Way to go, Joe! President Biden opened the Strategic Oil Reserves to sell oil and reduce USA gas prices for U.S citizens. What a complete utter failure and basically gave millions of dollars of crude oil away to overseas countries.

Why do we put up with these boneheaded fools for politicians? Let’s include GOP in this as well! They have a voice; they could of spoke up! How many got a kickback right along with Hunter Biden?

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It comes as no surprise to learn that Mr. Green Energy himself, John Kerry has his son conveniently with the Chinese firm along with Hunter Biden. The corruption of the Democrat party knows no boundaries.


The epitome of “no boundaries” is the Trump Republicans’ violent coup attempt of January 6th.

This is being made abundantly clear by the testimonies of all these Trump Republicans who were at the heart of the Trump administration.


Did they bring forth the letter from Mayor Bowser telling the Administration there was no need for added security? Did they answer the question: Who is Ray Epps and where is he hiding?

You only consider them credible because they've fallen from grace.


Ah, yes, Larry reminds us of Hunter Biden’s laptop, which is reputed to hold so many nefarious secrets.

No doubt if Republicans take back the House, John Durham’s perpetual (but fruitless) investigations into the FBI’s investigation of Russia's meddling in our 2016 election can be expanded into endless forensics to prove something or other that might deflect from the Trump Republicans’ failed coup.

Somehow a violent attack on our Democracy is so much less interesting to Republicans than this laptop.

But at least Durham can have another hobby to while away his golden years…

Larry Skow

Clown Rus. One way to see if the Hunter Biden Laptop holds secrets is to expose it. Put it all on internet. It is unclaimed property so now rights exist--but question is--why hasn't he claimed it back? Same with 1-6 "investigation" Congress investigations go absolutely no where 100% of the time. Congress is not a investigative arm of government. Why not look at the entire picture of what lead up to anger of people that made event happen. WAY TOOMANY QUESTIONS ABOUT THE SECURE ELECTION. Why not resolve all the questions one way or other? That is Congresses job. Regardless of party affiliation--their job is to look out for USA. Not look out for illegal's / not fund a Ukrainian war/ Not to give away our oil reserve to other countries. Clown Rus you are in same league of fools as SoDarkD and others are. Can never bring a good counter point to the conversation. Put some more stickers on your car and go drive around promoting the democrat candidate for governor. Odd how democrat party of South Dakota couldn't even find someone to run for Attorney General.


🟥🟥🟥 Larry, (and Voice and Abe, too) ALL of Trump's inside people tell us the 2020 election was free and fair. And Joe Biden won.

The way to resolve questions about vote fairness is through the courts. And when Trump refused to believe what ALL of his staff and his appointees told him, he turned to the courts.

And lost 60 lawsuits.

Larry, instead of whining there are “Too many QUESTIONS about the secure election” why not search for ANSWERS?

Just search on the words ”Lost not Stolen.” This will direct you to Fox News.

Even here you will learn that: “Prominent conservatives say the election was lost, not stolen. The group looked at all 64 of the Trump campaign's claims of fraud in six key states and concluded there was no substantial evidence of fraud.”

It’s time for you sore losers to abandon Trump’s BIG LIE.

If FOX is starting to face up to the truth. So can you.


Poor Sod, By now I'd have counted on you to acquiesce. On a long enough timeline all of your pathetic arguments are proven false. So far, you've been wrong many times, but I know you won't discuss those errors. The facts and truth just keep coming.

Just you wait.


Larry, can you please explain how we “…give away our oil reserves to other countries”?

The Energy Department says it's rare for companies that purchase oil from the reserve to export it.

I’m used to your usual catalog of grievances but this one is new to me.

Does this mean anything more than that oil is a fungible commodity so that supply and demand basically works globally and not locally?

