I am curious why the Governor vetoed HB 1191; “an act to legalize the growth, production, and processing of industrial hemp and derivative products in the state.” Could it be she thought it to be too easily confused with marijuana?

Hemp is a sturdy, hardy, tall crop with a thick stem reaching up to twenty feet in height and little to no branching (https://ministryofhemp.com/hemp/not-marijuana/). It closely resembles bamboo.

Marijuana is a short, fat, stubby plant with plentiful branches. Only female plants can produce flowers and THC with its intoxicating effect. Growers keep females separate from males after germination to prevent cross-pollination which would destroy the plant for recreational purposes. The presence of hemp within close proximity also destroys its intoxicating effect.

In her book “American Hemp,” Jen Hobbs notes, “Prior to the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, the federal government stated it was illegal to commercially cultivate and manufacture hemp products, so American industries were importing [$688 million worth of] hemp products from other countries [in 2016]”. The market for legal domestic hemp is bound to be greater and free from tariffs.




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She loves to display her ignorance.


The obvious thing to do here is to follow the money and you will see exactly why our "farmer" Governor vetoed this bill.


It’s so sad that our fast disappearing family farmers refuse to see what their own repeated actions are doing to themselves. We are being left with huge corporation farms or indentured servitude to them. m


but yet you want a large centralized government that controls every aspect of ones life, including how farms are run.

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