On April 23, 2020, a bipartisan group of six senators wrote a letter to Treasury Secretary Mnuchin asking him to extend the “safe harbor” deadline for wind and solar projects because of COVID-19. This extension would give the renewable energy companies more time to collect even more tax credits from the taxpayer.

Among the six senators were Chuck Grassley and John Thune, both fierce proponents of the tax credits for wind and solar. In the past both have pledged their support to phase out these credits. But it never happens.

Thune and Grassley are among the top recipients of campaign contributions from wind and solar. They are in bed with big business and other politicians using the virus as an excuse to fill their own pockets.

In your spare time watch “Planet of the Humans” on YouTube, directed by liberal Michael Moore. It exposes the renewable energy scam as a cash cow for corporations and politicians with zero net effect on climate change.

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Friedrich Farmer

Oh, look, Mr. Hubner is beating his dead horse one more time.

Someday South Dakotans will be earning revenue by exporting our excess electricity. And as the Argus Leader wrote in September, “The rapid expansion of wind energy will reach across the state...”

Meanwhile farmers have another source of revenue now that the trade war has handed our markets to the South Americans. (Of course we’ll have to survive Trump’s pandemic first.)

Gregg, maybe instead of tilting at wind turbines, you could join the Flat Earth Society. You can’t pick a better lost cause than that. And you won’t be holding back progress for the rest of us.

Larry Skow

Fredrick the farmer: Odd how one derides Gregg for expressing his views. Yet you continue to Beat the Trump Trade war theory he ruined ag prices. Fred look back at 59 year history of corn prices. It has been over $4 bu once in mid 90's. again in the ethanol rush of 2008-11. Sir you we lost the trade war when Clinton made china a trade partner. Go in an read Allen Greenspans book about why this happened. As far as Trump's pandemic. Lets take a wait an see attitude. Farmers have farmed for the subsidies for decades. Old story if little guy don't grow you fade away. Same as any bizzness cycle. Staying the same size is losing ground. If farm economy is so tough--why has seed companies/farm implement manufactors raised their prices every year? Why has shop time went up steady. Hog prices? Smithfeild the largest hog processor just happens to be China owned. JBS just happens to be Brazilian owned. Yet farmers rush to build hog barns an sign contract with Smithfeild to raise their product. Same with cattle feedlots. When one overproduces any widget usually prices stay low. So don't deride Gregg for his views. Yet I see your point as the landowner where windfarms sit is income for landowner. But stop blaming Trump for ag issues. This Issue been decades in making. Politicians really have not been looking out for your best intrests at heart. Yet they all claim to be strong Christian faith an will do the best for you. What a joke. Fredrick did Mrs. Noem offer you the advisors job she gave her daughter? But her daughter likely voted. So there some truth to she looked out for voter. Wake up people. Times are a changing things will have a rough spell here but we will come out on top. Most of the world is against USA. Even some of our politicians are corrupt---see latest Fylnn episode. Sedition or Treason? We going to find out. Stay tuned an hang on. Trump is only one that can pull us out of this mess.

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