Larry Skow

SoDakD The oil in reserves was to be used here in USA to drop the price of gas here in USA. Cina/India/Italy and other countries bought the oil at heavy discounted price of $30-$40-barrel- FOB($3 bbl). Market value of oil was at $100 barrel plus. So, by selling at heavy discount. Isn't that "giving away" the Reserve oil? Oil that was in reserves was purchased at $75 plus a bbl to start with. So now federal law requires that oil to be purchased and replaced within certain time period to keep reserve full for emergency use. So at current price to $97 bbl--it does bounce around daily on price. It will again cost the taxpayers money. Taxpayers are yourself/me and most of the general public (we will exclude the illegal tacos coming cross the border). We won't get into the refinery shortage here in USA. They are the ones that process out oil into gas/diesel other useful everyday products. SoDakD there you have explanation of "giving away".

Larry Skow

SoDarkD: Speaking of give aways which you seem to have issues understanding. How about Ukraine's corrupt president saying USA needs to give him $7 Billion a month so he can meet Ukraine's needs. $7 BILLION a month! Putin/Russia is beating Bonehead Biden like a drum over there! It going to be LONG COLD WINTER in Europe as gas/oil /coal is short supply. France is cutting off power to all street lites. Neatherlands/France/Spain and other countries are seeing protests/riots due to this "green" thing not working. UK can't generate electricity from off shore wind turbines--no wind. Same thing happening in Texas right now. Wind turbines are not working--because no wind! Crops are in trouble here in USA/Mexico because of the drought. Even Yankton's water supply is short. What does Bonehead Biden and crew doing to plan for issues? NOTHING! Our VP Harris has been cocked more times than John Wayne's gun! Biden or Harris can't even give coherent speech on anything!


The ONLY boneheads that write editorials in the P & D are Larry Skow, Abe and Voice for few. Willful ignorance showing their true colors. To these poor bitter souls, every problem (even personal ones as well ) is all the Democrats fault. Take your blinders off you three.


Ha! Your bitterness comes through loud and clear. It will probably cause your death once the truth is revealed. Enjoy the cognitive dissonance while you still can.


SoDakD conveniently avoids the reports that oil from the U.S.'s strategic oil reserves have been "sold" through a Chinese company that somehow has ties to Joe Biden's prostitute loving, cocaine using son Hunter who is the smartest person Joe Biden has ever met, according to Joey himself. The same son that Joey himself says he has no idea nor has he talked to Hunter about any of his business dealings yet somehow a recorded phone message to Hunter from Joey was recently released with Joey talking to Hunter about his business dealings. I know SoDakD, if it isn't reported on CNN or MSNBC it doesn't exist or it isn't true or it's misinformation or it's disinformation or whatever label you democrats give any information that doesn't shed good light on Joey, but it's true folks, your president is selling our strategic oil to companies in China with ties to Hunter. Yet more ways for Hunter and the Biden family to make millions off the backs of us American's. Let the chants start, 4 more years, 4 more years, 4 more years. By then we should be in a depression or a socialist country, probably both, exactly what the democrats want. Oh, and over the last several months Biden has "released" 260 million barrels of oil, of that over 5 million has been "sold" off to other nations including China, so now our strategic oil reserves are now down to 492 million barrels of oil, won't have much left soon under good old Joey. Under Trump, in 2020, Trump ordered the DOE to fill the reserves to maximum capacity, and now Joey is selling oil as fast as he can so he and his family can get richer, oh, and so it looks like he is doing something to lower gas prices. Great leadership. 4 more years, 4 more years, 4 more years, right democrats?


