All my life (a long time), I have loved America and its spirit of courage and giving aid when and where needed.

Now, I mourn the tarnishing of that spirit by Donald Trump and his enablers.

The Grand Old Party (GOP) appears to have become the Party of Trump. The acronym for that is POT. If the shoe fits wear it. If not … well, when 2020 rolls around, you know what to do.

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Barry did more damage than any president. Trump 2020!


No doubt that as an ostrich you wouldn't see the world around you.


I live in the "real" world and not the pretend one that libbies want to force upon everyone. Why don't you get a hair cut and get a real job.


Please explain your comment. President Obama was a great president and your egotistical con man hasn't done much at all. But please explain what "damage" Obama did. we will wait for you comment as I'm sure it will take you quite some time to try and come up with some facts! ABT2020 (McDonalds And Golf Again)


Barry created more racial tension that prior presidents and gutted the military, tried to destroy Israel, supported Hillarious's Russian dossier used to influence and election, promoted welfare. . . but hey other than that he was a great guy. Right up there with Carter and W.


Iman's explanation is a list of false and unsupported conspiracy theories.


Ever notice how dim/libs hate facts?


Iman, it would be fun to see you attempt to support your false and unsupported conspiracy theories with facts but we both know that will never happen.

Insults, unsupported assertions, and phony conspiracy theories is all you have to offer.


Barry is the reason Trump was elected. After 8 years of failure Americans woke up as voted in 2016. We still all remember and will be voting for Trump in 2020.


Iman offer not facts to support his prior unsupported assertions. He just makes new unsupported assertions. If you read any of Iman's post, then you know reason and facts are not his thing.

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