This is in response to Kenneth Leischner’s letter (Press & Dakotan, Aug. 26) which responded to my letter: Your answer to my simple question if you are proud of the cast of characters. I take by your answer you are not proud of them — and I understand why.

Biden/Harris are also pro-murder — abortion! How can anyone be for that? But look what they had on stage in Donna Hylton — a convicted killer: Dig into that and it will make you sick! Now Democrats have Sen. Chris Murphy from Connecticut calling for democracy to end as it’s “unnatural”! What in the world is wrong with you people?

Sir, I never said Trump was perfect, but I will take a divorced/“so what if he likes porn stars” candidate over this crew.

This Biden/Harris combination is just wrong. Joe claims to be a strong Catholic. How can a church allow him to darken its doorstep for supporting MURDER? How can women support Harris as she let child molesters off the hook?

“Yes, sir, you are rolling along — everything normal here folks! Nothing to worry about all under control!”

So sad!

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[thumbdown][thumbdown][thumbdown]Larry Skow, here we go again. Who are you so desperately trying to convince. It`s PATHETIC. You have problems sir, and problems no one can fix. You are beyond all help. Trump is the absolute WORST president in history. I guess it doesn`t bother you he calls war heroes "losers"? I`ll tell you what is sad, you are so hateful, so vile, that NOTHING the Democrats could ever do would please you. NEWSFLASH: Our democracy works on a two party system, so the president doesn`t have full power, he has to go through the proper channels, but narcissistic Trump doesn`t care about how our gov`t works, he`s one step away from being a dictator. If you want that type of gov`t, move to Russia, or North Korea, or Iran. Trump does what he wants to do without thinking about the consequences. Ignore supoenas, tell his staff to disregard anything the Dems offer or say. You, Mr. Skow, cannot see the forest through the trees. You are totally OBLIVIOUS to how our gov`t works. Our founding fathers knew someday a horrible person like Trump would be elected to the highest office. They took safeguards by not giving the president full power. How many times has Trump overstepped boundries??? Pushing the envelope to see how far he could actually get. Trump cares about NO ONE but himself. He even cheated on his SAT college entrance exam by hiring ( for pay ) a boy to take the test, because he knows he isn`t very smart. This has been proven by Trump`s own sister. She even remembers the name of the man who took the exam for Trump, wow, what a character of a guy, a fraud, a liar. Why won`t he release his tax returns? What is he so desperately trying to hide them ? I`ll tell you what it is. FRAUD. He cheated the IRS, otherwise he would not have sued all the way to the supreme court to hide the returns. If it wasn`t fraud, then what the heck else would it be??

You claim it is not a big deal he cheated on Melania ( while she was pregnant) with an adult movie star star? Really Larry. Where are your morals? Even paid her to shut her up with $130,000, but yet you complain and criticize Biden for "touching a woman inappropriately" He didn`t touch a woman inappropriately, it`s all in YOUR HEAD. I woudn`t vote for Trump if you offered me a million dollars. He`s garbage. Please list the accomplishments while Trump has been in office. I`ll be waiting. The answer is NOTHING. Oh, but he said he would be the most transparent president in history during his 2015 campaign. What a joke. He also said he would form alliances between the black communities and the police. Never happened. Now look where we are. And I wouldn`t doubt that the Republicans are flying people in to these riot cities. Honestly, I do not put anything past them. Trump is a liar, they have counted over 16,000 lies since he took office. How nice. And no, it is not a partisan fact checker. But all that don`t matter to you? I feel sorry for someone so illiterate and misinformed that you can`t see straight. Did you inject yourself with bleach like Trump told you to do On TV. I have NEVER heard another human being make such a stupid, dangerous statement. Yes, it`s on camera, and he wasn`t kidding. Oh, that might be able to kill COVID, yeah, it`ll kill YOU. And that is our president talking? unbelievable. And if your main issue is abortion, it is NOT the president who could overturn Roe V. Wade, it is the Supreme Court, and for your information the Supreme Court has a conservative majority now, they just a few months ago heard arguments regarding overturning Roe V. Wade, but the conservative majority sided with abortion rights, and you are blaming the Dems? Look at the conservatives! Anybody can say they are pro-life, but Trump is NOT. He can say that till the cows come home, it doesn`t mean he actually is pro-life. Talk is cheap, so what the heck was your point about abortion in your last letter? Do you even watch the news? The Dems had NOTHING to do with upholding abortion rights. Research it, because you are severely misinformed. You got one thing right, no, Trump is NOT perfect, in fact he`s horrible. I`ll take Biden anyday and Biden/ Harris have my vote as well as several of my colleagues. People are finally starting to wake up to the real Trump. Even dozens of former GOP congressmen said they are voting for Biden. RED FLAG ! So live in your Trump fantasy world. You SERIOUSLY need to research information before you write your letters to the editor. Sad.

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