Oh, and speaking of "green" energy, did you see the news article over the weekend of a family buying a used electric Ford Focus? The family bought the car for their son for $11,000, he started having issues with it so they took it back to the dealership and they told them that it was the battery that was bad, and it would cost $14,000 to replace the battery. Oh, and the car had 60,000 miles on it, it was a 2014 model, so this $11,000 car now needs a $14,000 battery, and by the time they decided what they were going to do, they were told by the dealership that the battery is no longer available, it was discontinued by Ford already. So a 2014 Ford, 8 years old, needed a battery replaced for $14,000, but Ford doesn't have any more batteries, so the car is useless, completely and totally useless, so off to the auto recyclers it goes, a 8 year old car. Who does this make any sense too? You are destroying the earth by digging miles deep holes in it to mine the lithium, which by the way is not recyclable, you are using machinery that burns up to 15,000 gallons of diesel a day, not just one but hundreds of them, processing the lithium in a factory that uses oil and natural gas to process it, putting it on huge cargo ships to transport it to a country that makes the batteries, these ships use tens of thousands of gallons of diesel on each trip, make the batteries in another production facility, ship all of this lithium by trucks and trains across land to all these facilities, ship the batteries back to a port and put on a huge cargo ship to ship the batteries to the car makers, use trucks and trains that burn diesel to transport the batteries to the car manufacturers, transport the cars by truck or train across America or if they are foreign made cars, put the cars back on a ship and send this huge cargo ship across the ocean again that burns hundreds of thousands of diesel on every trip to a port and from their transport these vehicles by truck or train to the car dealers. Wow, really sounds green to me, the wave of the future, green energy cars saving the earth. What then do you do with all these batteries that aren't recyclable? What do you do with all these cars that have obsolete batteries? One of my cars is almost 30 years old, I can still get parts for the engine and it is still going strong, but an electric vehicle, 8 years old, obsolete, so you have to make more of them more often, does all this sound "green" to all of you? Doesn't to me, but I think logically, unlike many democrats, as long as the talk sounds good, it must be good, right?


And while you are pondering "green" energy, here's a quick snipet of a story that just came out about one of your great leaders Nancy Pelosi of the democratic party, it's about her drunk driving husband and ol' Nan herself, don't believe me, go ready about it yourself - House Speaker Nancy Pelosi could be poised to cash in upcoming legislation meant to bolster the U.S. semiconductor industry, after her husband exercised shares worth as much as $5 million in a California company that stands to reap subsidies. Paul Pelosi, who was arrested for allegedly driving drunk in May, exercised 20,000 shares in Nvidia, a Santa Clara company. The move was revealed in a disclosure Nancy Pelosi filed to the House of Representatives last week and first reported by the Daily Caller. “Obviously, Speaker Pelosi would be aware of the timing of this legislation over in the Senate,” Rep. Ralph Norman (R-SC) told the Daily Caller. “On the heels of that vote, for anyone in her orbit to purchase seven-figures worth of stock of an U.S.-based chip manufacturer just reeks of impropriety.” - Are you sure the democrats have your best interest at heart, or is it more about them getting richer and richer? Seems to be the latter if you ask me, but who am I, just guy trying to eek out a living in a democratic run country in recession, I am betting the recession really isn't affecting Nan and Paul, or Joey for that matter.


Well gee DumpTrump, lashing out so, how come? You hate hearing opposing views? You hate that people are fed up with the democrats America? You hate hearing that people are tired of being lied to, being called racists and homophobes or whatever label the democrats want to put on everyone? You hate hearing that people are fighting back for their children, for their lively hoods, for the communities, for their states, for their schools, for the unborn, for their country? You hate that people are fighting back against an untested "vaccine" that is being forced into people's bodies by a government that is in bed with huge pharmaceutical companies? You just want us all to shut up and go away so you can run right over this country like you are doing now and ruining it and the people in it? I suppose you love your record high inflation, your record high crime, your record high illegal immigration, your record high drug overdoses, your food shortages, your recession, your record high fuel prices, your censorship? You all good with that? Are you proud your great leaders of the democratic party have managed to do all this, set all these records in less than 18 months of being in charge? I guess you are, and that is why people like us fight back, that is why people like us write on these forums, so you democrats don't continue to just roll right over this once amazing and beautiful country of ours that has turned into a complete and total mess, so much hate, so much division, so much chaos, that's not what I want my country to be, but you and the democrats do and are ok with that for some reason, you must be ok with it because you only continue to make it worse and worse, day after day. You have created this mess, you won't fix any of it, yet we are the ones that are wrong, we are the ones that are the problem. Do you see what is going on in our country? Do you know of all these things that are happening? Why are you ok with the state that our country is in? Why? Please enlighten me, please tell me our country is headed in the right direction? 92% of republicans and 78% of democrats think our country is headed in the wrong direction. 78% of your party, the party that is in charge of all this mess, think we are headed in the wrong direction, now tell me I am wrong.


