I read Mr. Dennis Menke’s letter to the editor titled “Good Reading” (Press & Dakotan, June 26). I researched the subject of the article regarding the fact Ben Shapiro would never vote for Donald Trump. I could not find any record that Mr. Shapiro made this statement on his show “Daily Wire” on March 18, 2020. Many articles printed in Facebook and in emails are bogus. Mr. Shapiro did say in March 2016 that he was a Never Trumper; however, there were several people who said they were on the Never Trump bandwagon in 2016. Many have changed their minds since then, and will vote for President Trump.

Democrats hate the fact that President Trump created the lowest unemployment record for all Blacks, Hispanics, women and people of all races, in the history of America. He has also brought back the strongest economy in the history of America. President Obama stated when he left office: How will Trump improve the economy, wave a magic wand? I guess most people have forgotten that President Obama left office with an unemployment rate over 7%!

You can say what you want about President Trump, but we had the strongest economy and lowest unemployment rate in the history of the United States of America, before the pandemic, without any help from the Democrats. What did President Obama and Vice President Biden do for all of America during their eight years in office? NOTE: Ben Shapiro stated he would never vote for Joe Biden.

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That was perfectly put. The Democrats and liberal hacks just want to destroy our country. President Trump has did an outstanding job for our country...


Mr. Butzlaff, President Trump may say that he's "brought back the strongest economy in the history of America", but it's always a good idea to do some research. Maybe start with an article such as this: https://www.forbes.com/sites/chuckjones/2020/02/19/no-president-trump-obamas-economic-recovery-was-not-a-con-job/#2cfe14995e62


YTgr3, research is always a good idea and thank you for the link. It was an interesting article but most of it was based on opinion of the author, who is probably much smarter than I am, especially on economics. However, the two strongest things in the piece were the numbers that showed all of the first three years of Pres.Obama admin. were below those of President Trump in economics based on employment. So that is all the real life, solid FACTS we have.... the rest is predictions or speculation about how they will compare in the future. This 4th yr has been different, so far, due to the Pandemic. The second telling thing in the article was about Pres. Obama adm. recovery from the Recession vs Pres. Trump's failure to meet Obama's 4th yr stat is this:

"While in many ways that is true, a very large part of that was due to the people and businesses having to get through the economic pain they had endured(ie; due to the Recession) from both a financial and psychological perspective.

One question you have to ask, is it better to have a recovery that lasts a decade or longer or one that comes back faster but is subject to falling back. "

Good question. Pres. Obama's numbers did not meet Trump's even the first three years of their respective terms. So, a decade of recovery and higher numbers for Pres. Obama is neither a fact yet nor predictable. And his last sentence is his own opinion only. We have to wait and see what the future will bring after a Pandemic.


Obama brought the country out of the Great Recession created by Dubya. It will be up to Biden to fix all the damage that Dump has created. 15 million Americans unemployed, laughing stock of the rest of the world, Americans are travel banned from most countries due to the incompetence of the Administration's COVID response and on and on and on and on... Too bad Democrat Presidents have to constantly pull the country back from Rethuglican catastrophes.

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