive? If you reject my options, you’ll need to come up with a better one than “leave it to the Israelis.”


E pluribus: The war monger in you surfaces with your belief that only a nuclear response to Iran is what is needed. Is your blood thirst getting to you? Israel is very good at surgical conventional weapon strikes. You rely on "intelligence analyst" who seem to be lacking basic intelligence.

I reject your war mongering. Your attitudes and beliefs appear to be very similar to a 1930's mustached anti Semite in Europe. Do you have secret ritualistic meetings where you and your like thinkers plan your new world order? You know like the Democratic Party has turned into.


Give it a rest, E pluribus, if you press the Blue Falcon too hard, he’ll just start insulting you. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Clown: You seem to be a like thinker to E pluribus. Did my response to E pluribus get closer to the truth than you can handle? Do you limit yourself to the same three options expressed by E pluribus?

E pluribus

Mr. Johnson, you dodge making a response by calling me a bloodthirsty “warmonger” instead of remembering that my starting position on this topic was that we had no good alternative to staying in the international agreement with the Iranians.

This was why I wrote, “It was the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) - the UN's nuclear watchdog agency - which had access to Iran’s nuclear facilities that declared Iran Compliant. That was good enough for our Defense Department until Trump reneged on our agreement.”

Israel’s military prowess can’t prevent Iran becoming nuclear, which now seems inevitable. And there’s almost no chance Iran would trust us to make a new agreement. But you supported pulling out of the original agreement. And anyone supporting abandonment should have a suggestion on how to get out of the dilemma this has created.

Or like me, do you now accept that Iran’s on the way to becoming a nuclear power just like North Korea?


E pluribus: Obama's policy and agreements with Iran were less than stellar. He put us in a weak position for the Defense Department to contest the findings of the IAEA . Too bad that Obama and Kerry are heroes to you. It is war mongering when you put out that invade and occupy and nuking them as the top two of your three responses. And then have doing nothing as your third response.

Keep hating Trump, it's making you crazy.


Wasn’t I so right, E pluribus? And this despite your attempts to engage our POGey-poo in a respectful, rational discussion.

At least you have the distinction of being the first person our bloviating Blue Falcon has compared to Hitler. I’d consider that a forfeit of the debate.



Clown: You call using POGey-poo and Blue Falcon as attempts to engage in respectful and rational discussion? You assume Hitler when it could also infer the foreign policy of appeasement the Germans and condoning their actions by Neville Chamberlain.


POGey-poo, old buddy, How’s our market crash affecting your certainty about the coming election? Unlike you, I don’t know what the future holds. But the “wonderful” economy Trump built on tax cuts and borrowing from our grandchildren’s future seems to be coming to an end. Trump can’t lie his way out of this.

Sadly this is happening before the “trickle down” effect of tax cuts for rich folks has eliminated our deficit as promised. Now there’s probably at least a 60/40 chance you’re setting yourself up for some righteous ridicule. As promised, I’ll do my best to rise to the occasion if/when your prognostication falls short.

Oh, and as you blame this all on Democrats, could you please give that silly old “wicked witch of the west” analogy a rest?


Clown: Now you are blaming the corona virus on Trump. As far as the "wicked with of the west" analogy....I can only say that you are the one riding the broom. That is unless you do not believe that the stock market is an affect of the virus our break.


Clown: You are up in arms complaining that the Trump tax cuts and claiming his borrowing from our grandchildren's future. But you say nothing about the Democrats and Bernie stealing from U.S. Citizens by giving to non-citizens benefits from social security and medicare. You and your like thinkers are the problem.


Silly POGey-poo, of course Trump isn’t responsible for the virus. But it’s well understood that a president's reelection prospects are significantly weakened when the economy goes bad. Regardless of why the economy tanks.

It’s easier quibbling with a clown, than having a “big boy” dialogue with E pluribus, isn’t it? Misrepresenting E’s opinion to give yourself the opportunity to compare him to Hitler is such an exquisite example of low-flying Blue Falconry.