@ VoiceforFew..Yes, you ARE wrong. Quit blaming the Democrats for all of America`s problems. I guess you are totally OBLIVIOUS to the fact that a country`s problem`s don`t just "appear out of nowhere". the previous administration was worse. Why don`t you join your buddies in the Proud Boys hate group ???? Then you can surround yourself with others of your ilk. And man up and blame Trump and his supporters for the insurrection that compromised our very democracy on January 6th. You are clearly wearing blinders. I am so happy that two of your Republican Trump buddies each received three years in prison for pepper spraying Capitol police Jan. 6th. The poor babies wept as they were sentenced. look at your own backyard before you criticize mine. it aint pretty. Clear the junk from your mind as well. It`s people like you that have caused me to vote a straight Democratic ticket regardless of the person. You have nothing but negativity in your head and blame everything on the Democrats, regardless of the issue!! I feel sorry for you, I really do because in your mind you are a Republican FIRST, not an American. It`s people like you that have cause us Democrats to take a stand against your negative vitriol and we are tired of it.


Well, there you go, folks. Another straight ticket for the blue team because somebody got their fee wings hurt. Who cares if Lucifer himself was on the ballot so long as there are no meanies who actually make sense.

You are pathetic.


@ Abe......Pleeease! Save your wretched opinions for those who care what you think. If you want to see "pathetic", look in the mirror. You clowns would vote for a monkey over a Democrat as long as it has an ( R ) before it. You`re a Trump supporter and COVID denier. That tells me ALL I need to know about your ignorant thought process! Keep talking! LOL.


Larry, I’ll ignore your misogynistic habit of accusing women of sexual improprieties to “prove” some point or other, but I also have little patience for your “misplaced outrage over Hunter Biden and U.S. oil reserves bought by China.”

If you put these very words into your search engine you’ll see why I don't give this misinformation much credence

But if Republicans get the House in the upcoming midterms you can be sure they’ll launch numerous investigations into Hunter.

Personally I’d like to see Republicans exhaust themselves on this wild goose chase. It might limit the time they have to spend on more harmful projects.

So we may see what they can find. I’m guessing they’ll do us a service by showing us there’s not much more for them to uncover than they found in their seven investigations of Benghazi or the recent “nothing burger” that resulted from the three year long Durham investigations of the FBI.

Also, I can’t understand why an “oil man” (such as you brag to be) can’t understand the basic global economics of oil.

As I indicated in my previous post, “oil is an international commodity. Its price is determined by global supply and demand. Biden is trying to increase the supply of oil to help bring down prices that have soared as the United States and its allies have tried to stem purchases of Russian energy products.

What matters for the price of oil is how much oil there is - not who has it.”


The country IS headed in the wrong direction, Voice. Republicans and Democrats and independents seem to agree on this.

So the question to be decided by voters in the 2020 midterms and especially the 2024 presidential election, is whether the Republicans or the Democrats or an (unlikely) third party is best able to put us on the right track.

And I agree with you that the majority of the American electorate is more focused on bread and butter issues like inflation and gas prices.

However, abortion rights is inching up on voters’ radar as more and more Americans see that red states like South Dakota don’t believe in exceptions for rape and incest.

There will be many more stories like the pregnant 10 year old to remind folks of the reality of the “pro life” orthodoxy.

Still - though it’s not still a dominant issue - the accumulating evidence shows that the Trump administration and its many Republican enablers planned and attempted the January 6th insurrection to prevent a free and fair election from transferring power peacefully after Trump lost the election.

And this is much more critical in the long run than transitory economic problems. An unpunished coup attempt could lead to the end of our Democracy.

So stay tuned, Voice. The January 6 committee is making a rock solid case against Trump and his co-conspirators. And they’re doing it all with testimony from Trump Republicans who were central to the his administration.

