I wish to respond to the recent action, or should I say, the inaction by the Yankton School Board regarding the mask mandate.

I believe Superintendent Kindle and the school board are ignoring the will of the people by extending the mask mandate in the school system. Per KYNT 1450, Yankton School District is the only school district in South Dakota still mandating masks. Mitchell and Huron dropped their mandates Monday night.

There is evidence that masks have only limited effectiveness in protecting against transmission of the COVID-19 virus and that is only if it is a N-95 mask and worn properly. I have a friend who is a licensed and practicing medical doctor who states that masks offer little to no protection. He believes contracting the virus and getting natural immunity is the only way to slow down the COVID-19 virus spread. But that is not what the school board wants to hear.

It appears the superintendent and board are dictators rather than a representative democracy. Maybe they should look to the recent results of the governor’s election in Virginia where the Democratic candidate stated that parents should not have a voice in their children’s education. How did that turn out for that candidate?

It is sad when, as noted in the Press & Dakotan article, people are intimidated by the school board and administration if they speak out in opposition. Remember this in the next school board election.

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Absolutely! Vote them out for not representing the will of the people. Liberalism is truly a mental illness. Stop it before it spreads!


This anti-science misinformation, bolstered by Mr. Long’s anecdotal “evidence,” is emblematic of the widespread ignorance that continues condemning so many South Dakotans to a painful and unnecessary death.


Your gullibility does so. Nobody needs to die from covid, but many of you will die from the death shot poison mix. Hey... did'ja get your fourth booster yet, loser?


Its official: more people have died from incorrect procedures than from covid. And now the vaxxed zombies are about to take the lead. Be still, my healthy, beating heart@


I agree completely.


You are absolutely right Lanny, these continued mandates need to stop and especially when the majority of people say they should. SoDakD always throws out this is misinformation, because as a democrat, he owns the "information" he owns the "science", they have played this card over and over that any science, any information that goes against theirs is wrong, and more and more people are finding out that the democrats version of "science" is wrong, i.e. if you get the vaccine you are protected and can't spread the virus. A very simple test that even the democrats could understand is that when it gets cold out, go outside with your mask on and just breath normally, watch how much "steam" comes out around the mask and how much comes out of the mask, 99% of the air is coming out around the mask, not stopping a single molecule, and it works both ways, air is not coming in thru the mask but around it, the path of least resistance, try it for yourself, masks don't help. Yankton, push to get this mandate removed, our children do not need to be muzzled for one more day, there is no single reason for it.


I pray for you the person behind the voice for all comments. Your lack of evidence based scientific facts and fear based comments are truly representative of the kind of sad life that you live.


The evidence that masks are not effective is totally false. Do you have a degree in epidemiology?


If you are interested in more of what this administration is involved in with our schools, go read about the NSBA memos, the DOJ and the White House and what they are doing. From a news article "The Biden administration attempted to distance itself from controversy surround the National School Boards Association and it's efforts to coordinate with the Department of Justice and the White House prior to sending a letter to President Joe Biden which compared concerned school parents to domestic terrorists." This is the Biden administration at work, they want you to sit down and shut up about their mandates or they will be sending the FBI after you, it has happened, it is still happening and it will continue until everyone says enough is enough. You won't find this on MSNBC or CNN, they are not going to report this stuff, they support Biden and his tyranny and they don't want you to know what is actually going on. Seen much on the southern border lately from their news outlets, you haven't and it is only getting worse down there. This is how they work, as parents that speak out against anything Biden's administration is pushing you are immediately labeled as a domestic terrorists or racists or whatever label they want to put on you, if you chose not to get a vaccine, you are immediately labeled a murderer, if you chose not wear a mask or fight against it, you are labeled a murderer, if you post something on social media that doesn't go along with their tyranny, it gets removed. This needs to stop, you have choices, you have freedoms, our children have the same, this all needs to stop.


NIAID / NIH / CDC / FDA are the enemy of the people.

Throughout Fauci’s murderous career he suppressed cheap, safe, and effective generic medications in in order to pimp expensive big-pharma drugs. Fauci and his cohorts are responsible for premeditated first degree murder and genocide and must be brought to justice before international tribunals.

If found guilty of crimes against humanity they should all be executed. Perhaps by lethal covid-19 poison death shot injection.

Fauci murdered an untold number of hiv patients by ignoring data about Bactrim and Hcq.

The same “Fauci the wh--e” vilified Hcq in the treatment of covid-19.

The same “Fauci the child killer” is pushing poison death shots on children.

Fauci is the venomous mouthpiece for devolved pagans and sociopathic oligarchs/ governments bent to murder and enslave humanity.

The time of our redemption has arrived. Rise up and resist tyranny at all costs.

Say no to the poison death shot

Take your kids out of public schools that want to destroy their bodies and souls.



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