Clown: I find it difficult to see E pluribus as a "big boy" when I envision him in knickers. You assume Hitler when I was thinking the weak kneed Arthur Neville Chamberlain of Great Britain. There was no misrepresentation of E pluribus' s opinion, #1- invade and occupy and #2- Nuke them are very war mongering positions.


That’s hilarious, POGey-poo. You of all people whining about people who won’t “engage in respectful and rational discussion.”

E pluribus has attempted this, but you mischaracterized his position (do you even read them?) And then you still have no opinion on how to deal with Iran now that your man has walked away from the international agreement.

And then you compare E to Hitler. Yes, Hitler. Not Chamberlain. Sure, both Hitler and Chamberlain had mustaches, but anti-Semite? Kristallnacht happened AFTER Chamberlain returned from his cowardly “deal” with Hitler, and many folks say he was then behind Britain’s decision to admit 10,000 mainly Jewish refugee children to safety in Britain. You twist history as your insults require.

Your Blue Falconry continues. But go ahead, trade insults with me. You’re no match for an educated gentleman like E pluribus. You’re wise to avoid him.

Jolly Roger

What typical Blue Falcon behavior. E pluribus put out those options as the only ones he could see that could prevent Iran from going nuclear, now that your man has broken our agreement with Iran and the international community.

E pluribus wrote, “...like me, do you now accept that Iran’s on the way to becoming a nuclear power just like North Korea?”

What is so hard to understand about that? You don’t have an answer do you? So give us another lame insult, Mr. POG. Maybe you could compare him to Mao or Stalin.


Jolly Roger (emoji of a thief), ClownsRus (emoji of a fool) and E pluribus (emoji of supposed unity) must get together and make sure their fraternity rings (sign of educated?) bond. You stand for the democrat party and democratic socialism. You want to take from those who apply themselves and succeed and give to those who choose not to apply themselves and find it easier to take than to try. You think the voters are stupid and see them as fools and easily manipulated. And you preach tolerance while not being tolerant yourself.

Before you jump on your high horse, we are all tasked with taking care of those who CANNOT TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES. But that doesn't mean that we give a free ride to those who choose not to apply themselves and choose not to contribute to their own care. You believe in the welfare state and keeping people dependent on government handouts instead of helping them develop and apply their talents to improve their lot in life. You want everyone else to be tolerant of you while being intolerant of others.

Democrats and Socialist sounds like the first two ingredients of chaos.


Oh, POGey-poo aren’t you precious! 💋 You don’t just do insults. You’re also a pastmaster of the STRAW MAN argument (“a form of argument based on giving the impression of refuting an opponent's argument, while actually refuting an argument that was NOT presented by that opponent.”)

You can’t answer E pluribus directly on topic can you? Who are you fooling (beside yourself)?

If any other Blue Falcons are watching your dodgy performance, they must be jealous. Keep it up, sweetheart. I love ❤️ reading your desperate ramblings over my morning coffee.


Clown: I did answer E pluribus on topic. Don't ask the question if you are not going to like the answer. I am sorry that your heroes Obama and Kerry failed you. What you are feeling is the twisting of the knife in your back that they put there. Sure like seeing those Democrats falling like flies from the road to the White House.


Mr. Johnson, I’ve been watching you squirm to avoid E pluribus. And Clown is right about your skill at setting up a “straw man.”

But here’s a thought. While you relive your disdain for past Democratic politicians, what IF instead of “dropping like flies,” TODAY’S Democrats are coalescing behind a winning candidate? Even Mr. Money Bags has joined the Biden Band Wagon.

Who knows what will happen, but - like the Clown - I’ll relish your humiliation if your continual, mocking confidence in a Trump victory turns to ashes.


OTF: You have a unique fantasy envisioned for your future. Just remember that a nightmare is nothing more than a disillusioned fantasy. Are you sure you got the votes? Remember Biden stated that 150 million Americans ( half of the U.S. population ) were killed by gun violence since 2007. Do you think the onset of Alzheimer's maybe the cause?

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