You seem to have transitioned from ”nobody cares” to “it doesn’t really matter.”

And yet without our regular transfers of power, our democracy becomes meaningless, and if the legitimacy of our government falls apart, all the issues we care about can’t be addressed.


The "reality of the pro life orthodoxy" will be just fine, even when it must stand against the contrived, half-baked attempts to sensationalize concerted efforts to deceive the public for political reasons. Truth will always win. Just you wait.


Ok Dumptrump, apparently the few hundred people that "stormed" the capital 19 months ago and some Proud Boys group is responsible for a recession, inflation, record high gas prices, record high crime waves, on and on and on that this country has been going through since the democrats took over. Why don't you man up and take some responsibility for your parties failures and stop blaming everyone else for the problems your party is creating. It's people like you and your party that are driving more people to the republican side, so keep blaming Trump, keep blaming Putin, keep blaming every person in this country that has a different opinion than yours. You're party really needs to grow up and act like it is running a country, because currently it is not, and it's why we are in the mess we are in. But if you think it is Trump's fault, if you think it is the Proud Boys fault, good, keep that attitude, because when you fill up your gas tank at twice the cost it was when Trump was president, when your grocery bill is twice as high as it was when Trump was in office, while all the people on fixed incomes or are lower income have trouble buying food or paying for their energy bills, somehow find a way to say it's Trump's fault, most of this country doesn't agree, but you aren't going to change your mind, you like paying more for everything you buy I guess, well keep it up, we'll see how November turns out and then we will see if Joey is able to form a sentence in 2 1/2 years and run again.


@ VoiceforFew.......I feel like Einstein compared to you fools. Nuff said!


More data - President Joe Biden’s approval has hit a new low of 38% as Americans lose faith in his ability to handle soaring inflation, according to a new survey. The new CNN/SSRS poll found that nearly 7 in 10 (68%) disapprove of Biden’s performance, a new high. Only a quarter of those surveyed approves of how Biden handles inflation. It all gets worse. Biden’s approval ratings for handling the economy stand at 30%, and 25% support his efforts to hold down inflation. What’s more, 75% say inflation and the cost of living are the most important economic problem facing their family, a jump from 43% last summer. - So if it isn't Trump it will be DeSantis, either way the democrats are in trouble. When the democrats get voted out in November and the republicans show America what it looks like when adults are in charge and things actually get done instead of spending 75% of a party's time on Jan. 6th, 20% on how to force "vaccinations" into peoples bodies so themselves and big pharmaceutical companies can get richer, and the rest on deciding how to groom our children and what label to give people and how to remove the term woman from our society, American's will see that the failed democrat experiment is just that a failure. And the evidence, well, just go and buy gas or groceries or anything and see how much more it costs living today than it did just two years ago, that's what matters to people, not deciding what to call women and "investigating" some event that is now 19 months old. Anyways, keep it up democrats, if falling poll numbers don't show you that what you are doing is wrong and failing, then nothing will. And if the three best democrats you have to put out on the world stage are Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi, then your party is in real trouble, but fortunately you don't see it that way like the rest of America does, and that's a bit of good news for us republicans.


Speaking of boneheads, what's all of your reactions to Biden's trip to beg the Saudi's for oil only to be rejected and come home with his tail between his legs. Did you see his monotone, incoherent speech he made to all those other leaders, oh my, what a disaster. You could tell by all their faces and their body language of those leaders and aides in the room that this was not going good. And now I see a story about us having to fly in baby formula from Switzerland to help mothers still trying to feed their children, did you know we still had a baby formula shortage? Of course you didn't, democratic and media focus is on Jan. 6th. Begging for oil and begging other countries to feed our people, this is the new norm for a democratically run America. You people need to ask, is that what we want? Do we need to beg for other countries to help feed our people, to help with our energy needs? Imagine if this was happening under Trump, holy cow you would never hear the end of it, but under Biden, he's reaching out, he's fixing problems. Really? Yeah, fixing problems he created. I call it begging, you call it being a good president, see the difference people, democrats beg for help on things they mess up, republicans know what it takes to run a country and we don't have to beg for help from other countries, which do you prefer?


