Judgmental is a word on the pan these days.

Consider two issues.

President Obama had no cabinet scandals in eight years, including Ms. Clinton. Forty million dollars of investigations by Congress, the State Department in the last month. Trey Gowdy — no charges. Kevin McCarthy — “we’re investigating to keep her polls down.” Illegal — using taxpayer money to do party campaigning. Judged by many — not guilty.

Mr. Trump has dozens of cabinet members and staff in scandal and removed. Many advisors are in prison. Several are international thugs, and Sens. Thune and Rounds approved everyone. A book has been written: “Everything Trump Touches Dies.”

Now to differentiate these two, do you “conclude,” “surmise,” “pass judgment,” “some other”?

On judgment. Good news! God is my judge — no one else. Good news! God has declared me innocent and righteous through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ through faith.

I’m a sinner. Every day. Simul Justus et peccator. Saint and sinner simultaneously. Living in that tension, God makes us saints, but we are still sinners. Regularly we confess. Superior? I’m freed to seek justice, love mercy and walk humbly with God as a servant of Jesus.

No, I can’t judge the heart of another. Only God can. There are major clues from what the person does on the outside. Presidents Obama and Trump — wrong on cages.

Self-righteousness is not righteousness; it comes from me. If righteousness comes from God and is shown through me, then hypocrisy and self-righteousness are bum charges by people playing god.

I think folks who rationalize, minimize, cover for Mr. Trump’s lawlessness, racism, lies, etc., and declare him blameless pass judgment. God is God.

Might we rally around an apolitical umbrella, “Thou shalt not lie, kill or steal?” I remind our congressional folks of them regularly.

I gratefully believe in God, not lying, stealing or killing, and urge all to raise the truth/love bar!

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Welcome back to these pages, Rev. You’ll see from the comments to follow this little homily that everyone has already made up their minds. This impeachment is mostly for History, and History will judge our time more surely than your God, who appears to be taking a much-deserved sabbatical from His thankless job overseeing a fractious and foolish human race. Or maybe He’s just distracted by His preparations for the next Great Flood, which already swamps our farmer’s fields and laps at the shores of our coastlines. In case anyone notices. Deus adjuvat, qui sibi auxilium.

E pluribus

What will happen today or tomorrow is uncertain. But the judgement of the future is not hard to envision.

Imagine that Republicans were told the whole Trump saga with the name, “Barack Hussein Obama,” substituted for “Donald J. Trump.”

Their reactions would give us a preview of how History will view the Trump era.

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