Regarding Jack Billion’s letter to the editor (“Dealing with Vaccinations”) in the Aug. 20 Press & Dakotan: I’m not sure who you think you are to demand mandatory “vaccinations.” Our governor has stated that she leaves health decisions up to the individual in South Dakota.

I strongly suggest you do a little more research, as these shots have killed thousands of people, with thousands more adverse reactions — evidence is readily available, please seek it out. Animal testing was not completed (all ferrets tested died), so any human taking the shots are participating in a test. Have you ever heard of the Nuremberg Code? It is easily accessible and I encourage you to google it, print it off and read it.

You didn’t mention which of the shots you have taken. At any rate, that is your personal business. Leave the rest of us to our decisions.

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Gimmy A. Breake

Beckys Ignorance is dangerous. I know I’m unkind.

But like most anti-vaxxers , she’s out of her mind

I ask just one question. At least it’s worth trying.

Why are the hospitals full of the sick and the dying?


Did you get info about ferrets dying from a social media post? I believe that is misinformation.


Becky I’ll ask you the same question all you anti-vaxxers keep ducking, “Why are so many UNVACCINATED people overwhelming our hospitals?”

Are you aware that South Dakota has the highest Covid-19 case increase per 100,000 residents in the nation? We have for the past three weeks.

After all your nonsense about dead ferrets, the Nuremberg Code and human testing, I wonder if you’ve noticed that the FDA has approved the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine.

So now do you still object to vaccine mandates?

If so, then your anti-science attitude must apply to all the vaccines for childhood diseases. The ones that our kids need before they go to school.

Is this where you’re coming from? At least you’d be consistently foolish.

USA Strong

With the misinformation that Becky is spreading its no wonder why people are hesitant of getting vaccinated. If you wish to not get vaccinated Becky then don’t but do not spread your vicious lies to sway other peoples decisions


The reason people are choosing not to get vaccinated is because it is their choice, when people bring up reasons not to get vaccinated they are called liars, what they say is misinformation. How does anyone trust the info coming out of this administration, how do you know the majority of people in the hospitals are unvaccinated, because the CDC says so, why do you trust them, if they say the majority is unvaccinated, then it fits their narrative to convince people to get the shot. Why aren't they reporting on the number of people that are vaccinated and are still getting Covid? Why are the pharmaceutical companies pushing for a booster, and now there is talk of a fourth shot that will be required, again according to the pharmaceutical companies, not the doctors, not the scientists, the people that are making the money off this are pushing for it. This administration has provided no scientific evidence that the vaccine makes a difference, they have provided no scientific evidence that masks work, their words, not mine, "Masks do not work" but then all of a sudden they do once they figured out they could take peoples freedoms and choices away from them. No one can and should trust what this administration is telling them, do your own research, Dr. Fauci is a mouthpiece of this administration and does not know all, he is a doctor that is getting rich off of this disease and the longer he and Joe keep pushing their narrative, the doctor and all the pharmaceutical companies and their investors keep making millions and billions. When Kamala, who is working her tail off to find a fix for the border crisis, finally closes the border, stops the stream of illegal aliens and stops spreading them out throughout this country, once she does that, I may honestly start believing they actually want to get this under control, but until then, I won't accept that they actually do. Why not stop the illegals from coming in if it would help stop the spread? Seems simple enough, doesn't it, close the border, help stop the spread.


Voice for all or noone, you preach about this administration, the vaccines started before this administration and i believe the last President got a shot. No medical decision should ever be in the hands of the goverment, or be political. People need to do their research and make up thier own minds.

However if you think for one minute that the Republicans are all about free choice you are sadly mistaken! look at the Marijuania vote in South Dakota and of course Womens health issues are always politcal and i am sure you are ok with that.

Gimmy A. Breake

Vaccines and masks - the solution is clear.

Yet Voice works so hard making sense disappear.

He throws up distractions with each fevered breath

Defending his GOP’s Party of Death.

Gimmy A. Breake

Beckys refusal to vax endangers us all.