And the hits just keep on coming from the top on down - The most recent CNN/SSRS poll, released Monday, showed the first lady’s favorability among U.S. adults dropped 24 points in one year. The poll, which has tracked Jill Biden’s favorability each year since 2020, pegged her approval rating at 34% — down from 58% in 2021 and 46% in 2020. The percentage who hold an unfavorable view of her has held steady around 29%. The favorability ratings of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris also took a significant hit. The poll suggests Biden’s favorability dropped from 59% last year to a current 36%. Harris’s favorability dropped to 32% from 51%. - Won't be long and we will see Biden sign an executive order that polls can no longer be done or he'll just keep denying they are and he will keep telling reports that they are wrong on what they are reporting and that the polls don't show things as being bad for the democrats. Just like you all keep telling us that we are better off now than we were under Trump and that we have more money in our savings accounts and that $3 trillion equals $0 and that the "vaccine" will prevent you from getting covid and then that the "vaccine" would stop covid from being transmitted and all the other lies. Keep living in a fantasy world I guess democrats, I am sure it all helps you sleep better at night.


Voice, Larry and the Nation's Trumpsters are ignoring their leader’s failed coup.

In fact, the official position of the Republican National Committee itself (the RNC) is that this insurrection was just “Legitimate Political Discourse.”

And how can you envision a more legitimate protest than breaking and entering into the Nation’s Capitol and carrying the Confederate Flag of yesteryear's racist traitors through the Halls of Congress?

But what can you expect from a party that counts among its valued “base” a whole bevy of white supremecists?

I can imagine these folks at the start of the Civil War:

“Mr. Lincoln, South Carolina has just destroyed Fort Sumter with their Legitimate Political Discourse.”


Today's democratic bonehead - "Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on Tuesday claimed that the southern border "is secure" – even as Border Patrol agents are facing historic migrant numbers. Mayorkas spoke at the Aspen Security Forum, where he was asked about the situation at the southern border – which has seen more than 200,000 migrant encounters a month in the last three months." - Yes sir folks, over 600,000 illegal immigrants have come into our country through the democrats open southern border yet our borders are deemed "secure" by your government. Can anyone tell me what the end game of the democratic party is for having millions and millions of illegal immigrants pouring into our country? Do they want higher crime rates that are already happening, do they want all our cities to be overwhelmed by all these illegals and take resources and tax dollars away from honest, hard working American's? Do they want the fentanyl deaths to go even higher than the records that were set last year? Our southern border is "secure" per the Biden administration, can you imagine if it wasn't secure? So, what's the end game here democrats?


And coming in at a close second for another democratic bonehead of the day, your friend that is fighting "racists" highways in communities across the country - the democrats own Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg that told Congress Tuesday that Americans could reduce the burden of high gas prices by buying electric vehicles. “The more pain we are all experiencing from the high price of gas, the more benefit there is for those who can access electric vehicle,” Buttigieg said. - So folks, do you really believe the democrats want to lower your gas prices, let me answer that for you, they don't, they want you to suffer, they want you to feel the pain of high gas prices, the democrats are saying it out loud now. Can you all afford to buy a $60,000 car? I would need to buy 4 of them, one for me, one for my wife, and two for my daughters, so I need to buy $240,000 worth of cars, how about you, how many do you need to buy, if you need to buy two then you would have to come up with $120,000, hope you can all afford that, it's coming to a house near you if the democrats have their way. Oh, and you will need to go and hire an electrician to wire your house for the car chargers and hopefully you have a large enough electrical panel in your house to add on these additional charging circuits, most don't have one large enough to power just one car charger unless it is a trickle charger that takes days to charge your battery, so your electrical service to your house will have to get bigger, and the electrical company doesn't do that for free either, have you ever thought about the infrastructure of you cities and if they can handle the demand, heck, we can't all run our air conditioners at once any more, how are we going to charge all these cars? So, keep voting democrat, keep paying record high gas prices, keep our economy suffering, keep our citizens suffering, all for the democrats political agenda's, seems to make sense, huh democrats?


