Do you like to vote, to sing the National Anthem, the flag lowered to half-staff in grief, to protest when there is injustice? Our nation began in protest. Thank a veteran!

The flag puts us in tension to protest in different ways. In 1989, the Supreme Court ruled OK to burn the flag in personal protest. Not my choice. No suits filed over kneeling in protest when no liberty and justice for all? Illegal. The vets earned that freedom; thank you. The flag at half-staff when we grieve. How about going to half-staff or kneeling when liberty/justice are absent?

When John Lewis died, it was said that when the vote is denied, it defiled the blood of the patriots and vets. Lewis shed blood for the vote.

Trump engages in voter suppression. In 2018, a Native American tribe in North Dakota was denied the vote by sudden street naming versus box numbers. Robbed. Mr. Trump appointed a rich donor to slow down mail in the Post Office and cut funds. Jam the vote. He fights mail in votes helping many who wouldn’t vote. In North Carolina, the Trump Cult rigged the votes and a new election was needed. People are being purged from the voting roles. Minorities are being targeted. This defiles the blood shed by patriots/veterans.

Honor the vets for giving us the flag as a symbol either as realized freedom/justice for all our dangerously needed justice and for giving us the vote. What if we turned out 85% of voters? What if we stood up for liberty/justice for all?

I respect the flag and the veterans, and my bar is as high as one can get — Jesus Christ. I can’t do righteousness like He, but He gives me His righteous to love God and people. That means working for better government, fostering truth and love, and suppressing hate.

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Larry Skow

Rev. Brandt. You seem to support the democrats an the Biden/Harris team--the murder team. They both support abortion. Both on record of that. Plus Harris let child molesters off the hook for 10 plus years when she was head of AG in San Fran. They just happened to be Priests. How as a practicing Reverend of a church support such a mind set of your candidates of choice? Lets hear your answer Rev. Brandt. You seem to dodge hard questions very well. Abortion is just murder of a child. Molestation of children or anyone is wrong. Yet you seem to also support letting illegal immigrants in to USA--yet support murder of a unborn child. I firmly believe you may be the devil hiding behind the bible. Sir I am not a religious man. I believe something is out there--don't know what it is exactly. But I know right from wrong. Answer away reverend. This should be interesting.

Larry Skow

Rev. Brandt: Are you going to reply? Or be silent. Your letter speaks of honoring veterens. but Biden as V.P botched the Iraq project he was given that lead to a resurgence of violance an lead to deaths on more american soliders. plus prolonged the war. The fool backed a man that was tied to Iran! A Killer Rev. Brandt. Explain how you can back that. We await answer.

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