Thanks to her and her kind we face this long haul.

Her ignorance isn't just a personal choosing.

She’s a drunk on the road after going out boozing.

Old Hugh

Mr. Voice I’m asking you the same question OfftheFence is always asking Abe:

“Why are so many UNVACCINATED people overwhelming our hospitals?” Yet so few of the vaccinated are joining them.

Sure, the vaccine isn’t 100% fool-proof. No one claims it is. But simple risk analysis should make the decision to get vaccinated a no-brainer.

Yet Abe’s only response has always been some variation on ‘Just you wait. You’ll be sorry.’ ”

Do you have an answer to this straightforward question?

Yankton resident

Just a bit of information for Voiceforfew and Becky. It is just going to be a bit of information because to much for some people overwhelms them and makes them delirious and irrational.

Jack Billion is a medical doctor, surgeon, now retired. A respected member of the medical family. Anyone that knows Jack also knows he is extremely intelligent, well studied, and thorough in any research he does. Furthermore Jack will not and would not give his opinion on anything that he himself has not researched. To assume that Jack is not qualified is to say Einstein was not a genius.

Jack is a trusted and compassionate individual, to say otherwise is further proof the theory and QAnon family do not know what they are talking about in relationship to COVID. The conspiracy and theory propagandists can't even research an individual, much less research factual and scientific evidence of relating to COVID. These propagandist's will never accept facts from anyone more knowledgeable than them, so we will listen to the same baloney from them everyday, only in different words.


Yankton resident, I wonder if you’d be willing to send this as a letter to The Springfield Times.

After Dr. Billion submitted his exact same letter to The Times, a fellow named Stu Cvrk who writes for RED STATE and recently moved to Springfield responded with ridicule.

His letter belittled Dr. Billion and offered up a long screed dishing out the favorite lies, conspiracies and miracle drugs we’ve come to expect from these folks.

All you’d have to do is substitute the name “Stu Cvrk” in your first sentence instead of “Voiceforfew and Becky.”

The Times publishes letters they receive by Monday in their Wednesday edition. Please consider this and call Alex Bochman at the Springfield times to arrange publication.


I'm certain Dr. Billion has just as much integrity and concern for us as Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates.

Researching through the standard methods and channels is futile. You've all been duped and may soon be dead. Sorry you fell for it.

VOICE for VoiceforAll

We hear all kinds of fanciful things about the pandemic from folks like VoiceforAll, Abe, Larry Scow and now Becky Frank from Lesterville.

But I’m more interested in staying alive along with my loved ones and my friends and neighbors than I am engaging in silly arguments that aren’t easily resolved and - more important - are BESIDE THE POINT as measured in the numbers of the dead and dying.

What can be more important than understanding why this pandemic is spiking among the UNVACCINATED? Especially in our state which is now #1 in the nation for Covid-19 case increases measured in deaths per 100,000 residents.

Anyone playing the odds amidst this deadly uncertainty would have to conclude that getting vaccinated is the safest bet. Everything else can be sorted out later to see who was right.

But VoiceforAll, Abe, Larry Scow and now Becky Frank from Lesterville never acknowledge that our nation's hospitals are overwhelmed with the rising numbers of unvaccinated people. Have you noticed?

They just double down on their talking points and ignore the (GOP) elephant in the room.


If you want to stay alive, I'd suggest you not allow graphene into your blood stream.

Frank Kloucek

As a former strong opponent to seat belt laws I strongly supported freedom to decide if you wished to wear a seat belt. I was wrong. When you do not wear a seat belt your life and limb are at risk. When you refuse to get vaccinated for covid 19 {Pfizer covid vaccine has now received full FDA approval} you are putting your life at great risk as well as the lives of others. To many of my friends have bought into this political argument of choice and freedom. It is so sad and unsubstantiated.


