Emerging daily is the revelation that the mortality rate of COVID-19 has been grossly overstated — and the rapidly growing concern that lockdown will produce a dramatic uptick in depression — producing a host of mental health problems — that may well spike the incidence of suicide — an indication of cure being worse than the disease.

Life is a daily risk; accident and disease; tens of thousands of annual flu-related deaths — a reality barely eliciting response from government or news media.

Enlisting in the military in 1966, I swore an oath to “defend and preserve the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic.”

Solemn and profound are the privileges and responsibilities attending our cherished freedoms that have been defended with shedding of blood and sacrifice of life.

The Founding Fathers enshrined, in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, a host of God-given rights that were never ceded to government.

Under attack by an enemy (COVID-19) unleashed by a foreign communist power, fear has become a god, driving authorities to violate — rather than “Defend And Preserve” — using dubious authority to suspend God-given rights never ceded to them.

Their overreach is onerous.  In Yankton, tanning salons, hair salons, dog grooming salons are now deemed essential — churches are non-essential.  

The Church IS critically essential to the spiritual and physical health of God’s people.  It is debilitating to be denied the comfort, strength and burden sharing that we have in assembling together in the unity of confessional and repentant faith, which finds greatest expression in the fellowship meal at the Lord’s Table. For us, that is breath and life — ESSENTIAL in all ways — assurance that all things are in the Lord’s hands.

Following CDC guidelines — churches are capable of safe services with more than 10 worshippers.  

The authorities have appointed themselves as unqualified arbiters of spiritual welfare — cruelly mandating in some places, that people die without benefit of their pastor’s care or the presence of a beloved spouse.

Doctors work in the realm of the earthly and the temporary. Pastors work in the realm of the heavenly and spiritual (which affects the physical) and extends to the “eternal.” Both realms are important. Which one lasts the longest?

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Thank you, Reverend. The USA has more than double the coronavirus deaths of any other nation. But that’s no fault of our Chosen One in the White House.

And many more thousands of sinful Americans will die, but righteous Christians have nothing to fear and should attend Church and go about their lives knowing that God’s love is winnowing the wheat from the chaff in the most sinful nation on the planet.


Isn’t it funny? 🤡 Christians put Trump in the White House and now they turn aside and ignore a rising death toll that will soon eclipse the total of American deaths in all the wars in our lifetimes.

Thanks, Reverend, for being so open about what your faith is doing. Christians care more about their lives in the hereafter than they do about their fellow humans in the here and now.

So yes, gather together and hurry to your heavenly reward. ⚰️ ⚰️ ⚰️


Ah yes, the "body count isn't that high" excuse. Well Rev. I suggest you got to SF and spread the word at The Good Samaritan Society that is seeing their daily death toll climb. I am sure they would invite you in (leave your mask at the door) and pray for those that are in need. Church is not essential as it is only a building...I can pray anywhere at any time!

Oh Jesus

Reverend Ellis, does it occur to you that the predicted loss of American lives that the Trump administration itself now projects to be 100,000 and even higher might be our punishment for shutting our eyes and electing such a morally bereft President?

Friedrich Farmer

With all respect, Rev. Ellis, you're an unwitting example of why I can’t get my kids to go to Church. They tell me the Church is just another political interest group for old people.

Maybe your friends and my friends still attend, but their friends aren’t. It’s certainly not “essential” to their generation.

Larry Skow

The Preachers thoughts may be more directed to the Sunday offerings the church thinks it is missing out on. Fredrick the farmer just maybe your kids sit back with younger open mind an see the two faces of the church. Maybe they wonder why the founders of USA stated state an church shall be separated. Yet here in reality it is not. Maybe they wonder why the churches in general go to great lengths to protect the molesters of young people? Even the State of South Dakota limits the length of time a victim can seek justice in court system. WHY? Let the victims have their day. Democrats just put on a show of a 40 year old claim before congress. Yet ignore one of a lady on the presidential front runner. Yet show anyone a politician of either party that doesn't claim to be a "christen" an have strong "christen' faith. Maybe that is what the young people see/question/turn away from the church an life in general. Religion is not wrong---but the corruption that has taken religion to the level it currently stands is wrong. Maybe you should listen to your children an learn from them. Time for the teacher to listen? You taught your kids right from wrong they know. Sit back Listen to them--get more of their side. If one lives by the golden rule all would be different in the world. Golden rule is all one needs to live by. Life is simple humans make it hard. I agree with the one that said it doesn't matter where one prays at. Been a heck of a lot of prayers said in a fox hole. Some were answered , some were not heard. I know some deeply religious folks---they would absolutely smoke the bunch you see in this group that claims to be a christen. Make them run away in a debate. Yet they respect my beliefs as I respect theirs. that is what being a christen is about. They also deeply believe State an Church must be separated. GOLDEN RULE FOLKS that all one needs.

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