In the Book of Numbers, the Israelites were impatient and whining about bad food and dying in the desert. Then God sent poisonous snakes and people died. They repented and God had them put a bronze snake on a pole, and they would look and live. Presumably, those who didn’t believe and thought it was a dumb idea died.

Today we have a Savior on a cross who saves and gives life. But people defy life through rejection of God’s gifts and His leaders with no masks and no vaccine. I honor conscience about vaccines. God’s gifts and healing agents are dedicated scientists, doctors, labs and vaccines. God’s saving actions are people with masks and cautionary habits.

False prophets defy God and tell lies. “It’s a dumb idea to wear masks,” “COVID is a lie” or “No vaccine for me.” But God doesn’t cure stupid.

Ms. Noem is no fan of God-given care for the sick. I’ve told her that flaunting no masks needs the same word of Jesus to Satan in the desert: “Thou shalt not tempt the Lord Thy God.” Her delusion is “We’re only at eighth in deaths per 100,000.”

Jesus says to love our neighbors as ourselves. How is it love when one carries a death sentence coupon in a pocket — one for you and one or more for others? Do you have that much contempt and hate for your life? Whom do you hate so much that you would give death? No mask. No vaccine.

No death from snakes. No death from COVID. How is it that people kick God in the shins for giving hope and protection from catching and giving COVID?

God’s grace and love. Life-changing gifts. It’s not about me. It’s about us. That comes from God — and that’s freedom, not slavery of no masks and vaccines. Eradicate COVID, all hands on deck!

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The Covid-19 vaccine is the “mark of the beast,” foretold in the Book of Revelation. This is how the Antichrist will test Christians.

Heretics will never understand that this is why most Christians voted for God’s Chosen One, who even now contemplates his victorious return to Glory.



Yankton resident

MAGA: I wasn't even going to respond to your senseless remark, but I couldn't help myself. You are no theologian and neither am I , the difference is at least I admit it.

We are Christians because because we follow Christ. Christ gave his life to save mankind. Furthermore Christ was/is the son of God and was acting on his father's directive.

A test for man. God gave us a brain to use to develop the resources he made available to save ourselves and to help others, saviors in our own right. We were to do good, not evil. To help mankind is good, to ignore the resources God made available to us is evil as we sit idly by watching needless deaths occur. God gave us the wisdom, knowledge and resources to do good.

I applaud those that have developed those resources to prevent death, and help those afflicted. It shows we have passed another test He put before us.

To say that trump is the chosen one and shall return is blasphemy. No person on earth sits on the same level or above God. trump may be an idol to some, but he is not God, never will be, he just isn't capable or worthy. If you are truly a Christian you will understand, if you are not a Christian that is OK to, as God and our Savior Jesus love all mankind and are large enough to forgive the evil.


Yankton resident, I believe your characterizations of the core teachings of Christ are correct.

But the actual words of Christ fill rather few pages of a Bible which many (if not most) of the faithful take as the literal Word of God.

With this unquestioned Authorship comes many contradictions and much confusion. This is why Christianity is splintered into so many different faith groups, with each one being absolutely certain of their own particular interpretation of the meaning of God’s Word.

Sadly, it cannot be denied that the lack of clarity in their Holy Scriptures allows Christians of any perspective to find their justification for almost anything from slavery to war and to argue Divine Authorization for anything from anti-science superstion to righteous discrimination against their fellow humans.

And those who look at Christianity from the outside, can’t help noticing that Mr. Maga represents a huge swath of the politically active American followers of that humble Carpenter from Galilee.

Disagree with Mr. Maga if you will - theological disputation is part and parcel of Christian culture - but he is NOT some isolated crackpot.

That is, he is certainly not alone. And he and his fellow Christians play a pivotal role among the 40% of Americans who continue to empower the Party of Trump.

We’d best take him seriously...


If you Google “Pastor Greg Locke and Biden” you’ll get a vivid example of an organized version of Mr. GiftofTheMAGA’s theology.

It would be reassuring to some of us to think he’s really a “one-off.” Sadly, he’s not.

If Republicans new voter laws are successful, and Trump makes a “victorious return to Glory,” Mr. MAGA’s brand of Christianity will be essential to The Donald’s triumph.

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