I will do the same to all of you that you do to everyone else, you are spreading misinformation about Covid, there is no evidence that the people filling the hospitals are the unvaccinated. The further we get into this pandemic, the more evidence is showing the vaccinations are not working by evidence all the pharmaceutical companies are pushing for a 3rd, and now 4th shot. Like I said months ago, get your vaccination card out and keep it handy, you are going to be spending a ton of time in line waiting for the shot as you will need to be getting them whenever those making the money and those that have decided to take your freedoms decides it is time again. The vaccines are not working and the masks don't work, numbers keep climbing folks no matter what you do, the evidence is in the numbers being reported. Joe said a few weeks back that 360 million Americans were vaccinated, his words not mine, that is more than the population of the U.S. so we should all be good, right? Looks at this administration, it is a mess, you cannot deny that, and you are all putting your trust into them? Joe, Kamala, Nancy, your great leaders, none of them can make a decisive decision on anything, yet you follow right along when they say here are the numbers, here is what you have to do. Everything they have handled since they took over has been a mess, everything, and the only thing they can do and you can do is blame everyone else, even the mess and now deaths in Afghanistan get blamed on every but themselves, even their generals are blaming the people being left behind by our government for not getting out. You people are so blinded by your duty to obey your party, you can't see what is really going on. A slumped over Joe Biden at the the podium of the Office of the President of the United States is all you should have to see that tells you this man and his administration cannot handle the duties they have been given.


@Becky Frank - please explain to us what you consider "research"? I'm thinking you're read a few articles on Facebook, watched a bit of FOX news or maybe read The Enquirer. What scientific studies have you read or participated in? And please, tell me how Dr Fauci is making "millions and billions" off this pandemic when all he's ever tried to do is stop it. Can't you see how amazing it is that the world's most brilliant minds managed to develop a working vaccine in such a short period of time? What a gift to the rest of us! Don't you know that every day you wake up and you don't have polio, smallpox, TB, or measles is a testament to the power of vaccines? The only thing positive about COVID is that folks like you are most likely to get it and die, thereby thinning out this ridiculous turn the GOP party has taken.

VOICE for VoiceforAll

This is VoiceforAll’s most dangerous misinformation: “..there is no evidence that the people filling the hospitals are the unvaccinated.”

Yet there IS ample evidence that unvaccinated people are filling the nation's hospitals.

For VoiceforAll’s wild assertion to be true, it would require all the medical professionals in our nation's hospitals - even those in the red states where the surge is the worst - to collude in a massive misreporting fraud.

Additionally, to cover up this fraud it would require each funeral home, cremation organization, or other entity in charge of the remains of the dead to prepare and file false death certificates claiming a death from covid.

As Carl Sagan told us, "extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence."

The claim that unvaccinated people are filling the hospitals is definitely NOT extraordinary. It’s a simple matter of mundane statistics.

If he were a responsible, credible messenger, VoiceforAll would finally share his “extraordinary evidence” with us or stop repeatedly yelling “FIRE” in our crowded, covid theater.


bjs comments is why it is difficult to have a conversation about Covid with any liberal, Republicans are called the party of death by the liberals, yet it's the liberals that wish death upon people that have different opinions and convictions than theirs, that is why your party is so untrustworthy, you talk out of both sides of your mouths on everything. A quick look and you can find Dr Fauci is the highest paid employee in the U.S. government making $417,608 per year, repeat, the highest paid employee in the U.S. government, why is a mouthpiece for Joe and Kamala paid so much, and if you honestly think that is all he gets paid, you live in la la land. bjs, get the shot, have at it, you will be protected from those that don't get it according to your leaders, congratulations, you are safe, right? Get your booster, get your fourth, fifth, sixth, or more, you are safe after one though right, that is what we were told, maybe after your tenth you will be safe, maybe. Joe does not know what he is doing, he gave a kill list of names to the Taliban in Afghanistan so they could "help" get Americans out, he told everyone he was given a list of reporters to call on during his last press conference, what is he doing, who is leading this country, do you think people see all this going on and have any confidence in anything they say? Don't blame the anti-vaxxers, blame yourself and your party, the party of no leadership, the party of turn your backs on the American people. Your party and Joe have no one to blame for all these things except for themselves.


