On Friday evening over the Fourth of July weekend, we, along with two other family members, took a drive around Lewis and Clark Lake. As we were driving around the marina area, we saw a pontoon boat leaving the dock area. The boat had two large flags hanging off the back end. The one said “Trump 2024” and the other one said “F*** Biden.” The boat was then towed along the highway and proceeded into the Midway campground area. The lake and the campgrounds were filled with families taking advantage of our stellar facilities, so the flag, with the profanity on it, was viewed by many.

What has happened to respect for our presidents, elected officials, teachers, elderly, clergy and fellow Americans? We understand the right to freedom of speech and all of that — “We get it.” We all have a right to our opinion.

But we all have a duty to listen to each other and to respect each other. There also needs to be more respect for our public officials. Parading around with a flag such as this displayed great disrespect to everyone! I wonder how many parents had to answer a child’s question as to what that flag meant on our Fourth of July Holiday Weekend!

Instead of spewing hate, division and disrespect, we need to reach across the aisle and get something positive accomplished for this great nation of ours. We are all tired of the mentality of left versus right, blue versus red, Republicans versus Democrats. We are all Americans and we can do better than this! There are better ways to get things accomplished in our country than what we saw that weekend!

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Earth Man

Thankfully written, John and Linda, thank you. I need to believe that most Americans would agree with you!


Well said thank you




I think the respect for The Office of the Presidency has been in question for about 4 years and 7 months. I believe the sure disrespect for President Trump by the Leftists probably has fueled much of the angst towards the President that resides in The White House today. I think parents probably can explain the questions about the flags seen at the lake last weekend about as well as the questions their children raised about the hatred for President Trump and his family. It might not be right but, "What comes around, goes around!"

Side note: I do not own or display any of these flags that have vulgar language. But I do proudly fly my, "Trump 2024 Flag" and will continue to do so!! I cannot wait for this fiasco of an Administration to be out of The White House.


Thanks, Sunshine.

With the support of Patriots like you we’ll wrest control of our country from the Mongrel Marxist trash that threatens true AngloSaxon Americans' birthright.

Just because we didn’t succeed on January 6th doesn’t mean the patriotic struggle to Make America Great Again is over. Fly your flag proudly, Sunshine. That wasn’t an insurrection, it was a patriotic revolution!

Polls show that in South Dakota most people know the election was stolen. This is why Republican Patriots like you support passing laws to prevent the Communists from ever stealing another election.

Where We Go One We Go All!


Happy Friday!


Election Fraud in all 50 states.

Treatment Plan:

Decertify the election & make arrests.


Trump won & there's not a darn thing you can do to stop what's coming!


Shilling with your infantile sarcasm at every opportunity, eh?


Thanks, Abe! There are so many more of us than the normies suspect.

Donald Trump will soon return to his rightful Presidency at the head of his loyal military, and He will arrest and eliminate all our political enemies.

Just because we didn’t succeed on January 6th doesn’t mean the patriotic struggle to Make America Great Again is over.

Where We Go One We Go All!


@ QgopFromnowon......Aside from your extremely strange username, instead of going to voting booths for elections, maybe you should see a therapist. You are part of the problem, not the solution. Trump LOST. Get over it already. There was no voter fraud. In your head maybe. And dream on, because Trump`s chances of even being a nominee, he has to secure a majority of delegates. it`s not going to happen. We`ve had enough of Trump and his criminal associates.

Tin Foil Fred

Thanks, Abe‼️

Finally there’s someone who’s talking sense‼️

Mr. T

Happy Monday, Abe!


Rising coronavirus cases in all 50 states - overwhelmingly among the unvaccinated.

Treatment Plan:

Get vaccinated.


The virus is winning & there IS something you can do to stop what's coming!

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