When we moved to Yankton almost 10 years ago, I met a local resident that commented, “I hope you don’t bring your big city ways with you.” I found the comment interesting but didn’t find it offensive because I grew up in big cities and knew that I moved to a rural state and county with different values.

The first time I opened my windows and smelled fertilizer, I was comforted to know that this county used natural fertilizer and not only chemicals. I was also reassured that I would be able to buy food since the smell of rural America means that the farmers are producing the food and products that we need to survive.

It troubles me to continue to observe the lack of support some of the current Yankton County commissioners have regarding farming. If they would eliminate their “big city ideas/ways” and support our county farmers, we wouldn’t be facing several townships wanting to secede from the county. In addition, we (county residents) and farmers would not have to absorb the legal costs that both Yankton County and farmers are generating in this battle to turn/prevent Yankton from becoming an urban community.

We must support the farmers because they are the lifeline of American. We cannot survive without the food they produce!

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Thank you. There are some, very misinformed individuals, that want to cherry pick what tools and practices farmers are allowed to use. (Really, farmers should just be grateful they are allowed to operate. They need know their place and keep quiet when the fancy folk are talking)

But seriously. In times of high taxes, low prices, horrific weather conditions farmers and producers need as many options as possible to stay viable. They are literally feeding the world.


Well said Van. Well said.


What a bunch of whiners. Dump throws billions at farmers and it still isn't enough. Dump negotiated USMCA (new NAFTA). This is supposed to be great (Awesome!) for our farmers and ranchers. The President told us so. Now, the poor farmers just want to do what they want and everybody else just needs to stay on the sidelines and shut up about it. Waaa.. waaa.. waaa..

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