We now have not one, but three independent scientific studies establishing that the Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca serum’s all contain over 98% to 99.5% GRAPHENE OXIDE NANOPARTICLES!


The Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna COVID-19 mRNA vaccines do not contain any graphene oxide. The ingredient list for both vaccines have been published and tested by outside parties. They were not found to contain any graphene oxide in their formulas, including their lipid nanoparticles. Lipid nanoparticles, basically tiny balls of fat, are used in mRNA vaccines to protect delicate RNA molecules so the vaccine can enter the human body without being destroyed. Lipid nanoparticles have been recognized as potential drug delivery systems (ways to get medications into human cells, especially injectable drugs) since the 1960s. Lipids are fatty, oily, or waxy and include fats and oils (triglycerides), waxes, and steroids, among other things.

Old Hugh

Abe, again I’m asking you the same question OfftheFence is always asking. Please take a break from your silly graphene conspiracy and respond to the heart of this discussion.

“Why are so many UNVACCINATED people overwhelming our hospitals?” And yet so few of the vaccinated are joining them.

Sure, the vaccine isn’t 100% fool-proof. No one claims it is. But simple risk analysis should make the decision to get vaccinated a no-brainer.

Yet your only response has always been some variation on ‘Just you wait. You’ll be sorry.’ ”

Do you have any idea how foolish and childish this makes you seem?


Just you wait. I sense the panic in you already while the spike proteins attack all of your cells. Meanwhile, the graphene starts accosting your brain and 5G radiation slowly cools your guts.

You will be sorry.


Get the shot, go protect yourself, get it, you are safe. Yes, your president said as much, if you are vaccinated you are protected, per Joe Biden. So if you are to believe what he says, those that are vaccinated are safe. Who can't believe what Joe says, you have to if you are going to support him, right? If that is the case, then last year when he and Kamala both said they would not get an untested vaccination, they made the media rounds saying as much, why did you rush out and get one, oh that's right, after he won the white house, he changed his tune, and so did all his supporters, now that Joe is president, his words matter but didn't matter before, just like when Kamala called Joe a racists in a presidential debate, words don't matter I guess. I am not getting in your way to get the shot, I am not making a big deal about those that are getting their shot, I am ok with you going out and getting vaccinated, it's your privilege, but it is also my right to not get it, the Constitution does not say, here is your right to make your own choices, but it is only a right when the democratic party says it is, they have the final say, it does not work that way, at least not right now anyways. It's great seeing all you fight so hard to take others peoples freedoms, now if you would put as much energy into arguing that we should close the southern border, or start producing our own energy again so we didn't have to beg Russia to increase production, or to question what is actually going on in the white house under Joe and Kamala's watch with Afghanistan. I understand, it is much easier to target those that disagree with you then it is your own party. Keep up the good for the democratic party fight, but stop that fight on things that only have the best talking points.


voice i think you are the pot calling the kettle black! you spew party politics just like every republican. When Trump was in office, you all put down Obama for not bringing our troops home. Trump himself said he would end the war over there and he did nothing. I am not affiliated with any party, frankly i think they both are terrible. Republicans are the worst for taking our personal freedoms away. if you want examples just look into womens health issues. So please stop saying its all the liberals fault and its all Joe fault, this country has been a mess for alot longer than Joe has been in office. Also need i remind you that President Bush Sr. and Jr. are the ones that but us in the middle east in the first place.

Gimmy A. Breake

Voice and Abe still dodge our questions

and double down on strange obsessions.

The central query they’ll not answer;

consuming credibility like a cancer.


Ms. Breake,

Until the PCR testing method is fully rejected as it should be, there is no way of telling who is actually at risk. Any of us can be re-infected and usually without symptoms.

