Although three high-ranking Obama officials could see no reason for the prosecution of a case against Gen. Flynn, the Obama FBI led by Comey and his ilk got the general into a bad place and convinced him to plead guilty to lying to the FBI.

Now the Trump Justice Department agrees with those three Obama officials and chooses not to prosecute the case, just as Comey decided not to prosecute a case against Secretary Clinton.

But the myopic, socialist democrat “Mister Magoo” media, including, unfortunately, the Press and Dakotan, has continued the pursuit and derision of a U.S. Army general. Yes, he made some mistakes, first and foremost by trusting and talking to the Obama-era FBI. He has been ridiculed by the media and has been forced to spend or borrow millions defending himself in court against the ruthless Obama FBI.

Is that not sufficient for you?

Your socialist friends may giggle but happily extending the middle finger to half of your readers is not a lasting legacy. People subscribe to what they want to read. They do not buy papers that continually insult them.

Editors have a “right” to print what they want and readers have the same right not to buy it.

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“Flynn” is the new ”Benghazi.”

It’s one more distraction from the incompetence of this administration that’s on its way to costing more lives than the American battle deaths in all our wars since World War II.


Flynn Committed Perjury. Lied Under Oath. Republicans used Clinton's lying under oath to Impeach him, but, now...when Republicans get caught, it is OK.

The sentencing Judge asked Flynn twice...if he did, he said yes, he did. And, Flynn did lie. Under Oath. Perjury.


You don't "convince someone to plead guilty for lying". You LIED and you are guilty of lying, not that hard to figure out!


Ad hominem attacks serve only as reflection on a person's character. The idea that the press should only print popular opinion, helps me understand how, as a society, we have strayed so far from the ideal of serving the common good. Please consider carefully the "news" you consume. I trust this small local paper's objectivity any day over the billionaire backed media outlets.


That's a pretty empty threat coming from you Jim. If you don't buy the paper, how will you ever get the gratification you need by seeing your letters in print? Catch-22 if you ask me.

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