And I guess as bonehead 1A for the democrats, wow, and all of this in just one day, did you see democratic representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez being led away from a protest outside of the supreme court yesterday? If you didn't see it, go watch the video, a police office is walking beside her and she has her hands behind her back like she has handcuffs on, but she doesn't, and at one point she even raises one of hands above her head and then puts it behind her back again. What's the purpose of acting like she is being arrested? Why does one of your esteemed members of congress act like she is being arrested? Really makes her and her party look like bigger frauds then they already look, don't you think?


Firstly, I just have to say I am enjoying this "Bonehead" portion of the P&D opinion page, so thanks to all the democrats that are helping making it a long, running list. And for today, another rules for thee and not me flashback of the "strict" democrat rules about covid - President Joe Biden took a maskless photo in the White House Thursday, just hours after officials announced he has symptomatic COVID and would be isolating. - So let's see what your CDC has to say about masks - As of March 30, CDC guidelines stipulate that individuals who contract COVID “[w]ear a well-fitting mask for 10 full days any time you are around others inside your home or in public. Do not go to places where you are unable to wear a well-fitting mask.” - Huh? Now all us little people are forced to do this, why aren't the elites? Oh, and wasn't it Joey and all you democrats that for months said if you were "vaccinated" you couldn't get covid and then when they found out that was a lie it was you couldn't transmit covid and then when they found out that was a lie, well, you get my point. "Vaccinated", double, triple, heck quadruple boosted, why not, and more and more "vaccinated" people are getting covid all the time. I thought this was the pandemic of the unvaccinated, looks like it's become the pandemic of the vaccinated. Do you ever wonder if they are forcing their "vaccination" into your own body knowing you are still going to get covid with our without it so they can keep the pandemic going to keep control over you and your family? Makes you wonder, doesn't it? No shots, no boosters, and I have yet to get covid, weird.


Voice, you science deniers can play the odds as you see them, according to your favorite anti-vax web sites.

I’ve long abandoned any illusion that we’ll ever reach herd immunity in America with so many of you folks still refusing the science. No wonder we’re well above a million dead and still counting.

Fortunately it’s still mostly you unvaccinated folks who are dying.

We’re culling the herd. Removing the stupidest specimens from the human genome.

Mayo Clinic is one of many sources I trust. Their website says:

“...among the unvaccinated with this [latest] variant [BA.5], they're about fivefold more likely to get infected than people who have been vaccinated and boosted, about 7½ times more likely to be hospitalized, and about 14 to 15 times more likely to die if they get infected."

Good luck!

Larry Skow

SoDARKD: As usual you are wrong on almost 100% of what you come back with. Simply go to DOE and view where oil was sold to. So Wrong again. And wrong on Hunter Biden AGAIN. Now then you are wrong on your Covid death data as well. There is real reason Vax shot is called CLOT SHOT. People are dying from after effects. Now Fauci himself has said the vax shot won't protect you from getting covid! True story he stated it just in past few days. Now also go in and read how Dr. Brix--Fauci's partner in scam is coming clean on things--especially how Trump and others were misled at start and how they knew all they were doing would not accomplish a thing. Go ahead all read it. It's in their own words. But as usual it will do no good for you to read it. Now the LBGTQ-Pox is here--seems only that group is getting it or 95% plus. And look at group crying they not getting the "vaccine"--yep the LBGTQ crowd is awhining away. They just got to keep packing that fudge--can't quit for a little Pox on life. But in this case packing fudge don't make them candy makers.


@ Larry Skow......You proudly display your immaturity. You are one of the most pathetic people to ever grace the editorials. You must be a bitter man. Miserable. You poor thing, I cannot imagine how pitiful your life must be, all that baggage. And you choose to unload in the P & D. I bet you don`t write editorials in your hometown paper, do you? Too embarrassed ?? Too scared ?? Surrounded by highly educated Democrats ??

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