Again, the death rate is below 1% and there are safe, proven, effective medicines to prevent and cure covid. To your question, "why are so many unvaxxed getting covid?" Show us the isolated virus to confirm your claim. You simply can't. Nobody has produced the isolated covid 19 virus because it does not exist. People are getting sick from a radiated bacterial infection and someone tried to convince us that an untested, experimental serum will be our magic silver bullet. If you have accepted this as truth, I pity you for your inability to make a sound decision about your own personal health.


concerned, Trump did want to get out Afghanistan, but he had a plan, he wasn't going to leave a void in that country that would allow the Taliban and ISIS to have a terrorists training ground the way Joe and Kamala have, Trump believed in creating a strong Afghanistan so that the 20 years that the U.S. and our soldiers spent there would be for nothing, so that women and children could go to school, work and have choices, what Joe and Kamala have done has reversed all of that in a matter of months. For the democratic party to run around and say they are the only party that support women, they sure left a mess for the millions of women and girls in Afghanistan, but they don't get to vote in U.S. elections, so I can see why they don't care too much about them. I know it is hard to tell buy the looks of him, but Joe is president now, not Trump, Joe made these awful decisions, not Trump, these are Joe's and Kamala's actions, not Trumps, you need to start realizing that. They have turned their back on the U.S. and our allies, we are no longer the leader of the free world, and they have done all of this in 8 months, this is unprecedented at any time in U.S. history. It is odd that you point out the mess is not recent but point to the Bush presidents, so under Clinton, 8 years and Obama and Joe, another 8 years, things were great? Sure. Things are never perfect under any presidency, but no one can deny that Joe and Kamala have done more in the last 8 months to damage the U.S., and now with their debacle in Afghanistan, the world, than any other president has ever done, even in four or more years they were in office. 8 months people, and look what they have done, what is it going to be like in one, two, three years from now, There is only one good thing that is going to come out of this awful mess, people are starting to wake up to see what a liberal, progressive, socialist U.S. would like like if we progressed that far, and it will only lead to more conservatives getting elected and get us away from where the democrats are wanting to take this country. A couple lasting images in the past few days that I am sure you don't want to see are one of Joe slumping over the podium of the office of the president of the U.S. a weak looking president for all the world to see, why is he portraying such a weak image? And the second that I am sure you didn't see either because the mainstream media won't show it, is when the 13 brave soldiers that died in Afghanistan were being brought off the airplane, Joe had the audacity to look down at his watch during this solemn time in history, as if he had something better to do, he can't even take a few minutes of his time to have the dignity and respect these soldiers deserve, he has such distain for the U.S., it shows on almost a daily basis now.


No matter how much you worship Mr. Trump. No matter how many times FoxNews tells you Covid is a hoax and Ivermectin is all you need. Even for you loyal Trumpsters, the cold truth of a sick child or the funeral of an older family member will be hard to deny. Won’t it?

Or maybe not. Your loyalty to a mob boss may actually trump your loyalty to your family. That's what’s happened among my loved ones.


People pass away. If you have suffered the loss of a dear loved one, I'd suggest you determine the true cause of death. When you realize that you've been duped it will not be long until you focus your anger towards the corrupted system and off those of us who are trying to educate you.


Governor Noem refuses to enact a vaccination mandate. She places the responsibility on us to get the vaccine - or not.

This is the policy Ms. Frank urges us to support.

So if it turns out that Becky, Abe, VoiceforAll and South Dakota's many other anti-vaxxers have made a fatal gamble with their lives, shouldn't they go to the end of the line when our health care professionals have to prioritize who gets care in our overwhelmed hospitals?

If my mom has a heart attack and a doctor must choose between helping her and helping those - like Ms. Frank - who’ve chosen not to get vaccinated, shouldn't mom have priority?

Isn’t this the logical conclusion of “Personal Responsibility”?

Governor Noem might observe how Florida’s Ron DeSantis is faring as the Delta variant consumes his political aspirations.


You really bought into their bologna, didnt you. Let's pray your mom stays safe and well just like the rest of us. Please do not let her get the jab.


