Nemonte Nenquimo is a leader in her Amazon tribe, the Waorani, and deeply concerned about changes in the habitat. She has written a letter to the outside world about the plundering of their rain forest. Here are some of her words:

The Amazon is my home. I write to you because the fires are raging still. The corporations are spilling oil in our rivers. The miners are stealing gold and leaving open pits and toxins. Land grabbers are cutting down the forest to graze cattle so the white man can eat. Our elders are dying from the virus while you plan to cut up more lands to stimulate your economy that never helped us.

We love our land and fight to protect it. You outsiders know not the damage you cause. You are ignorant. It took us 1000’s of years to understand the rain forest. You are not so complicated. You say the oil companies will sip oil from the land like a hummingbird sips nectar. You are lying because we live with the spills. When you say the Amazon is not burning, we choke on the smoke. When you say you are looking for solutions, we see you continue your extraction and pollution.

We are the closest to the land and hear her cries. We don’t need a university to see you have lost your way. You are pushing your civilization on us and now we have a world pandemic, climate crisis, species extinction and spiritual poverty. You do not understand or respect life on earth. You are taking everything away from us. Earth expects that you respect her.

If you are a climate change denier, maybe you should reconsider.

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