This is an open letter to South Dakota’s federal delegation, all of whom are Republicans: Shame on you! Why haven’t you stood up to defend your country and your president (and party leader), Donald Trump? For one month shy of three years, Trump personally has suffered a flood of still-continuing scurrilous attacks for the good things he has done, and for fabulously untrue things he has not.

Item: On June 30, 2017, he signed an Executive Order reviving the National Space Council. On Dec. 11, 2017, he signed Space Directive 1, directing NASA to gear up for a crewed lunar colonization program, followed by a mission to Mars and beyond. And on March 26 of this year, the timetable was pushed up to put the next man and the first woman on the Moon by 2024. NASA Administrator Bridenstine has termed the program “Artemis.”

What has Congress done? Cut out the future for our children and grandchildren by authorizing only half the funds required to carry out the mission. For that crime, Congress should be impeached.

Item: The entire nation is reeling from a drug epidemic that is killing more of our youth every year than died in the entire Vietnam War. For that crime, Congress should be impeached.

Item: In a phone call, President Trump asked Volodymyr Zelensky, the newly-elected President Ukraine, to help uncover the criminals who backed the pro-Nazi coup in 2014 via political support, $5 billion of aid, and blackmail. It turns out that the criminals in this case were Democrats caught “brown-handed” putting “leaders” into power in Ukraine who celebrate Hitler’s birthday every year, who have imposed a brutal austerity on the Ukrainian people, and who have attempted to get the U.S. to war with Russia.

The hypocritical House responded by launching a treasonous impeachment inquiry against President Trump, for his “crime” of asking for help to get at the truth. For the crime of promoting Nazism and for covering it up, Congress, not the president, should be impeached.




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"Impeach" . . . . I love them peaches


[whistling] Bishop Ron, of the Cult of Dump, should be hired by Faux News to push this incredibly wrong narrative. Never has a President been more deserving of impeachment than Dump. The poor bishop has downed a whole gallon of Dear Leader's kool-aid.


"This is an open letter to South Dakota’s federal delegation, all of whom are Republicans: Shame on you! Why haven’t you stood up to defend your country..." Here, I'll help you out with the rest..."and joined in standing with the Democrats for what is right and true about our already great country. Our president has done nothing but pad the pockets of the already wealthy. He has lied continuously, wasted more of OUR money at his places of business, spent more time golfing and tweeting that actually working, and he has asked foreign countries to spy on American citizens as well as believing their intelligence over the intelligence of the United States. Please stand up against this crooked coward." There that is what you meant to write...right?


"Congress, not the president, should be impeached." Ron Wieczorek's understanding of the U.S. Constitution is not good. Impeachment is the process by which a legislative body levels charges against a officers of the U.S. federal government. Members of Congress and the Senate are not office holders. Mr. Wieczorek's unsupported conspiracy theory about criminals backing a "pro-N@zi coup in 2014" are fantasies from the dark recesses of the internet. As Special Counsel Mueller note in his report, “[a] campaign can be assisted not only by the provision of funds, but also by the provision of derogatory information about an opponent.” President Trump's requests to Ukraine and China to investigate his political opponent are extremely troubling and need to be fully investigate. South Dakota’s federal delegation, John Thune, Mike Rounds, and Dusty Johnson silence is shameful.

America's national security and national interests should come their party and before Mr. Trump's personal political interests.


dmilroy: Why are you so afraid of an investigation on Biden? Are you worried that your criminal conspiracy ties to him will surface and put you in peril of being exposed?


No, its is all based on a phony conspiracy theory.

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