TruthFairy605, by that logic, if a person is overweight or if they chose to be a skydiver, both knowing perfectly well that what they do, if they in fact are eating to much to make them overweight or deciding to jump out of an airplane and the chute doesn't open, since they are taking a risk on their own accord, by their own choice, shouldn't they be put at the bottom of the list of caregiving as well? Sounds like socialism at work where the government is going to mandate you do something or you will "pay the price". Wait, there is already talk of doing that, making life "tough" for those that don't bow down to Joe and his demands, sounds like socialism to me, but most democrats are ok with that because personal freedoms don't mean anything to them.


In due time, the vaxxed will diminish. Just wait... they will be sorry.

Myocarditis has about a 60% fatality rate over five years. As the vaxxed develop blood clotting - as has been proven - we will only suffer the chore of handling the many bodies that pile up. Get a hazmat suit.


VoiceforAll would have a more convincing argument if the primary reason we must ration health care weren’t because of all the UNVACCINATED people overwhelming our hospitals.

Of course VoiceforAll denies this is even happening. He gives us no evidence, so apparently we have to assume someone is forging the hospital statistics and altering the death certificates.

Since both VoiceforAll and Abe refuse to acknowledge this reality 🙈🙉 they will continue their irrelevant claims and doubtful distractions.


WRONG! And you're just dumb.

Jolly Roger

At first I was irritated that Abe and VoiceforAll were spreading such obviously idiotic nonsense.

VoiceforAll said “..there is no evidence that the people filling the hospitals are the unvaccinated.” And Abe tells us if we take the vaccine “It will get into every cell of your body. You cannot get rid of the graphene. Just you wait - you’ll be sorry”.

Now I’m just amused.

Remember “Baghdad Bob” who told the world on TV that Saddam Hussein was winning the Gulf War even as television showed U.S. tanks rolling into downtown Baghdad?

During the 2003 U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, his many ridiculous declarations of Iraqi military supremacy provided great amusement.

Now the Press & Dakotan has its own “Bagdad Bobbsey Twins” - Abe and VoiceforAll - to tell us the things we see playing out before us across the nation aren’t real.

This new surge of covid’s delta variant is far from laughable. But Abe and VoiceforAll clearly are.

And I’ve come to appreciate their unintended comic relief.

G. Reaper

Becky, Abe, VoiceforAll - keep up the good work folks!


Dont look now, Spook... but the Supreme Court of the US just sided with we, the smart ones who will outlive you dorks.


Get the shot, who is stopping you? In the meantime while you are searching the CDC website for the latest Dr. Fauci info on getting your babies vaccinated, look up Dr. Christina Parks, she is just one of many that will tell you that this vaccine has no protection from the Delta variant, the most dominant version now, and only getting the vaccine now in it's current form will only make it easier to get Covid. They do not have a vaccine that protects against the Delta variant, read again, they do not have a vaccine that protects against the Delta variant, viruses mutate and of course under Joe Biden, there has been no encouragement of pursuing the Delta variant vaccine, doesn't that seem odd to any of you? Of course you won't go look and read any other information on your own that isn't on the CDC website, you will just sit back and watch Joe and Kamala, when you can find them, and let them tell you what to do and you better make sure you do it. Get your shot, enjoy it and enjoy telling others how good you are that you got it, it is not going to protect you against the Delta variant, for that you better just hunker down in your homes, it's going to be commonplace pretty soon so you better learn to enjoy it.


It's a lesson in futility; trying to open their eyes. I think some of the snarkiness comes from natural survival instincts. The truth stands on it's own. The trolls already know their fate. They are merely grouping with their cognitive dissonance and sucking thumbs, terrified and trembling.


VoiceforAll, why would we take anything you say seriously when you deny that the hospitals are overflowing with unvaccinated people across the country?

You’ve given no evidence to support your wild claim. So apparently someone is forging the hospital statistics and altering the death certificates.

Or do you have some other explanation?

Gimmy A. Breake

VoiceforAll says it’s all a hoax

as the body count mounts for unvaccinated folks.

He’s a Groucho “Marxist“ as he spreads his lies.

“Who you gonna trust - me or your lying eyes?”

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